Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 262 - Chapter 262: We Humans Will Never Be Slaves!

Chapter 262: We Humans Will Never Be Slaves!

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Dragon Yandao devoured Randshi’s soul.

Randshi was dead!

This was the commander-in-chief of the Fallen Angels.

His status was second only to the kings.

Randshi had to die.

Dragon Yandao would never allow him to live.


He knew Dragon Yandao’s biggest secret!

Just as Dragon Yandao had said, when he was 23 years old, he inherited the Primordial Spear Soul and advanced to the God Messenger realm.

In fact, many people knew about this at that time.

However, Dragon Yandao was too scheming!

He had come up with many forbidden spell moves that made people impressed.

For example…

Forbidden Spell—Spear Shoots Like a Dragon.

Forbidden Spell, Qi Penetrating Rainbow.

This was quite normal. For example, the Forbidden Spell, Spear Pierces the Sky, was completely a spear technique that Dragon Yandao had modified himself. With his talent, he forcefully changed the original Forbidden Spell to his own appearance.

Then, he changed the name.

Spear Pierces the Sky!

Dragon Yandao had named it himself.

Why did Dragon Yandao do this?


He didn’t want others to know how powerful the true Primordial Spear Soul was.

First of all, a man’s wealth was his own ruin.

In that era, there were very few ancient inheritors.

Therefore, in order to avoid being coveted, Dragon Yandao specially created these fancy skills.

The result was…

Dragon Yandao looked flashy but useless. Moreover, he was very good at bragging. He was supposedly the ceiling of human combat strength at every turn!

But in reality?

Like how Dragon Yandao fought nine people on the level-two battlefield… he looked very powerful.

However, there were no kills.

Therefore, Dragon Yandao had always given the other races the image of a powerful expert… who seemed to be very strong, but only so-so.

Then, everyone felt…

What ancient inheritance!

‘Is that all?’

Primordial Spear Soul, that’s it?


It seemed that these so-called inheritances were actually just so-so.

Hence, Dragon Yandao successfully survived.

He even hid his strength.

It had been hidden until now.

Occasionally, he would attack and definitely kill the enemy.

No one could know how powerful this Heaven Breaking Spear was!

In fact, Lin Chen was also a beneficiary of Dragon Yandao’s skill at hiding.

This was because Lin Chen did not hide his inheritance of the Primordial Sword Spirit at all. Later on, on the Level 2 battlefield, the biggest reason why others did not seem to be very interested in Lin Chen’s inheritance of the Primordial Sword Spirit was because of the existence of a strange existence like Dragon Yandao!

It was clearly a very powerful Primordial Spear Soul inheritance, but he didn’t use it.

Moreover, who would have thought that those powerful cultivation techniques could be dismantled?

Then, he could rearrange and combine the forbidden spells that he didn’t use… Dragon Yandao was such a genius.

He could do it. He could break down every move of the Forbidden Spell cultivation technique and then reassemble it with other Forbidden Spell moves. He could actually use it like a new Forbidden Spell.

Its power was not weak.

Then, Dragon Yandao successfully deceived all the races.

The Primordial Spear Soul was only so-so.

Primordial inheritance… flashy but without substance!

When such a saying spread, and more than ten years later, when everyone saw Lin Chen again and discovered that he was the inheritance of the Primordial Sword Spirit, how could they be jealous?

Of course, Lin Chen did not know all of this.

He thought that it was because the various races looked down on the primordial era that was too distant!

In the sky above Dragon Prison Pass, Lin Chen fought four alone.

Sword qi surrounded his body, and his soul sea was also in a state of skyrocketing. Yang Yourong was attached to his soul body, and in front of him was the Sea Conqueror Cauldron!

“Haha, did you hear that? I, the human Spear King, killed your commander in two moves! However, you four trash are all rank three peak stage. 1 don’t know how long you’ve been in this realm, but you still can’t hurt me at all! When Spear King returns, you four trash will all die!”

Lin Chen threatened loudly.

The night deepened.

Soon, it would be dawn.

It was unknown when the Fallen Angel army would sense it.

In order to complete his established strategic goal and take down Dragon Prison Pass before dawn, Lin Chen did not want to continue fighting.

When Dragon Yandao strode over from the void, he held a spear in one hand and Randshi’s corpse in the other, making the remaining four Fallen Angel Commanders feel more pressured!

The four of them were four against one, but they could not do anything to a Human King.

Now, there was another Spear King who could instantly kill Commander Randshi in two moves…

How were they supposed to fight?


“Where there’s life, there’s hope!”

“We’ll have our revenge!”


The few Fallen Angel Commanders were still very decisive.

They immediately retreated.

Lin Chen was not idle either. Sword qi surrounded his entire body, and then he used Ten Thousand Swords Return to One!

The sword slashed at the Dragon Imprisoning Pass.


In the sky above Dragon Prison Pass, the Fallen Angel Clan’s shield was destroyed by a sword.


“The commanders have fallen. Retreat!”

“Damn it, if we don’t leave now, the two demigods will be invincible!”

Actually, this was the case on the Empire’s battlefield.

The deciding factor of victory and defeat between the two sides of the war was not the gains and losses of a city, nor did it depend on who had the most military strength in numbers. The most important measure was combat strength!

From high to low, their combat strength was compared one by one.

Super Demigod versus Super Demigod!

Demigod versus Demigod!

Below that was rank three peak stage…

Lastly, there were the Rank Three, Second Rank, and Middle Rank.

If all of those were gone from fighting,

Then, they would fight with the reserve army in the end.

For example, the reserve army of the Dragon Protector Army was the Dragon Abyss Army.

It was commanded by Dragon Qianshan!

However, it was usually very difficult to let the Dragon Abyss Army fight on the battlefield.

At that time, the entire human race would really be exterminated!

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