Chapter 34

At this moment, Lin Chen’s gaze was locked on a demonic beast that was wreaking havoc in the sky above his neighborhood.

In the game, it was just a level 65 monster.

However, in reality, this monster could easily raze a house in a neighborhood to the ground!

Lin Chen’s phone rang.

Actually, he was already prepared.

When the game invaded the real world, someone would definitely contact him.

Lin Chen had thought that the first person to call him would be Liu Mengyao.

Unexpectedly, it was Zhang Chunlin.

“Boss, come to the school quickly. There are so many monsters. I… I can’t find Youyou. Please help me! Boss, are you sleeping?”

Hearing Zhang Chunlin’s anxious words on the phone, Lin Chen revealed a helpless expression.

After a pause, Lin Chen asked, “Did Jiang Youyou agree to your confession?”

“Not yet… Boss, the instructors are all here. The situation at the school is very critical. A Level 100 monster has appeared. I… I’m a Knight. I’m afraid I can’t handle it!” Zhang Chunlin was very anxious.

Speaking of instructors, Lin Chen couldn’t help but think of his class director…


He sighed and said, “Even if you can’t hold on, hold on. As long as the level 100 monster isn’t a Boss, you’ll definitely be able to take care of it. I’ll come over later.”

After hanging up, Liu Mengyao’s call came in.

“Lin Chen…”


“You… saw everything, right? That dream of yours came true.”

“How’s the situation at your house?”

“I’m fine, but my grandfather isn’t home.”

“Huh? Then where is he?”

“The military base at Jiangning Manor… He should be safe, right?”

“Send me your home location… Forget it, it’s useless to send it now. The world has changed drastically. The entire Blue Planet has become much bigger, and the cities have become further apart. The previous maps are useless. At this time, don’t run around, and don’t believe in navigation, because all the satellites in the sky have long been destroyed!”

Lin Chen could only tell Liu Mengyao to stay put and wait for him to find her.

The best thing about Liu Mengyao was that she was obedient.

She would do whatever Lin Chen said.

“By the way, Lin Chen, I… I think I can feel Kong Yan and the others getting closer and closer to me.”

Liu Mengyao told Lin Chen a piece of information.

At this moment, Lin Chen also had a strange feeling in his heart.

However, what he sensed was not Kong Yan, but… Sky Moon City.

“I feel that the Sky Moon City should be nearby. It seems that it was worth it to buy this city. It still belongs to me now. From the looks of it, the Holy Maiden Tribe should continue to be loyal to you. When I find the Sky Moon City, I’ll be able to confirm if that’s the case.”

“Alright, I’ll wait for your news!”

Liu Mengyao hung up.

Lin Chen received another call.

“Lin Chen, it’s me, Bai Shuyi. That dream you had…”

“Alright, how’s the situation over there?”

“It’s a mess. The army has already been mobilized, but it’s useless. Instead, there are tragic casualties. However, it seems that an elite army squadron has inherited the strength in the game. They’re resisting. I plan to settle Mom and Dad in the bomb shelter and kill the enemy.”

“Alright, hold on. Shanghai is the front line of the ocean. The monsters should be the densest. I’ll meet up with them after I deal with this side.”

“Be careful!”

Bai Shuyi also hung up.

At this moment, Lin Chen had already broken out of the window.

Only then did he realize that there was more than one monster in the neighborhood.

Instead, hundreds of Level 65 monsters, including elite monsters… forcefully turned Lin Chen’s neighborhood into a gathering place for Level 65 Eagle Horn Beasts.

The neighborhood was filled with the terrified cries of the people.

However, these terrified cries undoubtedly stimulated the monsters even more, and it also allowed them to find their target.

Many people had already become food for the monsters.

This was not Lin Chen’s fault…

Even if he was covered in divine equipment, it was impossible for him to rush out to save them immediately.

Furthermore, instead of hiding at home, these guys were actually running around. It was as if they were giving themselves to monsters!

At this moment, many residents were hiding in the basketball court of the district.


After all, the basketball court was surrounded by barbed wire.

They had been driven in.

Originally, they thought that these barbed wire could stop these monsters.

It turned out that they were overthinking.

The barbed wire shattered with a single touch in front of the monsters.

A hole was easily torn open.

At that moment, the crowd had already lost all hope.

However, at this moment, the Vermillion Bird chirped and attracted everyone’s attention.

They saw a person standing in the sky.

Beside him was a woman who looked very cold and made people feel like they had fallen into a frost cellar.

On the man’s back, there was actually a pair of wings!

He was Lin Chen.

That pair of wings belonged to the Flying Rat.


After becoming a general in the game, not only did Lin Chen inherit everything in the game, but even the pet possession mechanism had not changed. At this moment, the flying rat had attached itself to Lin Chen’s body, forming a protective shield around his appearance. His wings had also become Lin Chen’s.

At this moment, Lin Chen’s attributes had increased by 35%, and he had also obtained the flying ability of a Flying Rat.

