Chapter 19

Stegosaurus’s HP was no longer healthy.

But now, the Giant Ape King still had 70% HP.

Seven hundred thousand HP!

Even with Lin Chen and Vermillion Bird’s damage output, they would still have to fight for a while.

Stegosaurus could no longer take it.

Furthermore, there were still many ape warriors attacking Stegosaurus.

Looking at Stegosaurus’s precarious health, Lin Chen said helplessly, “Looks like I have to find a stronger pet.”

Liu Mengyao nodded and focused on healing Stegosaurus. She also put a Divine Shield on it.

A shield with 30,000 HP appeared around Stegosaurus.

It would be able to take one more hit.

Then, they continued to kite the Giant Ape King.

Fortunately, there was still the existence of the Storm Force Field.

After that, Lin Chen went all out and worked with Vermillion Bird to clear the monsters. When there were only a few dozen left, Liu Mengyao said, “Lin Chen, Stegosaurus can’t hold on much longer. What should we do?”

“Make way!”

Lin Chen quickly said, “I’ll tank for a while.”

However, the Giant Ape King’s punch had dealt 6,500 damage to Lin Chen from a distance of three to four yards. How could Lin Chen withstand it? With just one punch, Lin Chen started running with Windwalk.

He threw the Vermillion Bird in front of the giant ape.

“Attack the Giant Ape King with all your might!”

Lin Chen didn’t care anymore and gave Vermillion Bird an order.

At this moment, the Vermillion Bird looked at its entire body. Its body was trembling and was only the size of the Giant Ape King’s palm. It must be thinking in its heart, I might not be human, but Master is really a dog!

Lin Chen was clearly letting the Vermillion Bird tank the Giant Ape King.

Then, Lin Chen activated all sorts of single target skills. The Vermillion Bird also listened to Lin Chen’s instructions. In any case, its speed was slow, so it stopped running and tanked the Giant Ape King’s attacks.

The Giant Ape King’s HP was decreasing rapidly.


Another 1,000 monsters appeared.

“Stegosaurus, are you done healing? Go and pull the monsters. Don’t worry about the Giant Ape King!”

Lin Chen quickly said.


“Don’t worry, it can be reborn!”

Lin Chen interrupted Liu Mengyao.

In the game, when a pet died, there would be a penalty that reduced its lifespan.

However, there was no attribute punishment.

Therefore, pets were not invulnerable.

Of course, this was in the game.

In the future, when the game fused with the real world, this mechanism would definitely not exist. At that time, it would really die.

However, the Vermillion Bird was not afraid of death!

It had a skill!

He directly let Vermillion Bird attack while running. At the same time, it was tanking the giant ape’s attack.

On Lin Chen’s side, Wind Blade, Frost Greatsword, Storm, and other skills were continuously thrown at the Giant Ape. The Giant Ape’s HP had finally reached 10%. At the same time, Lin Chen had also increased the distance between them by 30 yards.

At this distance, Lin Chen’s spells could attack the giant ape, but the giant ape could not hit Lin Chen.

All of its attacks landed on the Vermillion Bird.

Finally, Vermillion Bird’s HP bar was empty.

However, its HP remained at 1 point.

Immediately after, the Vermillion Bird chirped into the sky, and its entire body turned into a large bird egg that emitted a huge fire. It floated in front of the Giant Ape King. Seeing this, the Giant Ape King immediately stretched out its hand.

“Vermillion Bird Bloodline? I want this egg!”

The Giant Ape King was pleasantly surprised.

On Lin Chen’s side, the wind blades kept attacking. At the same time, he controlled the Storm Force Field to push the Vermillion Bird egg towards him, causing the Giant Ape King to miss.

At the same time, the Giant Ape King’s words made Lin Chen’s heart tighten… Could it be that when the Vermillion Bird was defeated and entered the rebirth state, it could be stolen away?

He quickly checked the status of his pet bar.

As expected, the Vermillion Bird’s master recognition column was empty.

Lin Chen’s name was gone.

It seemed that the Vermillion Bird could be plundered while it was in the form of a fire egg and preparing to be reborn.

How could that be?

But soon, Lin Chen was overjoyed.

The Vermillion Bird seemed to be extremely attractive to the Giant Ape King. It actually chased after the Vermillion Bird egg and stopped attacking Lin Chen. It was indifferent to Lin Chen’s attacks and seemed to only have eyes for the Vermillion Bird egg.

“I didn’t expect there to be such an effect!”

