Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 45 - Chapter 45: A Way to Break Through!

Chapter 45: A Way to Break Through!

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Time passed quickly.

For the people of Ice Snow City, the pressure of facing the beast tide was huge.

This pressure was not only physical.

It was the same mentally.

Fortunately, Lin Chen’s arrival made up for the lack of damage.

What surprised Lin Chen was that Ling Xiaoya, an Electric Mage, also had a good performance in damage output.

Soon, the 40th wave of Bosses was also killed.

Lin Chen’s soul cultivation had reached the seventh level.

To Lin Chen, he felt that his soul cultivation speed was very fast.

He almost did not encounter any bottlenecks.

As long as his EXP was full, he could level up.

However, at Soul Level 7, if he wanted to continue leveling up, he needed more soul experience.

[Lin Chen]

[Class: Celestial]

[Level: 125]

[Experience Points: 800 million / 5 billion]

[HP: 68,960]

[Mana: 11,2770]

[Magic Attack: 90,216]

[Physical Attack: 90,216]

[SPD: 309.59 yards per second]

[Soul Cultivation: Level 7]

[Soul Experience: 3,000/100,000]

[Soul Attributes: Increases all attributes by 30%, increases all skills by 3 levels, and increases skill points by 30]

[Constitution: 3,315+995]

[Spirit: 8,675+2,602]

[Strength: 8,675+2,602]

[Agility: 4,330+1,299]

Now if he wanted to level up his soul cultivation, he needed 100,000 EXP.

If Lin Chen continued to devour Level 120 Bosses, he would probably need about 14 of them.

More and more were needed.

Naturally, it became more and more difficult.

Moreover, what puzzled Lin Chen was that Snow Foam did not seem to know that she could devour souls to cultivate.

Lin Chen took advantage of a gap in the battle to ask Snow Foam about her cultivation level.

“I’m still at the third level. I use dazzling soul stones every day, but it feels so slow!”

This was Snow Foam’s answer.

“Have you never tried to devour souls?”

“It’s very difficult to capture souls. If you’re a little slow, it’ll disappear.”



Lin Chen finally understood why his soul cultivation speed was so much faster than others.


Snow Foam was a mage.

She was indeed slow.

In Lin Chen’s eyes, she ran slower than he crawled.

Therefore, Lin Chen had never felt that souls were difficult to capture.

As long as the soul of any Boss came out, he would almost immediately control it.

In Snow Foam’s opinion, she thought that Lin Chen could not capture the soul, so she naturally did not take this matter to heart.

However, Snow Foam knew that devouring souls could speed up her soul cultivation.

‘Where did she find out?’

Lin Chen did not remember telling her.

At this moment, on the airship in the clouds, the male elf, Ersius, had an unhappy expression. He said with a complaining expression, “You won’t really let these Blue Planet people survive the beast tide, will you? Your Highness Mo Yi, are you really willing to let the cities of the Blue Planet stand in the kingdom of the White Elves?”

“So what if I’m unwilling? This is the rule! As long as the rules allow it, they can become a part of our country. This is an unchangeable fact!” Mo Yi replied angrily to this sissy.

However, at the same time, her expression did not look too good.

Her own country would have another foreign race’s city.

Moreover, as long as the other party could survive this beast tide, they could even become citizens of Ice Nation.

In fact, when the number of people reached a certain number, they could even enjoy the right to participate in the decision-making of the parliament!

This was also the reason why the beast tide in Ice Snow City attracted so much attention from Ice Nation.

They were different from the Dragon Spirit Kingdom.

Ice Nation was a parliamentary country.

In this country, the parliament sometimes had even more power than the Queen.

Therefore, many White Elves did not want Ice Snow City to survive this beast tide.

They even secretly expanded the scale of this beast tide attack.

They originally thought that Ice Snow City would definitely not be able to survive.

In the end, who would have thought that Lin Chen would appear halfway?

At this moment, a demonic purple color appeared in Mo Yi’s pupils. After returning to normal, Mo Yi said in shock, “Unbelievable, he actually broke through another soul realm again! The current him is already at the seventh level of soul cultivation!”


Ersius was shocked. He hurriedly said, “That person has become stronger again. Doesn’t that mean that our plan… No, Your Highness Mo Yi, we have to increase the difficulty of the beast tide again. We might as well lure some Bosses over. It’s almost time to farm Bosses. This time, we’ll increase the number by double. What do you think?”

Mo Yi did not respond.

She closed her eyes to show that she hadn’t heard anything.

Seeing Mo Yi’s reaction, Ersius made up his mind and left the airship.

After Ersius left, Mo Yi opened her eyes. She looked at Ersius’s back and pursed her lips into a smile. Then, she turned to Ice Snow City below and said in a low voice, “Looks like it’s getting more and more interesting.”


Outside Ice Snow City, the cries of the monsters once again made everyone perk up.

It was another round that ended in the number zero.

This time, they had to face the Boss again.

