Chapter 31

The skills of Celestial…

How should he put it?

Lin Chen felt that he was a super ruffian.

Such a ruffian!

Super Slide Kick, Strengthened Sucker Punch…

There were also all kinds of sneak attacks.

This was one of the few normal skill.

[Enchanted Half Moon Slash (Skill Level 13): Celestial charges forward and slashes out a fan-shaped slash, dealing 210% magic damage and 210% physical damage to enemies within ten yards. Every time the speed increases by another 100 yards, the damage will increase by 40%! Mana Cost: 800, Cooldown: 40 seconds!]

This was a group damage skill, but it would not cause any negative debuffs on the target.

It was pure damage.

Of course, there were also some Celestial skills that required skill books.

Here, he had to explain about the characteristics of the hidden job class Celestial.

Apart from being a dual physical/magic class, Celestials could also learn most forbidden spell skills.

For example, the Forbidden Spell, Storm Force Field.

Lin Chen could learn this skill.

Lin Chen searched the warehouse of Sky Moon City’s City Lord Mansion. Almost all the things that Zhang Chunlin had helped him collect were here, including some skill books.

Learning Forbidden Spells required the prerequisite skill level and skill points.

He definitely had to learn the Storm Force Field. After all, it was a crowd control skill that could increase Vermillion Bird’s damage output.

Then, Lin Chen could learn two other forbidden spells.

He found five Forbidden Spell Skill Books.

Lin Chen chose the following two options:

[Forbidden Spell – Star Power Burst: After attacking the target, inject Star Power into the target’s body. During this period, every time the target is attacked, 10% of the damage received will be delayed and the target will obtain a layer of Starburst status. If the target is not attacked for ten seconds, the number of layers will be reset. Star Power can be detonated at any time within three minutes. After every layer of Starburst status is calculated, it will cause double true damage. The upper limit is 30 layers! Casting Mana cost: 300. Detonation Mana cost: 800. Cooldown time after detonation: 5 minutes.]

[Forbidden Spell, Seven Stars Energy Gathering: After activation, you will obtain a Star Energy Bar. The Star Energy Bar lasts for three minutes and can accumulate up to seven Star Energy. Each Star Energy can provide a teleportation effect of 500 yards. During teleportation, you will be invincible. You will also deal 50% physical and magic damage to any enemy between teleportation points. Activation mana cost: 1,000. Every teleportation Mana cost: 200. Cooldown: 5 minutes!]

Since he was a ruffian, he had to be ruffian-like.

Star Power Burst was a Forbidden Spell that increased damage output. Moreover, it was the strongest single target damage output Forbidden Spell.

However, Star Power Burst could also be considered a ruffian’s skill.

This was because the damage caused by the last explosion was definitely unexpected.

Just think about it. Initially, when you were fighting with Lin Chen, you realized that Lin Chen’s skills did not hurt you very much. Although Lin Chen dual cultivated in both physical and magical attacks, you could block a type of physical or magical damage. Coupled with the 10% damage value being delayed, it might give you the illusion that you’re very capable!

Lin Chen was just so-so!

However, when the number of Starburst Layers stacked to 30, Lin Chen suddenly detonated them.

At that time, 10% of the damage you received would be doubled in true damage. It would ignore your physical and magic defense, and it would be 30 stacks of damage.

Lin Chen did some calculations. If he was fighting a Boss, using the Level 120 Giant Ape King as an example, this skill of his would probably be able to deal close to a million damage!

30% of its HP.

After all, this was a Level 120 Hell Mode Giant Ape King. After devouring 11 souls, it had a total of 3,000,000 HP. It was a very powerful existence.

If it was a PK between players, including defense and damage reduction, with Lin Chen’s current attack attributes, each attack would deal at least 10,000 damage. After all, he was the number one player in the game.

If that was the case, each attack would be reduced by 1,000 points of damage. If the damage was delayed, it would be 2,000 points of damage after the doubling effect. If 30 layers were stacked, that would be 60,000 points of true damage!

Even Zhang Chunlin, a Level 120 Knight, only had 180,000 HP!

After being beaten by Lin Chen for three minutes and losing 60,000 HP in the end instantly, he would not be able to withstand it.

Seven Stars Energy Gathering could be said to be a forbidden spell that Celestials had to learn. Originally, this forbidden spell could only be learned by assassins, stalkers, rogues, and other such job classes. It had super powerful escape abilities and the ability to jump horizontally repeatedly. After all, it could jump horizontally seven times in a five-hundred-yard battlefield.

Of course, the damage was a little low.

However, that was only for Assassins who only focused on physical attacks.

For Lin Chen, 50% of his physical and magic damage was enough to deal decent damage.

After calculating it by multiplying seven times, he could at least deal 350% damage. There was also an invincible state. He had to learn it!

At this point, Lin Chen’s Celestial class advancement could be considered complete!

His strength was much stronger than before.

Firstly, the attributes. In the past, Lin Chen might not have dared to say it, but now, he was undoubtedly the number one player in the game. His equipment score was 18,000 higher than Snow Foam, who was in second place!

Secondly, the forbidden spells!

Lin Chen should be the only player in the game who had three forbidden spells.

