Chapter 14

Lin Chen hung up.

At this moment, he realized that Bai Shuyi had returned to the dining table.

Moreover, her gaze was fixed on Lin Chen.

Obviously, she had heard the conversation between Lin Chen and Zhang Chunlin.

But it didn’t matter.

Lin Chen had no intention of guarding against her!

In fact, Lin Chen knew very well that his current actions would definitely attract some people’s attention.

Especially those famous people in the game.

Like Jiang Haihe.

He did not care about Lin Chen at all previously.

But this time, when Lin Chen met him to buy Sky Moon City, he got to know Lin Chen.

This meant that Lin Chen’s actions had already attracted some attention.

Bai Shuyi was an elder of the Thousand Mile Snow Guild.

It could be hypothesized that Bai Shuyi, who was a young lady, actually came to be in the same room as Lin Chen without any hesitation. Was it just because she used to be Lin Chen’s teammate?

Or perhaps it was because of her relationship with Liu Mengyao that she was here to test Lin Chen’s character?

None of this actually made sense.

The first reason was that although Bai Shuyi and Lin Chen had been teammates before, it had only been a short time.

Moreover, how could you be sure that you could trust someone you knew online and in the game?

As for her good relationship with Liu Mengyao, that made even less sense.

What kind of girl would help a good sister check out her boyfriend, with the result of moving in with her good sister’s boyfriend?

That wouldn’t be just an inspection, right?

That would be more like trying to steal him away!

Therefore, when Bai Shuyi found out that the owner of the house in Dragon Sea City that her family had bought for her was Lin Chen, there must have been another reason for her to come to Lin Chen’s house to see him.

What was the reason?

At this moment, Lin Chen did not want to pretend to be confused.

He displayed a calm and wise side.

Bai Shuyi secretly sized him up. He looked at Bai Shuyi directly and even took the initiative to say, “You heard what I said just now, right? I believe you feel very puzzled, right?”

Bai Shuyi nodded repeatedly.

At this moment, Lin Chen laughed self-deprecatingly. Then, he took out his phone and opened a chat group. He swiped a few times and found a portion of the chat history before throwing it to Bai Shuyi.

She looked at Lin Chen’s phone. Some of the conversations were like this.

[Jiang Youyou: Have you heard? It seems like the person who collects things everywhere in New World is really Lin Chen from our class.]

[Liu Hai: It’s him, Forest Dawn. We all know this ID!]

[Wang Shangfang: Good lord, the game is going to stop now. Everyone is selling their accounts and can’t wait to recover their losses! For example, Zhang Chunlin has already lost so much, but he still buys things everywhere. What on earth is he doing? Is he rich?]

[Ye Tenglong: Hehe, I think he’s just stupid. That’s a Mythical pet. Even if it’s made from the pet egg he synthesized yesterday, it’s still a lot of money. Where did he get the money? I’m afraid he sold his house to gather money! Moreover, I heard that this kid borrows money everywhere and keeps throwing money into the game. Everyone, be careful. If he borrows money from you, don’t pay attention to this fool.]


Every word in the chat record could be said to be heart-wrenching.

“These are all your classmates? Why are their words so unpleasant!”

Bai Shuyi did not continue to look at his phone. Instead, she looked up at Lin Chen and finally asked the question that had been on her mind for a long time. “Lin Chen, can you tell me why you invested so much money into the game ‘New World’? Moreover, you even sold the only house that your parents left for you… You don’t have to worry. Perhaps you’ve guessed it. Our guild leader also wants to know some of your thoughts, but if you don’t want others to know, I won’t tell anyone.”

This was equivalent to telling Lin Chen that she had indeed come to look for him with a mission.

But Bai Shuyi was very frank.

She had told everything to Lin Chen.

At the same time, she also showed her curiosity…

It could only be said that there were too many people who could not understand Lin Chen’s actions!

Not only Bai Shuyi, but even the students in Lin Chen’s class could not understand it. Zhang Chunlin was still in a daze. It could be said that the only person who did not suspect Lin Chen’s motive was Liu Mengyao.

“This Ye Tenglong has an older brother. He’s in the underworld. People call him Brother Hu. I borrowed 1.6 million from his brother using this house. I have to pay him back 2 million in three months.”

Lin Chen did not directly answer Bai Shuyi’s question. Instead, he said something else.

“You even borrowed money from loan sharks?” Bai Shuyi was shocked.

“More than that.”

Lin Chen asked her to look at his phone again.

‘Good God!’

Lin Chen downloaded all the apps that he could borrow money from.

He didn’t miss a single one!


Bai Shuyi was completely speechless. She said, “Lin Chen, you’re putting your entire life into this game! Don’t tell me that you’re really doing this for Yaoyao’s dream. Only her romantic brain would believe you! Of course, I won’t tell a third person about our conversation today.”