He stood in the air and unleashed a beam of light from his Heavenly Secret weapon. Then, he killed the Eagle Horn Beasts one by one as if he was chopping melons and vegetables. The Vermillion Bird burned the Eagle Horn Beasts one by one. Yuki Onna was even more ruthless. She obeyed Lin Chen’s command and fell from the sky into the basketball court. She immediately used a Snow Floating in the World skill to freeze all the Eagle Horn Beasts that had entered the basketball court!

The Eagle Horn Beasts became ice sculptures, unable to get close to the humans.

The next moment, Yuki Onna had frozen the barbed wire around the basketball court.

The Eagle Horn Beasts were completely isolated outside.

“It’s so cold…”

“Wow, Sister is so handsome!”

“That big brother in the sky is even more handsome, right?”

“Sister, you’re so beautiful. Can you say something? Are you here to save us?”


Some kids even approached Yuki Onna and tried to get close to her.

By this time, Lin Chen and Vermillion Bird had taken care of the Eagle Horn Beasts. There were also a few people dressed in game clothes rushing over. Seeing that it was safe here, Lin Chen summoned Yuki Onna and led her and Vermillion Bird straight to school.

When Lin Chen left, the few people who had entered the neighborhood stopped in their tracks.

“What’s that?”

“I don’t know…”

“There are so many Eagle Horn Beast corpses. Could it be that a team arrived before us?”

“Don’t worry about it. Move the crowd quickly!”

“Yes, Squad Leader!”

A person came to the basketball court and looked at the Eagle Horn Beasts that were frozen. He immediately turned around and reported, “This is an ice-type freezing skill. It only lasts for eight seconds in the game. It seems that the data changed after the game invaded the real world. It probably won’t end until the ice melts completely!”

“In that case, the person who could freeze the Eagle Horn Beast must be much stronger than the Eagle Horn Beast… Who could it be?”

These soldiers were very puzzled.

“Don’t worry about it. Move quickly and rush to the school to support the company commander! Sigh, in this situation, we’re the only company in the entire Dragon Sea City. How many people can we save? Therefore, time is life!”

Class monitor Liu Bing sighed.

At this moment, his entire body was covered in blood.

He had fought all the way here with the monsters.

Moreover, his eyes were bloodshot. It was obvious that he was under immense pressure.

Dragon Sea City, Science and Technology University.

At this moment, the stadium was filled with people.

The outside of the gymnasium was filled with the sounds of monsters shaking and strange cries. There were also some intense battle scenes.

Dragon Sea City, 1st Company.

At the same time, it was also the only local army.

They had all received orders to enter the New World game before the game invaded. They had also used the advantage of the plummeting prices to develop with the funds given by the military, but there was too little time.

Many people only inherited equipment and attributes around Level 70.

Therefore, they were fighting to the death!

“Brothers, even if these monsters are Level 100, if they want to enter the stadium, they have to step over our corpses! Don’t forget, we are soldiers of the Dragon Kingdom!”


The soldier didn’t say anything else.

In this ancient country, soldiers had always been like this.

Iron blooded.

He didn’t say much!

However, he had given his gentlest side to the person they wanted to protect.

At this moment, a warhorse that was emitting golden light let out a cry and charged towards the group of monsters that were surrounding the soldiers. Moreover, it was where the monsters were the densest.


With a taunt, the monsters that were originally fighting the soldiers turned around when they heard this voice. Then, they roared and rushed over.

“It seems to be a Knight’s Taunt skill…”

“Wait, this is also one of our players!”

“His warhorse is emitting golden light, and his equipment is also shining… That’s great, Company Commander. Everyone seems to be saved!”


In the stadium.

Some students were bold enough to pay attention to the situation outside.

At this moment, they suddenly heard Zhang Chunlin’s voice. “Youyou! Don’t be afraid! I’m here to save you!”

“It’s Zhang Chunlin! Zhang Chunlin, I’m here!”

Jiang Youyou held tightly onto her sister, Jiang Tingting, as she shouted back at Zhang Chunlin.

However, it was obvious that her voice could not reach the battlefield outside.


At this moment, they could see that the school building had been flattened.

Then, a huge demonic dragon appeared in everyone’s vision.

Dark Demon Dragon!

A Level 80 Boss!

This was not a small monster, but a Boss!

Although the students in the stadium did not inherit the abilities in the game, many of them had played this game before and recognized this monster at a glance.

Many people looked at the nearly 100-meter-tall Dark Demon Dragon in silence.

Suddenly, a voice sounded. “It’s really a monster in the game. No, that’s impossible… Does that mean that Lin Chen’s dream is real? Oh right, Lin Chen! He, he still owes my brother three million! He invested so much money in the game, so he must be very powerful now! But why didn’t he come to save us?”

Ye Tenglong’s face was filled with fear.

Even so, he did not forget to pick a fight with Lin Chen.

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