Moreover, it was time for the Boss’ level to increase.

However, when everyone saw the scene outside the city, their eyes widened in disbelief.

Because this time, there were actually eight huge demon beasts!

Without exception, these eight monsters were all Bosses!

“What’s going on?”

“What’s going on? In the past, the highest difficulty of the 40th wave of Bosses in the game was Level 130. Now, there are two Level 130 Ox Demons and six Level 120 Wind Beasts. Are they not letting us play?”

“Wake up, you’re still treating it as a game. This is reality!”

“It’s over. At this rate, what will we face when we reach the hundredth wave?”

Almost everyone’s hearts were shrouded in dark clouds.

Snow Foam also had a dejected expression. She even said to Lin Chen, “Why don’t… Lin Chen, let’s give up! I can tell that those people in the sky are definitely up to no good. They’re afraid that we’ll survive the beast tide!”

“You’re saying that the people of Ice Nation don’t want you to stay?” Lin Chen found the main point and couldn’t help but be suspicious. “With Ice Nation’s strength, there are Rank-1, Rank-2, and even Rank-3 experts. If they want to wipe out Ice Snow City in Ice Nation’s territory, there should be many ways. But why do they have to make use of this beast tide?”

“You mean…”

Snow Foam’s eyes lit up. She asked, “Could it be that other than the beast tide they can’t do anything to us because they’re forbidden from attacking us?”

“Think about it. From the beginning of the game invasion until now, it has always been monsters hurting people. And I’ve never seen these outsiders take the initiative to attack us.”

Lin Chen analyzed, “There must be some reason that restricts their methods to deal with us, causing them to only rely on monsters to deal with us. There are no rules against them to use monsters… In other words, we also don’t have to follow the rules?”

“What are you going to do?”

Snow Foam looked at Lin Chen. Her originally dejected expression disappeared, and her eyes were filled with hope.

“Since there are no rules to speak of when monsters attack the city, why should we keep guarding the city? Can’t we kill our way out? There are so many game inheritors in the city. Although their levels and strength are not strong enough, but… if we let them form an array and resist in the array, can we rely on the array to build a stronghold outside the city to effectively defend against these monsters?”

Lin Chen’s gaze turned cold.

An array!

This was the only solution he could think of.

Moreover, he could no longer only defend.

He had to go out and fight.

Lin Chen had a Level 9 Array Blueprint in his hand.

However, he had yet to gather the materials.

Moreover, even if Lin Chen gathered the materials, it was impossible for him to use them in Ice Snow City.

However, there were many players in Ice Snow City who had inherited the game’s ability. There was definitely an array master inside, and there would be more than one. As long as everyone fought for time and let them set up arrays outside the city, Lin Chen’s idea could be done.

“The most important thing now is to deal with this wave of Bosses. I’ll kill my way out. Start arranging for people to protect the array masters to build the array defense. I don’t need help!”

As soon as Lin Chen finished speaking, he jumped off the city wall.

He charged towards the Bosses alone!

There was naturally a reason why Lin Chen dared to be so reckless.

This was because most of the Bosses this time were Wind Beasts!

Such a Boss was known for its speed.

It was precisely because of their speed that players ranked the Wind Beast Boss as one of the ten most difficult Bosses in New World because the players’ growth speed was generally relatively low.

However, Lin Chen’s growth speed was more than three times that of ordinary players!

He was a man who was even faster than the Wind Beast!

No Wind Beast could dodge Lin Chen’s attack.

In Lin Chen’s eyes, these six Wind Beast Bosses were here to give him experience.

Of course, he would not stand on ceremony.

Forbidden Spell, Star Power Burst!

Forbidden Spell, Seven Stars Energy Gathering!

Forbidden Spell, Storm Force Field!

Then, Slide Kick, Sand Toss, Backstab…

Basically, after a set of skills, he would be able to kill a Wind Beast Boss.

At the same time, Snow Foam led the inheritors out of Ice Snow City and began to set up various arrays outside the city.

On the cloud airship, Mo Yi frowned at this scene.

Beside her, Ersius roared, “They’re not following the rules!”

Mo Yi did not say anything to Ersius’s complaint.

If the rules were to be mentioned, they had been the ones to break them first… No, it should be said that Ersius had!

It had nothing to do with her, Mo Yi.

Therefore, Mo Yi did not say a word from beginning to end.

“I must teach them a lesson! Your Highness Mo Yi, just you wait. I’ll bring you a huge surprise. I want to lure the Flood Dragon over and let them suffer the anger of the Flood Dragon King!”

With that, Ersius jumped off the airship.

“Flood Dragon King…”

Mo Yi’s expression changed.

That was an existence close to the First Rank.

If Ersius really attracted it, this matter might not be able to stay hidden.

“Seriously, what am I worried about?”

Mo Yi suddenly laughed. “Anyway, all of this was decided by him. It has nothing to do with me or Ice Nation!”

After saying that, her expression returned to coldness..

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