“What if I don’t mind you telling others? For example, your guild leader… In fact, I hope that more people won’t delete their accounts. I even posted on the forum, but everyone treats me as a businessman who wants to protect the market.”

Lin Chen expressed his helplessness. As for the reason why he did this, he knew that even if he told the truth, Bai Shuyi would definitely not believe that someone could be reborn.

Therefore, Lin Chen could only think of another way. He said, “In fact, I think there might be a turnaround for New World… Think about it. What if the Cosmic Stone suddenly found a way to replenish its energy? Wouldn’t the server of this game be able to restart? Or, in the future, New World would be forced to compensate us players under pressure. Then, my investment now would be exchanged for a beautiful future in the future.”

“You’re actually betting on those capitalists’ consciences?”

Bai Shuyi rolled her eyes at Lin Chen speechlessly.

“Of course, from today’s announcement, it’s very difficult for New World to compensate players for their financial losses, but what if? For example, New World is under pressure to keep the gamers’ account data. When their new game is released, they will compensate us old gamers from the new game. At that time, how much do you think my account is worth?”

Lin Chen threw out another question.

This time, Bai Shuyi felt that it was a little reliable.

After all, New World was such a big game. It would be unreasonable if the planning company did not give an explanation. Moreover, at Bai Shuyi’s level, she could know many things that ordinary people did not know.

For example, some major gaming guilds planned to join forces and negotiate with New World.

Although the outcome was hard to say, what if he succeeded?

At that time, as long as New World compromised and made an announcement according to Lin Chen’s words, indicating that the gamers’ account data would be kept. Then, when the company behind New World’s self-developed holographic simulation game was released and the players could continue to play freely, Lin Chen’s account would be very valuable.

Even though the new game might take a few years to come out, many fanatical New World fans, including various financial groups, corporations, and investors, were very willing to invest in it.

After all, there were many people like Jiang Haihe who had invested more than a billion in New World.

“Then can I tell the guild leader and ask her to invest some money to buy game equipment? Also, I can take the opportunity now to get a set of top-notch equipment and raise a few top-notch pets to play with?” Bai Shuyi and Lin Chen discussed.

At this point, Lin Chen finally smiled and said, “I think you can do it yourself. As for your guild leader, tell her my analysis. As for what to do, that’s her own business. We don’t have to care. Also, I want to borrow your car! I heard that your car is a limited edition worldwide, right?”

The guild leader of the Thousand Mile Snow Guild, Snow Foam!

Lin Chen remembered that this person had also played until the game stopped, so she had kept her account in the end. After the game invaded the real world, with the strength of Snow Foam’s account and her identity as the guild leader, she would definitely be a powerhouse.

That was why Lin Chen said that there was no need to tell her too much.

At this point, Lin Chen started to have designs on Bai Shuyi’s car.

In any case, the apocalypse was about to arrive. The game had invaded reality. As long as he could borrow money now, he did not have to return it in the future. There was no psychological pressure. It would be a waste not to borrow it!

“What are you trying to do?” Bai Shuyi looked at him warily and asked, “Don’t tell me… you want to borrow money using my car?”

It was over.

Lin Chen’s smile disappeared completely…

That was because Bai Shuyi had exposed his little scheme!

“Dream on!”

When Bai Shuyi saw Lin Chen’s reaction, she knew that her guess was not far off. She quickly said, “Didn’t Yaoyao give you all her savings? How much more do you want? How about this? If you still lack money in the game, come and find me. At most, I’ll lend you some. Don’t even think about my car. How much can you borrow with that kind of money? Also, you have to think about it carefully. If… I mean, if you lose everything, what kind of future can you give Yaoyao?”

Bai Shuyi’s words were from the bottom of her heart.

It was also a heart-to-heart message.

She was actually worried for Lin Chen.

Of course, according to what Lin Chen said, he had staked his entire fortune.

If there was a total loss, Lin Chen would not be able to withstand it.

Therefore, it was normal for Bai Shuyi to give some advice.

However, to Lin Chen’s surprise, she even said that if he needed money, he could borrow it from her…

“What’s with the look in your eyes? Don’t misunderstand. When I said I’ll lend you money, it’s only a few million. I can’t afford to loan more than that. I’m still studying!” Bai Shuyi felt that Lin Chen’s gaze was not right, so she quickly declared that she could not loan too much money.

However, what this rich and beautiful woman did not know was that the few million in her eyes was already too much for Lin Chen.

So much so that he had enough and no longer had to worry about funding.

The money that he had borrowed previously, together with Liu Mengyao’s savings and the millions of funds that Bai Shuyi had promised, added up to more than 10 million!

Now, Lin Chen could go all out in the game!

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