Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 52 - Chapter 52: Mo YI: Why Is This Man So Powerful?

Chapter 52: Mo YI: Why Is This Man So Powerful?

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At this moment, Lin Chen did not dare to resist the flood dragon’s attack head-on.

He was a Celestial!

He was not a Radiant Knight or Berserker.

Why should he have to tank monster skills?

Seven Stars Energy Gathering activated!

Lin Chen instantly passed through the flood dragon’s body.


He arrived behind the flood dragon’s head again!

This time, the flood dragon would never have thought of it.

The other party, a human, could teleport?

It really was teleportation.

In the next moment, Lin Chen’s attack landed.



Then, Lin Chen immediately pulled away.

At this moment, the flood dragon’s tail followed again.

Lin Chen teleported again.

He repeatedly jumped 250 yards in front and behind the flood dragon, letting the violent flood dragon use a series of skills. For example, the water pillars and the flood dragon’s tail swing all hit empty space.

During this period, Lin Chen did not idle either. He seized the opportunity to attack the flood dragon’s reverse scale!

Because the flood dragon had flown a thousand meters into the sky to fight Lin Chen, the effect of Lin Chen’s Storm Force Field was much weaker. However, Lin Chen no longer cared.

At this point in the battle, the flood dragon’s HP had already reached 67%. There was no way he could stop.

Seven Stars Energy Gathering had seven chances to teleport horizontally. Lin Chen had already used it twice. This time, he activated Enchanted Half Moon Slash and slashed at the flood dragon’s head at a speed of a thousand yards per second!



There was no critical hit.

However, the damage was still not bad.

It was just that the flood dragon’s HP was too thick and tanky!

Lin Chen was also scratched by the flood dragon’s sharp claws.

Fortunately, he was wearing fashion wear on the outside.

At least the clothes wouldn’t rip.

However, the damage of the flood dragon’s claw was not low.


Lin Chen’s health was still considered healthy.

The third stage of the Seven Stars Gathering allowed Lin Chen to come behind the flood dragon again.

Immediately, another million damage was dealt.

The flood dragon’s reverse scale was attacked again!

The flood dragon’s HP had also decreased to 50%!

At this moment, the flood dragon seemed to have gone crazy. Its movement speed, tail speed, and claw attack speed increased at a speed visible to the naked eye. Even its huge body seemed to have suddenly become very agile.

The flood dragon tried to trap Lin Chen with its body again.

Lin Chen hurriedly used the fourth stage of Seven Stars Energy Gathering.

However, at this critical moment, Lin Chen realized that the Seven Stars Energy Gathering could not jump out of the encirclement formed by the flood dragon’s body… It seemed that this was a lock-on skill!

Then, Lin Chen realized that the flood dragon did not need to swing its tail.

Every second, he would be attacked by sharp claws.

“Flood Dragon Break!”

A voice transmission sounded in Lin Chen’s ear…

It was Mo Yi!

Lin Chen hurriedly continued to use Seven Stars Energy Gathering to enter an invincible state for a second when the sharp claws attacked every second to avoid the skill. At the same time, he listened to Mo Yi’s explanation. “Flood Dragon Break, the strongest skill of the Flood Dragon. It will definitely be triggered once when its health is left with 50% and will not enter a weakened state. The skill lasts for 30 seconds. During this period, the target trapped by it will be attacked by the sharp claws every second.”

“That’s it?”

At this moment, Lin Chen’s brain was also filled with blood. He was unwilling to admit defeat.

30-second duration, right?

Lin Chen could tell what Mo Yi meant…

She was reminding Lin Chen that he could not run anymore. He had to fight head-on.

He activated his Bloodthirst skill and went up!

Without hesitation, Lin Chen activated Heaven’s Secret’s Gem Skill, Bloodlust.

He had entered a buffed state. In the Bloodthirst state, any damage caused by Lin Chen’s attacks would have the effect of Lifesteal.

Even though Lin Chen was surrounded by the flood dragon, he was still fighting the flood dragon in the air. In his bloodthirsty state, Lin Chen did not dodge and only attacked the flood dragon’s reverse scale.




The flood dragon’s roars kept ringing out, but the sound became louder and louder, and it also seemed to become more and more forlorn.

The weakness of the reverse scale was too fatal to it!

Of course, it would be fine if it encountered other job classes.

For example, mages were all area-of-effect skills. Even if a mage used a single-target skill, it was impossible to hit its reverse scale because it could dodge. It was even more so for warriors and knights. The flood dragon would not let them have the ability to touch its back.

As for classes like Assassins and Ninjas, they could get behind the Flood Dragon, but they would definitely only have one chance to attack the reverse scale because the Flood Dragon’s tail would not allow them to do this a second time.

Unfortunately, today, the flood dragon encountered Lin Chen, a Celestial.

Furthermore, he was a Celestial with such powerful attributes!

All nine-star Level 120 Mythical crafted equipment!

The three pets were the strongest configuration. One Mythical and two Epic-rank pets.

He was level 135, but his soul cultivation had already reached Level 8!

Lin Chen was fast. He could hit wherever he wanted!

Moreover, Lin Chen had the pet possession of a Mythical creature and two Epic creatures, as well as the Bloodthirst skill. He could still fight head-on.

Finally, 30 seconds passed!

During this period, Lin Chen used Bloodlust to maintain his HP at about 80%. At the same time, he attacked the flood dragon’s reverse scale four times, suppressing the flood dragon’s HP to 28%!

