Chapter 9: Chapter 9 How Did They Meet?_1

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After that, Evelyn started learning how to refine artifacts from the old man. In her teacher’s words, it was refining, but Evelyn knew that it was actually mecha design.

Her teacher was a well-hidden mecha master!

After Evelyn finished her apprenticeship, her teacher disappeared. According to his own words, he had gone to travel the world.

Initially, Evelyn didn’t want to hide it from the Nguyen family, but her teacher told her, “Evelyn, keep this in your heart. This way, if anything happens in the future, you’ll have a way out.”

And now, just as her teacher had said, it was indeed because of this skill that she had a way out.

Evelyn, who was immersed in her memories, heard a knock on the door. She turned off the virtual screen and stood up to walk to the door.

Opening the door, Evelyn saw a heroic woman in a well-ironed military uniform.

She looked travel-worn. The moment she saw Evelyn, the corners of her mouth curled up into a gentle arc.

“Evelyn, I finally found you.”

Looking at the familiar gentleness in Amelia’s eyes, Evelyn put away her guard.

“Amelia, you know everything!”

Amelia nodded and looked around. “Shall we talk inside?”

Evelyn was not a stubborn person. Seeing that Amelia was still as friendly as before, she turned sideways to let her in.

Amelia looked at the small double room and frowned. “Didn’t I let you stay in a single-room suite dormitory before?”

“That’s too expensive. I don’t have money now.” Evelyn said.

When Amelia heard that, she immediately tapped on the virtual screen of the star wrist and wanted to transfer money.

Evelyn quickly held her hand. “Amelia, don’t give me star coins. I won’t spend the Nguyen family’s money anymore. Including, I will remember the money that the Nguyen family spent on me during these ten years and return it all to them.”

Amelia felt very uncomfortable when she heard Evelyn’s words. Her beautiful eyebrows were tightly furrowed.

“Evelyn, why are you doing this? It’s all Mia’s fault that your information has been registered on the marriage gene-matching network. Come home with me, and I’ll make her apologize to you. Moreover…”

Amelia raised her head and looked at Evelyn expectantly. “The match shouldn’t have succeeded, right?”

Just as Evelyn was about to speak, someone knocked on her dormitory door again.

Today was really strange. It was her first day in this dormitory, but there were quite many guests coming here.

Evelyn could only reach out to open the door.

Then, she saw a fox-eared youth in a light blue school uniform leaning lazily against the door.

He narrowed his purple eyes, and the corners of his mouth curled into a faint smile.

“When did you wake up? Why didn’t you call me when you left…? Huh? Who is this sister in the room?”

The fox-eared youth peeked his head out and saw Amelia sitting in the room.

“That’s my sister.”

Evelyn replied.

Amelia heard the noise and walked out. She was a little confused at first, but when her eyes fell on the fox-eared youth, her eyes were filled with shock.

“Prince Kayce, why are you here?!”

The former queen of Saffir Main Planet fell ill and passed away after giving birth to the eldest prince.

A year later, the king married the current queen. They had been married for many years and still didn’t have any children. Later, the queen finally gave birth to a child and named him Everett Bailey.

Because Everett was a very rare nine-tailed fox werebeast, mysterious and powerful, he was later called the Prince Kayce by the public.

Amelia’s military rank was very high, so she had naturally seen Prince Kayce many times. Therefore, she immediately knelt on one knee and gave Everett a big bow!

Everett waved at Amelia as if he didn’t care about her. Then, he reached out to hold Evelyn’s hand and intertwined his fingers with hers, looking at her pitifully.

“You’ve wronged me.”

He was referring to the message Evelyn had sent him.

He did not want a divorce.

Evelyn was also a little shocked. She had also seen Prince Kayce’s photo on the Internet, but why was this fair-skinned and overly good-looking youth in front of her different from his image on the Internet?

She still remembered that Prince Kayce looked very cold on the Internet. Although he was about the same age as her, he was very powerful, had a high level of shape-shifting, and had become a high-ranking commander of Saffir Main Planet at a young age!

“Are you Prince Kayce?”

Everett’s eyes were half-closed, and his white fox ears were also slightly drooping. He looked very sad and depressed but also a little soft and cute, making people’s hearts ache.

Amelia coughed and said to Evelyn, “Prince Kayce should still be in the susceptible period, so he’s a little different from usual. Moreover, logically speaking, he should not be running around at this time. Evelyn, how did you meet Prince Kayce?”

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