Chapter 23: Chapter 23 Could It Be That The Star Wrist Is Broken?_1

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Queen Kana looked up, saw that her son’s handsome face had already darkened, and smiled faintly. “Have afternoon tea with me.”

“Mom, it’s still morning!”

“Oh, did you just come back from her bed?”


There was no way to chat anymore. If she wasn’t his biological mother, she probably wouldn’t be breathing anymore.

Queen Kana sat on the vine bench and asked the robot servant to bring coffee and breakfast for Everett. Looking at him who had no appetite, she smiled and said, “You didn’t call off the engagement, did you?”

What she said was true.

The commander with the worst temper on Saffir Main Planet said in a muffled voice, “No, I haven’t. But I don’t want to marry her.”

“However, you didn’t immediately dissolve your marriage with her, which proves that you also know that she’s very suitable for you. Everett, your genetic match is 100%. This is a God-given match. Why don’t you continue contacting each other and give each other a chance?”

“Not all 100% genetic matches are God-given matches. You and Father…”

The gentleness on Queen Kana’s lips slowly dissipated.

“I’m sorry.” Everett pursed his lips.

Queen Kana wasn’t really angry. She raised her head and looked through the beautiful garden until she reached the distance but still couldn’t see the scenery outside the palace.

“Everett, although the supreme power is dazzling, it will also give rise to many shackles and make people lose a lot. I don’t want you to fall into it.”

“So, you want me to be with Evelyn, right?” Everett raised his head.

“Silly child, we are different from you. Therefore, I won’t force you to make a choice. I just hope that you will give yourself a chance to try. If it still doesn’t work, then make your choice.”

Everett didn’t say anything else. He spent the rest of his time eating breakfast with Kana and then got up to leave.

He returned to the military headquarters and was busy dealing with official business for the next few days. He did not think about marriage at all, nor did he think about that woman.

On the other hand, Evelyn looked at her star wrist from time to time and felt that it was a little strange.

Why didn’t she receive the divorce application from Everett?

Could it be that the star wrist was broken?

On Saffir Main Planet, if one of the two married people felt that they could no longer live, they could file for divorce. As long as they listed the reasons for their divorce and the relevant evidence, the Civil Affairs Bureau would deal with it.

As long as the other party agreed, the marriage could be over.

If the other party did not agree, then this matter would have to be handed to the interstellar court.

After that, everyone on the planet would know that the relationship between the two of them had broken down. They couldn’t live together anymore and planned to completely fall out.

Evelyn did not want to go to the interstellar court with Everett. As long as he mentioned divorce, she would definitely approve it in seconds.

However, Evelyn had waited for a few days. The freshmen were about to start their military training, but there was still no movement from Everett.

Evelyn was a bold and straightforward person. She did not want to waste any more energy and time on this matter, so she sent the divorce application directly the day before the military training began.

After sending the divorce application, she boarded the spaceship and headed to the military training base with her classmates.

For the next month, they had to cut off their star wrist network and stop contacting the outside world and were going to train well.

Evelyn sat in the cabin. After a while, Charlotte walked over, sat beside her, and bumped Evelyn with her shoulder. “Hey, Evelyn, why haven’t I seen your pretty man these past few days? He was also a freshman, right? Why didn’t he come to participate in the military training?”

Charlotte and Evelyn were not on good terms before, but for some reason, ever since Evelyn broke up with Charlotte, left the Nguyen family, and married the handsome man, Charlotte suddenly found Evelyn pleasing to the eye.

Looking at the eager Charlotte in front of her, Evelyn was speechless. “He has his things to do. Are you interested in him?”

“Yes, but I can’t beat you, so I plan to ask him to introduce his brother to me.”

Evelyn felt sweat fall from her forehead.

Everett did have a brother, and that was the Crown Prince, Theodore Bailey, who was now known as the world’s husband.

Even if Evelyn introduced him, Charlotte probably wouldn’t dare to marry him.

“Are you bored?” Evelyn asked speechlessly.

“You’re the one who has nothing better to do. I heard a rumor. It’s said that there’s a very powerful senior named Henry Cooper in the graduating class heard that your man is also very powerful and wants to challenge him.”

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