Lin Chen controlled the storm force field or used spells to continuously push the Vermillion Bird egg away. He kited the Giant Ape King, who did not look very smart, and continuously released wind blades.

Finally, the Giant Ape King’s HP bar was emptied.

Then, Lin Chen killed all the monsters.

Instance Dungeon completed!

[Clearance Rating: SSS]

[Time to clear: 43 minutes 52 seconds]

An announcement appeared in the game.

[Congratulations to the team formed by player Forest Dawn and Yaoguang in the Dream. They have obtained the first place in the First Clear of the Southern Heavenly Gate Dungeon with a time of 43 minutes and 52 seconds. They have obtained 100x EXP reward!]

This announcement could no longer cause any ruckus.

Who would pay attention to this now in New World?

Everyone was selling equipment or selling their accounts.

More people were taking advantage of this popularity to create their own media…

Everyone was trying to recoup their losses!

Who cared about dungeons!

[Notification: You have received 8 billion experience points!]

[Notification: You have obtained the dungeon score reward, Supreme Treasure Box x1!]

[Notification: You have obtained the reward of the dungeon ranking, Supreme Treasure Box x1!]

[Notification: You have obtained the qualification to enter the Heavenly Palace!]

The system immediately gave him a reward.

Eight billion EXP allowed Lin Chen to reach Level 113.

He was still seven levels away from reaching Level 120, which was released after the new expansion was released.

Lin Chen was currently ranked first on the level rankings.

Liu Mengyao was second.

If Lin Chen could get this ranking in the past, he would have been rich.

Not to mention anything else, just helping some companies advertise in his profile would earn Lin Chen a lot of advertising fees. He might even be invited by some companies to be their spokesperson in real life!

The previous New World online game was so popular!

But now…

Well, almost no one cared.

No one paid attention to the rankings anymore.

At the same time, a pile of equipment and various materials dropped on the ground.

Lin Chen could only keep all these things and throw them into the warehouse.

The current him had no use for it.

Lin Chen did not exit the instance dungeon.

This was because the Vermillion Bird’s egg still had to wait for more than twenty minutes.

At the same time, Liu Mengyao had always wanted to see the Twin Heart Lake in the Southern Heavenly Gate Instance Dungeon.

He heard from others that this Twin Heart Lake was a real lovely scene in the Heavenly Palace.

Many players who were a couple would obtain tickets to the Heavenly Palace to go to Twin Hearts Lake to check it out.

Liu Mengyao also had such a dream.

However, Lin Chen was just an ordinary player in the past. He was too weak and could not find a powerful teammate to lead him. Thus, he had delayed until now.

Now, this wish could be fulfilled.

The two of them arrived at the Twin Hearts Lake together.

At this moment, Liu Mengyao looked at Lin Chen and said, “Hey, didn’t I tell you? What will you do when we get here?”

Lin Chen sent a hug invitation.

“Hehe, we’ve visited this place now!”

Liu Mengyao smiled and took a screenshot.

The two of them waited until Vermillion Bird was reborn.

The current Vermillion Bird was like a newborn.

However, his level did not change.

It had also bound itself to Lin Chen again.

[Vermillion Bird]

[Owner: Forest Dawn]

[Quality: Mythical]

[Overall Growth Rating: SS+]

[Level: 115]

[Constitution: 2520]

[Strength: 1265]

[Spirit: 3575]

[Agility: 1265]

[HP: 50,400]

[Physical Attack: 10,120]

[Magic Attack: 71,500]

[SPD: 12.65 yards per second]

[Talent Skills: Nanming Primordial Fire, Scorching Heaven and Earth, Nirvana Rebirth]

[Epiphany Skill: Flame Beam (SSS) Sun Scorch (SSS) Divine Spell Mastery (SSS) Flame Shockwave (SSS)]

[Nirvana Rebirth: 1 (Cooldown Period: in the next 30 days, no attribute rewards will be given for Nirvana Rebirth!)]

After undergoing rebirth once, its attributes had increased by 10%!

Although pets’ attributes were generally not high, they had growth coefficients.

The magical attack coefficient of the mythical Vermillion Bird was 20 times!

Therefore, Vermillion Bird’s magic attack had reached a terrifying level!

It had exceeded 70,000!

However, no matter how terrifying it was, the pet’s attributes were still suppressed compared to the players’ attributes.

Therefore, a pet would always be a pet!

It was an existence that could be subdued by players and humans!

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