Chapter 16: Chapter 16 What was so Good about Turning Back?_1

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After Deputy Lucas completed his task, he left respectfully. Evelyn looked at Everett who was trying to push the two beds together to make a double bed. The veins on her forehead popped out. “What are you doing?”

Everett looked at her innocently. “I want to hug you to sleep together at night.”


Everett cried.

Looking at those watery eyes and tears, Evelyn felt a little helpless and her heart felt a little stuffy.

Even the smell of pheromones in the air revealed a little grievance.

Everett was not the only one who was affected after they went through the susceptible period together.

Evelyn was defeated in the end. Forget it, it was only one night anyway.

By this time tomorrow evening, Everett should have regained his senses and should not be sleeping with her anymore.

Or rather, it was unlikely that he would appear in this dormitory.

Thinking of this, Evelyn rubbed her forehead and indulged in his behavior. “It’s your choice.”


Everett gently pushed the two single beds together.

Needless to say, the 3S class werebeast was really too powerful. He easily settled such a heavy single bed.

When the bed was ready, he hung his clothes next to Evelyn’s clothes in the closet. His eyes lit up as he looked at Evelyn and said, “Let’s go to Briume Restaurant to celebrate our marriage! Alright?”

“We’re not really together yet.”

“We still have to celebrate! Is that okay?”

Evelyn looked at the beautiful young man in front of her and finally agreed, “We can go out for dinner together, but don’t tell anyone about our marriage for the time being.”

The marriage would be dissolved in a day, so Evelyn did not want to cause any more trouble.

Everett felt wronged again but was worried that Evelyn would be angry, so he reluctantly said, “Alright.”

“Then let’s not say that we’re married but we’re good friends! Is this okay?”

“Up to you.”

Anyway, when you came to senses, we won’t have any more interactions.

When Evelyn and Everett appeared in Briume Restaurant together, everyone in the restaurant was shocked!

Charlotte was so shocked that she dropped the spoon in her hand!

Oh my god, Was Evelyn actually… find a more handsome boyfriend?

Yesterday, she was abandoned by her fiancé, and today, she showed up with a more outstanding man who was even prettier than Trevor.

No one, including Charlotte, recognized Everett’s true identity.

Everett, who was in the susceptible period, was very different from how he looked on the Star Web. Moreover, he did not appear in public often.

However, Everett’s appearance was very outstanding, and his aura was very strong. Even now, it’s also difficult for people to ignore him.

The other students had the same thought.

So, they first looked at Evelyn and then at Trevor, who happened to be eating in the restaurant.

In comparison, Trevor seemed to be… a little ugly!

Trevor also saw how close Evelyn was to the boy. He was so angry that his hands were shaking. His roommate was even adding fuel to the fire.

“Trevor, that man’s aura is very strong. Is his werebeast level higher than yours?”

“Shut up if you don’t know how to talk!”

Trevor took a deep breath, then stood up and walked to Evelyn, “Did you know that Mia and I are getting married, so you deliberately brought this boy to anger me and make me change my mind?”

When the surrounding people heard this, they came to a realization.

So it was like this!

Charlotte was stunned for a few seconds, then glared at Evelyn angrily, and said, “Is that true? Evelyn, you’re such a coward. What’s so good about turning back? This handsome guy beside you is obviously tens of thousands more handsome than Trevor.”

“That’s right!” The other girls nearby nodded in agreement.

Everyone was obsessed with looks. Compared to this handsome man, Trevor was nothing!

Those voices that couldn’t be ignored made Trevor’s face turn green.

Evelyn looked at Trevor in confusion. “I’m having dinner with my friend. What does it have to do with you?”

Trevor gritted his teeth. “When did you have such a close friend of the opposite sex? Why didn’t I know about it?”

“I didn’t know you were such a scumbag before.”


“Pfft!” Charlotte couldn’t help but laugh.

Well… As expected of her sworn enemy, Evelyn was not too bad.

However, Trevor was already fuming with anger!

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