Chapter 19: Chapter 19 He Would Remember Everything That Happened_1

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Everett bit his lips. Although he was nearly six feet tall, he was extremely aggrieved. His furry fox ears had also turned into airplane ears. He looked pitiful but was also very cute.

However, Evelyn was unmoved. Her emotions did not waver at all. “Prince Kayce, we’ve agreed before that we can’t expose our marriage. Just now, you said it in public, and now everyone knows. What should I explain to others after we get a divorce?”

“Then don’t get a divorce. Why do you keep talking about divorce? Did I do something wrong? If you tell me, I’ll definitely change it.”

Evelyn looked at Everett’s beautiful face and really couldn’t get angry.

She signed, “Let’s not talk about this now. We’ll talk about it after your susceptible period is over.”

“Even if the susceptible period is over, I will remember everything that has happened!”

Evelyn left without looking back.

Yes, he would remember everything, but the clearer he remember, the more he might not be able to accept himself during this period.

Perhaps, he would hate her even more.

Evelyn wasn’t even in the mood to eat. She went back to the dormitory, drank some nutrient fluids, and then began to choose classes on the star wrist.

The first-year Mecha Department had more cultural classes and fewer practical operations. If one chose more courses, they would be able to complete their credits in advance, which meant that they could graduate early.

Suddenly, she remembered that Everett who had graduated early was squatting pitifully at the door. Evelyn immediately turned her attention back.

She could not be soft-hearted and pay more attention to Everett.

After all, he wasn’t someone who could really be with her for the rest of her life.

There would be military training in a few days. The freshmen would need to go to the military training planet to undergo a month of militarized training management.

Evelyn had to make some preparations for this.

Time slipped away unknowingly. Her star wrist suddenly rang. It was from an unfamiliar person.

“Who is it?” Evelyn answered the phone.

“Evelyn, it’s me. I know you’re very angry with me. No matter how you scold me or even hit me, I’ll accept it. But, how could you hit Trevor?”

Evelyn was expressionless, hung up, and blocked Mia’s phone number.

It turned out that after the incident at the PK training ground, the school forum was bustling with activity. Everyone was talking about Evelyn’s current husband beating up her ex-fianc√©, Trevor.

Some of the students were very “considerate”. They took a photo of Trevor being hit against the wall and posted it online.

Trevor was so angry that he almost vomited blood again!

Mia happened to know about this. She was quite surprised. Where did Evelyn find such a powerful man?

Mia didn’t believe what the pretty man said about their marriage.

She immediately went to visit the injured Trevor and dialed Evelyn’s star wrist in front of him.

That was why there was this conversation.

However, Evelyn ignored her and directly hung up.

Mia bit the corner of her lips and said aggrievedly, “Trevor, I’m sorry. It’s all because of me. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have let someone hit you on purpose.”

Trevor, who had been hurt and slapped in the face, was in a bad mood. He did not like Mia’s tenderness as much as he usually did.

He looked at Mia and suddenly remembered what his classmates had said that Mia was only a C-class werebeast. At this level, she was destined to be a mediocre person even if she were to get into Capital University.

He thought her fragility was cute before, but now, he suddenly disliked her for being too weak.

So he said impatiently, “It has nothing to do with you. Go home. I have to go to class later.”

“You’re injured. Do you still have to go to class?”

“This injury is nothing.”

Mia was the best at reading people’s expressions. She could feel the impatience in Trevor’s words and then felt a little uncomfortable. The two of them were about to get married, but why was Trevor getting colder and colder towards her?

However, it was probably because he was defeated by the man that Evelyn had brought and Trevor felt embarrassed.

How did Evelyn find such a powerful man?

Could it be that he was really her husband?!

With this question in mind, Mia left Trevor’s dormitory and decided to go to Evelyn’s dormitory to find out the truth!

She would never agree to Evelyn finding such a powerful partner!

But the problem was that Mia didn’t know where Evelyn’s dormitory was.

So she asked around and pretended to be weak all the way until she finally found Evelyn’s dormitory.

The environment of the double room was very ordinary. Looking at the environment, the corners of Mia’s mouth slowly curled up.

Evelyn was just an orphan and should be grateful that she had the opportunity to study.

She actually planned to occupy the Nguyen family and Trevor for the rest of her life?!

Dream on!

Mia hid all these emotions well in her eyes.

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