Chapter 3

“Fashion, I still have more than five hundred pieces here. There are more than two hundred pieces for both men and women. Are you sure you want them all?”

Zhang Chunlin’s voice sounded.

“Not only that, but I also want to buy a set of the Mage Divine Set. It’s best if it’s above +10. Isn’t there a +12 Mage Divine Weapon on the forum? I think the price has been reduced to 300,000. Help me ask around. If possible, I’ll take it directly.”

Lin Chen stated some of his requirements.

When it came to collecting equipment, Zhang Chunlin was naturally the best.

Moreover, he was Lin Chen’s classmate.

Lin Chen was very clear about Zhang Chunlin’s character.

For him to be able to expand the business in the game so much in two to three years, there was definitely no problem with his reputation.

As a businessman in the game, reputation was equivalent to life.

Zhang Chunlin was someone who was very particular about his reputation.

“Good lord, you’re planning to spend a lot of money!”

Zhang Chunlin sighed and said, “Alright, go ahead. I’ll send you gold coins and pet eggs first… You want all pet eggs above Rare, right?”

“Yes! Give me gold coins first and open a warehouse… Also, from now on, I want all the Equipment Strengthening Stones. I want as many as you have, all according to the market price.”

Lin Chen was very generous.

Currently, the price of gold coins had fallen to 100 million gold coins be worth only about 20,000.

One billion, would then be 200,000.

Rare pet eggs were randomly obtained, but they could also be synthesized. A rare pet egg was originally worth at least 10,000, but now, it could be bought for 100.

As a businessman, Zhang Chunlin definitely had a lot of goods in his hands.

There were at least thousands of them.

That would cost a bit over 100,000.

Then, there were the Strengthening Stones and three pieces of Mage Divine equipment…

[Mage’s Divine Hurricane Pendant +10]

[Level: 100]

[Attributes: Spirit +750 (750)]

[Characteristics: Heart of the Archmage, Effect: Increases Maximum Mana by 20%, Recovers Mana by 2% per second]

[Special skill: Enhances the Wind Blade skill. After reaching the maximum level, the Wind Blade will have a frost effect, reducing the target’s movement speed by 50%, and reducing the target’s magic defense by 15%.]

[Mage’s Divine Hurricane Boots +10]

[Level: 100]

[Attributes: Spirit +500 (500), Agility +250 (250)]

[Characteristics: Rush, Effect: After any spell hits the target, it will gain a short displacement effect of one second. The direction of displacement can be as you wish!]

[Special Skill: Instant Transfer. Effect: After active use, you can instantly appear anywhere within 30 yards. Cooldown: 5 minutes!]

[Mage’s Divine Hurricane Armor +10]

[Level: 100]

[Attributes: Spirit +500 (500) Constitution +250 (250)]

[Characteristics: Divine Protection. Effect: When receiving fatal damage, the armor will explode with energy to take the hit. Then, the cooldown of all skills and items will immediately refresh. After triggering, the armor will shatter (durability reduced to zero, attributes lost, can be repaired).]

[Special Skill: Mage’s Divine Shield. Effect: Upon activation, gains a shield with 30% HP. Cooldown: 5 minutes!]

Zhang Chunlin still had some goods.

In the game New World, there was no increase to the level cap yet, so level 100 was already the maximum level.

This set of equipment was also known as the strongest equipment for Wind Mages.

Of course, Lin Chen knew that New World would soon release its last expansion pack.

Then, there was the new map.

In addition, the level cap would also be opened to Level 120.

However, this did not stop Lin Chen from obtaining the Hurricane Mage Divine Set first.

After all, if he was not strong enough, even if he obtained a new expansion pack, he would not be able to defeat it.

Three pieces of the Hurricane Set were already very expensive.

The only difference between them and the weapon in the forum was the strengthening.

The strengthening was two levels lower.

It was much cheaper.

After all, strengthening it to more than 10 required many special materials.

Therefore, Zhang Chunlin’s price was 200,000 per piece.

Lin Chen bought them all. Including the Strengthening Stones and other materials, it cost him more than 800,000. When adding the fashion items, pet eggs, and one billion gold coins, it cost him about 1.2 million!

Lin Chen quickly paid the bill.

One had to know that for all these things, if it was before the server shutdown announcement, it would be worth at least 200 to 300 million!

At this moment, Liu Mengyao came online.

[Yaoguang in Dream: Lin Chen, I’m sorry, I overslept…]

[Forest Dawn: I just came online too.]

[Yaoguang in Dreams: Oh.]

Judging from Liu Mengyao’s response, she didn’t seem very happy.

[Forest Dawn: What’s wrong?]

[Yaoguang in Dreams: Do you think this game is completely uninteresting now? If it was in the past, you wouldn’t have come online so late.]

So that was how it was.

Lin Chen smiled.

Just as he was about to respond, Liu Mengyao’s message came again.

[Yaoguang in Dreams: If you really don’t want to play anymore, tell me. I won’t force you… If you want to play other games, I’ll go with you!]

They had spent two years together.

Although their relationship had only been online,

However, Lin Chen felt that Liu Mengyao was very familiar with everything about him.

They could be considered confidants.