In terms of skill rating, Lin Chen was also far ahead.

Of course, Lin Chen had yet to give Liu Mengyao the level 120 crafted equipment. Otherwise, Liu Mengyao would definitely come in second.

If she could get the weapon from the mission reward, it would be even more definite.

At this moment, Liu Mengyao also came online. As soon as she came online, she teamed up with Lin Chen and asked in surprise, “You’ve changed your class too?”

“If I don’t change it, I’m afraid I won’t have a chance!”

Lin Chen smiled.

Tomorrow’s game was about to descend into reality. If he didn’t change, would he wait for the Bosses to kill him before changing classes?

If you spent time to change your equipment, the Boss would instantly kill you.

“What do you mean there’s no chance… Oh, the server is closing soon, right? I saw the announcement. It said that the server will be closed at 11 p.m. and won’t even last until 12 a.m. Also, it’s so strange. It’s actually snowing here today!”

Liu Mengyao told Lin Chen about the weather.

“It’s fine if it snows, as long as there’s no hail.”

Lin Chen did not bother with this topic. Instead, he immediately gave her the equipment and instructed, “Change into this set first. I’ve also embedded the gems for you. While there’s still time, hurry up and complete your mission.”

Lin Chen had to help Liu Mengyao with her class advancement quest.

That weapon was the only one in the entire server. It was definitely very powerful.

However, don’t forget that completing this mission might allow Liu Mengyao to gain the loyalty of an entire race in the game.

If they were loyal to Liu Mengyao, wouldn’t that be the same as being loyal to Lin Chen?

After Liu Mengyao changed her equipment, she gave the set of equipment to Lin Chen. After all, she had spent a lot of money, so she definitely wouldn’t throw it away. Then, Liu Mengyao said in surprise, “When did this overall rating ranking come out?”

“It came out last night.”

Lin Chen had long discovered this.

The overall rating ranking was not an equipment or skill scoreboard.

The scores on those rankings were often in the millions.

However, the first place on this scoreboard was only 100.

It would always be a hundred.

The second place was 99 points.

Lin Chen knew very well that the meaning of this ranking was very important.


This ranking was related to the gaming abilities that one could inherit after the game invaded reality.

Also, whether your equipment’s attributes would be be weakened?

Hence, Lin Chen intentionally ranked first on the various rankings for this overall ranking.

[Overall Rating Ranking:]

[First place: Forest Dawn, 100]

[Second place: Yaoguang in the Dream, 99]

[Third place: Snow Foam, 98]

[Fourth place: Jiang Haihe, 97]

[Fifth place: Delicate Little Bird, 96]

[Sixth place: Ye Liancheng, 95]

[Seventh place: Cuckoo Sword, 94]

[Eighth place: Death God Aunty Wang, 93]

[Ninth place: Specialized in Treating Disobedience, 92]

[Tenth place: Lu Honglian, 91]


[Eighteenth place: Zhang Chunlin, 85]

Lin Chen glanced at the leaderboard. Most of the players on this leaderboard were ‘inactive’. They were only some players who were sad and quit the server, but they did not destroy their equipment and accounts. For example, Ye Liancheng and Cuckoo Sword used to be ranked first and second on the leaderboard.

Now, they had all fallen.

This Lu Honglian was a new account. Lin Chen had no impression of her in the past. She had probably rushed up during this period of time.

As for Zhang Chunlin, he was a little lame.

Lin Chen sent a message to Zhang Chunlin. “The overall rating ranking is out. Hurry up and raise your score to at least 90. It won’t cost much. Then, join the party and do a quest.”

Soon, Zhang Chunlin entered the group.

Snow Foam and Bai Shuyi also received the invitation and joined the team.

As soon as they entered, Snow Foam said, “It’s so scary here. It’s raining hail outside. It’s killing people!”

“Are you from the north?” Lin Chen asked.

“Yes,” Snow Foam replied.

“No wonder.”

Lin Chen said to everyone, “Extreme weather has appeared all over the world, but have you guys realized that regardless of whether it’s hail, April snow, or a tsunami… Actually, these weathers are very common in the game?”

“What do you mean?” Bai Shuyi immediately looked over in alarm.

“I don’t understand, Boss. The game is the game, and reality is reality. How can it be the same? In the game nobody will die from bad weather, but what about reality?” Zhang Chunlin still hadn’t understood Lin Chen’s words.

Snow Foam fell silent. She looked at Lin Chen with a complicated expression and asked, “You… You’re not saying that the things you said in the show and live-stream are about to come true, are you?”

“You can use the game’s built-in browser to surf with a VPN and take a look at the outside internet… I estimate that the Internet will be gone the moment the game stops service. However, there will still be a signal on the phone by then, as long as the signal tower is not destroyed. Let’s hurry.”

Lin Chen led the team and rushed to the mission location.

No one spoke on the way.

Obviously, they had all listened to Lin Chen and used a VPN to check the outside internet.

Half an hour later, Lin Chen saw that Zhang Chunlin’s score had become 90 points, and he was still grinding.

“Although I don’t understand, I feel that it’s always right to listen to Boss!”

Zhang Chunlin said a little naively.

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