Chapter 4: Chapter 4 Marriage Partner_1

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The Civil Affairs Bureau of Saffir Main Planet was located in the center of the Main City. All the daily affairs of the residents on the Main Planet had to be handled here.

Marriage-related matters were handled on the 77th floor of the central building. This floor number was said to have originated from a traditional festival in a certain country on ancient Earth.

Evelyn came here. After registering her information, a short-haired woman wearing a silver-white work uniform came up to her.

“Hello, is this Miss Evelyn Nguyen?”

“I am.”

“Please follow me to the VIP room. Your marriage partner is already waiting there.”

“Alright, sorry to trouble you.”

In Evelyn’s imagination, people who matched their marriage partners in this way must have some unspeakable reasons. They might be physically disabled or have some problems with their original family… Therefore, she had to have a good chat with the person who had matched her and tell him that she had not sent the matching application herself. Moreover, she had just cut ties with the Nguyen family and was now poor. The other party might not like her either.

As long as he did not agree to this marriage, then this marriage would be deemed invalid.

Evelyn followed the staff for a long time.

During this time, many passersby who passed by her looked at her curiously. When she turned her gaze to those people, they all hurriedly looked away.

Evelyn felt a little uncomfortable.

However… This was her first time getting married, and it was also her first time coming to this floor. She still didn’t know anything. The reason why people sized her up maybe because she had applied for a genetic match marriage.

After all, People probably didn’t choose this marriage method to determine their partner. Others might also think that this was a new thing.

Thinking of this, Evelyn asked the short-haired woman walking in front, “May I ask what kind of person my marriage partner is?”

The short-haired woman turned around and looked at Evelyn, whose eyes filled with doubt and a hint of nervousness. “You’ll know soon enough.”

The short-haired woman’s expression baffled her.

They finally stopped at the door of a reception room.

There was a golden symbol on the door of the reception room.

Evelyn carefully observed the symbol and found it familiar. Had she seen it somewhere before?

The short-haired woman made a very respectful gesture. “Please come in, Miss Evelyn Nguyen. Your marriage partner is inside.”

“Aren’t you going in together?” Evelyn asked.

The short-haired woman was slightly stunned, shook her head, and said, “After all, marriage is a very private matter. The two parties should communicate on their own. If you need anything, such as pouring coffee, you can directly instruct the service robot inside.”

Evelyn nodded. “Your service attitude is very good. Do you need a service rating? I can give you full marks.”

When the short-haired woman heard Evelyn’s words, her expression changed subtly. She adjusted her facial expression and finally smiled. “Alright, thank you. I hope you will be satisfied with everything after that.”

Evelyn felt that these words were a little strange.

This staff’s attitude towards her seemed to be too respectful. Could it be that the people here thought that she was still Mr. Ruben Nguyen’s daughter?

Evelyn didn’t think too much about it. She turned around, pushed open the door, and walked into the reception room.

The door with a high-quality metal texture slowly closed behind her.

The light in the reception room was quite good. From the huge floor-to-ceiling glass window, one could see several flying paths outside. There were all kinds of famous wines in the wine cabinet beside them. The reddish-brown sofa in the middle was made of the skin of a high-level star beast and the texture was very delicate and soft.

Evelyn could tell at a glance that the decoration in this reception room was of an extremely high grade.

At the same time, Evelyn suddenly realized that the house was filled with a very rich cedar fragrance.

This… was the smell of pheromones!

Then, Evelyn saw a very beautiful young man on the carpet in front of the French window.

He leaned against the carpet in front of the French windows, his slender and well-proportioned legs propped up. He was wearing a simple white shirt and blue trousers, with intricate embroidery adorning the cuffs and waist, indicating a luxurious and expensive quality.

The young man turned his head to look at the flying aircraft outside the window. When he heard the sound of someone entering the door, he turned his head.

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