Lin Chen was also familiar with many of Liu Mengyao’s habits.

Lin Chen did not explain anything about Liu Mengyao’s misunderstanding.

[Forest Dawn: Join the team and come to the warehouse.]

[Yaoguang in Dreams: Oh!]

Soon, Liu Mengyao joined the team and came to the side of the warehouse.

Lin Chen first opened the Equipment Sharing so that Liu Mengyao could see it. Then, he gave Liu Mengyao permission to look at his warehouse.

The two of them also turned on the voice chat.

“Wow, so many pet eggs. You even have the Mage Divine Set?”

Liu Mengyao was surprised.

Lin Chen smiled. “I logged in late today, because I went to get these things… Aren’t they all falling in price now? I can buy things that I couldn’t before. I said that I’ll play with you until the last second. Since we’re going to play, let’s have some proper fun! When I collect all our equipment and have the strength, I’ll go with you to the Twin Hearts Lake dungeon and go to the Heavenly Palace map…”

“The monsters in the Heavenly Palace map are too powerful. We… You just said that you helped me collect equipment?”

Liu Mengyao said in shock, “It can’t be the Moon Divine set, right?”

Level 100 Priest Equipment Set, Moon Divine Set!

Even if he wanted to purchase it now, it wouldn’t be cheaper than the Hurricane Mage Divine Set.

It would cost more than a million.

This was the price after the price had dropped drastically… One could imagine how much it would have cost in the past. It would have been at least 100 million.

It was a popular game with more than a billion players worldwide. There were many rich big shots among them. There were even many financial groups that had invested in it. That was why the previous price was so expensive.

But now, all the game item prices were falling drastically!

“Yes, I’ve already asked someone to collect it for us.”

Lin Chen smiled and said, “Let’s not do anything else now. Let’s focus on combining these pet eggs. We should be able to combine two Mythical eggs.”

“Where did you get so much money? You can’t be…”

Liu Mengyao wasn’t in a hurry to take advantage of Lin Chen. She seemed to have guessed something and suddenly felt touched. Then, she said, “No, this is my dream. You can’t spend money by yourself. I still have some pocket money. I’ll give it all to you!”

She wanted to play until the game stopped. This was her own idea. Now that Lin Chen had given so much to fulfill her dream, she had to contribute.

“There’s no need.”

Lin Chen refused.

What he was thinking was that he needed a helper and he had a good relationship with Liu Mengyao. Additionally, Liu Mengyao had become an excuse for him to buy game equipment and items.

In that case, there was nothing wrong with helping Liu Mengyao get a set of equipment.

The only bad thing was that the money was spent too quickly.

The three million from selling the house, the money he borrowed from his phone, and Brother Tiger’s loan made a total of six million.

He still had 4.8 million left.

By the time Zhang Chunlin collected both sets of equipment, it would probably cost another two million.

But there were still many things to buy.

Without mentioning anything else.

Lin Chen was someone who had seen the game invade reality.

At that time, even some of the main cities in the game had completely descended on the Blue Planet.

That was why Lin Chen wanted so many gold coins…

He even wanted more!

Lin Chen wanted to buy a city and see if the city would belong to him after the game invaded reality!

Hence, Lin Chen was still short of money.

However, no matter how short of money he was, he couldn’t ask for Liu Mengyao’s pocket money.

How much could there be?

Seeing Lin Chen refuse, Liu Mengyao said, “Take it. It’s not much, but… at least you can buy a divine item. I mean… a divine item with old prices .”

A divine item!

What was a divine item?

For example, the Hurricane Holy Pendant in the Archmage Hurricane Set was a divine item.

The current price was two hundred thousand.

But Liu Mengyao was talking about before the price of goods plummeted…

Lin Chen was surprised. After a while, he said, “I didn’t know you were so rich. The previous divine items were at least six million each, right? You even have so much pocket money?”

“I’ve been saving up my red packet money since I was young, as well as my endless pocket money!” Liu Mengyao smiled.

“Wow, I just found out that you’re a rich woman…”

Lin Chen was indeed shocked.

More than six million in pocket money?

What kind of family was this!

However, Lin Chen remembered that before his rebirth, when the game invaded the real world, Liu Mengyao was in a hurry to save him and even made a call. It seemed that she was being held back by a level 90 Boss…

A Priest fighting a Level 90 Boss alone meant that Liu Mengyao’s equipment was very strong!

In other words, after Lin Chen sold his account, Liu Mengyao, who wanted to continue playing the game, spent a lot of money to buy equipment… In other words, what Lin Chen was doing now was what Liu Mengyao would have done anyway.

Then Lin Chen would not feel any psychological pressure!

“I’ve transferred the money to your card. The card number you gave me the last time… I’ll pay half of the money you spend in the game in the future. If it’s not enough, you have to tell me. Do you hear me?”

Liu Mengyao put her hands on her hips as if she was a little angry.

However, in the next moment, Lin Chen sent a hug invitation.

“What are you doing?”

As Liu Mengyao spoke, she immediately accepted the invitation.

At this moment, Lin Chen felt very warm.

There was also… comfort!

With Liu Mengyao’s money, Lin Chen wouldn’t have to worry about money anymore.

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