Lin Chen heaved a sigh of relief.

Finally, he could catch his breath.

However, at this moment, Mo Yi’s voice sounded again. “Be careful. At this moment, the Flood Dragon Break will be triggered again!”

“F*ck, you did it on purpose, didn’t you? Are you trying to trick me?”

Lin Chen immediately felt as if he had been injected with stimulants.

At the same time, he realized that he had been tricked by this white elf girl!

Why didn’t she say so earlier?

If he had said it earlier, Lin Chen would definitely have controlled the flood dragon’s health properly.

“I didn’t know that Your damage is actually so high. You can still attack it so many times during the duration of the Flood Dragon Break..” Mo Yi’s voice sounded.

However, her tone was still neither happy nor sad.

‘This debt can only be settled in the future. I’ll settle it with you for defrauding Ice Snow City as well!’

Lin Chen swore in his heart.

At the same time, he activated the Forbidden Spell on his belt without hesitation!

Time Controller!

In an instant, all of Lin Chen’s skills were refreshed.

There was no need for the Storm Force Field for the time being.

However, Star Power Burst was refreshed.

Lin Chen directly marked the Flood Dragon and roared as he rushed into the range of the Flood Dragon Break. He also activated his Bloodthirst state. Then, while the Flood Dragon Break was taking shape, a divine elephant statue about 300 meters tall appeared!


Lin Chen stepped on the divine elephant. Then, the ancient divine elephant kicked fiercely at the flood dragon’s reverse scale!


The flood dragon’s body was directly knock down more than 300 meters in the sky.

Moreover, the flood dragon seemed to be gradually unable to hold on. Although the Flood Dragon Break skill had already taken shape, Lin Chen seemed to have gone crazy. As he responded to the flood dragon’s roar with a shout, he kept attacking the flood dragon’s reverse scale with the Heaven’s Secret weapon in his hand!

The two of them kept getting closer to the ground from a thousand meters in the sky. This process lasted for dozens of seconds. Lin Chen and the flood dragon kept attacking each other, and the flood dragon’s health kept decreasing.

From 28% to 25% to 21%… all the way to 4%…

At this moment, the flood dragon fell heavily to the ground.

But it wasn’t dead yet.

It still had a sliver of health.

On the other hand, Lin Chen’s health was full.

At this moment, Mo Yi, who was outside the valley, revealed an incredulous expression again!

What was going on?

The flood dragon had used its Flood Dragon Break twice in a row. Lin Chen had used Bloodthirst twice in a row, but he could also use forbidden spells twice in a row?

How did this person from the Blue Planet become so powerful at his level and at his soul cultivation stage?!

After landing, the flood dragon immediately turned to face Lin Chen.


The flood dragon’s voice changed.

From its previous insufferable roar to its current whimpering, its gaze had also changed from its previous sharpness to its current begging… Yes, it was begging Lin Chen to let it go.

At its level, monsters were only one step away from speaking and developing intelligence.

Therefore, it knew how to beg for mercy.

However, how could Lin Chen let it off?


Enchanted Half Moon Slash!


In the end, Lin Chen planned to send it on its way.

As the skill hit, the flood dragon fell to the ground.

Ahead appeared in front of Lin Chen, followed by another. However, Lin Chen did not care. Instead, he grabbed the flood dragon’s soul and devoured it first.

[Soul cultivation experience +48,000!]

Current soul cultivation experience: 116,000 /150,000

He was not far from Soul Level 9.

Lin Chen’s level also increased by five levels, reaching Level 140!

Then, Lin Chen checked the spoils of war in front of him.

The inner core of a flood dragon!

Water Repelling Pearl!

Level 180 crafted design blueprint xio!

A large number of gold coins (100,000 gold coins)!

Dazzling soul crystals xio!

Level 180 Top-grade Equipment Identification Talisman X3!

The Flood Dragon’s claws x2!

Flood Dragon’s teeth X5!

A complete Flood Dragon Skin xl!

It was a good harvest!

Moreover, he got another material needed for a Level 9 array.

Water Repelling Pearl!

Now, Lin Chen had already gathered three.

In addition, Lin Chen estimated that Mo Yi still had Elven Wood. He was still thinking that if those Level 140 Bosses did not drop one later, he would try to extort Mo Yi.

What if he succeeded?

In that case, he would be one step closer to the God Slaying Array!

Lin Chen began to easily kill the Fire Ravens.

Why Fire Raven?

That was because the Vermillion Bird countered them!

Now that Lin Chen had just finished fighting the flood dragon, the Forbidden Spell, Time Controller, was still on cooldown. He had used all his trump cards, so he naturally had to find some easy targets to kill. Fire Raven was definitely a little child in front of Lin Chen, who was also a Level 140 Boss!

Moreover, Lin Chen was now Level 140.

Fire Raven no longer had the level suppression when facing Lin Chen.

Coupled with Mo Yi’s array formation suppression, Lin Chen could easily deal with them.

Lin Chen attacked eight Fire Ravens simultaneously.

He wanted to break through to the ninth soul level!

He wanted to break through to Level 150!

These Bosses in the monster nest should be enough for Lin Chen to reach that level.

His cultivation goal might still be a distance away from the God Apostle realm.

After all, a Level 9 soul required 300,000 EXP!

Previously, when Lin Chen easily killed Fire Raven and devoured its soul, his experience points only increased by 12,000. Based on this, it was definitely not enough.

There was no time to rest.

Lin Chen’s massacre continued!

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