Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 58 - Chapter 58: Opportunity to Get Rich

Chapter 58: Opportunity to Get Rich

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Soon, these lackeys of De Castle were all cleaned up by Lin Chen.

In the end, he left Dela alive.

At this moment, Dela’s expression was very ugly.

He could not understand how Lin Chen could cripple Desra with a single skill!

Actually, Lin Chen had indeed benefited a little from something.

Because the day before, the people of De Castle knew Lin Chen’s level and strength.

They never expected Lin Chen to advance so quickly in just a day.

Therefore, Desra did not even summon his pct.

Nor did he use any pet possession.

But what about Lin Chen?

With the possession of three pets, his attribute bonus more than doubled.

That was not all!

There was also the crucial soul cultivation.

After Desra was defeated by Lin Chen, he was surprised that Lin Chen was actually at the God Apostle realm… In fact, Desra had misunderstood.

Perhaps it was not a misunderstanding.

After all, Desra was human.

He was not a demon beast.

Humans more or less cared about their reputation.

He naturally thought that with Lin Chen’s level and strength, if Lin Chen was capable of crippling him with one blow, his soul would definitely be cultivated to the God Apostle realm.

Otherwise, wouldn’t it make him look too useless?!

“You’ve actually broken through to the God Apostle realm!

Dela looked at Lin Chen with fear.

“I’m not a God Apostle. It’s just that your family’s retainer is too weak.”

Lin Chen did not give him any face. Moreover, Desra was already dead. His soul had been devoured by Lin Chen. Who cared about Desra’s face?

Weak was weak.

“Lin Chen, if you kill me, then my father will definitely use all the power of De Castle to fight your Sky Moon City to the death!” In his fear, Dela did not forget to threaten Lin Chen.

So, are you threatening me?” Lin Chen’s expression turned cold.

“Lin Chen, I…”

Dela stood up.

Everyone looked at him. Could it be that this fourth son of De Castle still had a trump card?

However, in the next moment, Dela knelt in front of Lin Chen.

I, Dela, the fourth young master of De Castle, surrender! Lin Chen, according to the customs of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom, if one side surrenders, you can’t kill them all… You, you can’t kill me.”

This time, Dela’s tone was much softer.

His attitude and appearance of begging for mercy were maxed out.

Lin Chen knew about the customs of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom that Dela mentioned.


It was exactly the same as New World’s online era.

If someone violated this custom, the consequences would depend on how capable they were.

If you could beat every single enemy, then it was fine if you violated the custom.

However, if you didn’t have this ability, the outcome might be… the entire Dragon Spirit Kingdom attacking you.

How should he deal with Dela?

To be honest, he really could not kill him now.

On the one hand, it was dealing with the Dragon Spirit Kingdom.

On the other hand, killing him was far less useful than keeping him alive… It was impossible for Lin Chen to let Dela go. Even if he did not kill him, he would capture him and suppress his cultivation.

He could even cripple him directly.

Then, he could lock Dela up and wait for the people from De Castle to come and negotiate.

As long as Dela was still alive, he believed that De Castle would not dare to fight to the death with Sky Moon City.

Soon, Lin Chen made a decision.

He walked forward and stepped on Dela’s thigh.


Ouch!” Dela screamed.

“Take him back and lock him up first!”

Lin Chen gestured to Zhang Chunlin and said to Dela in a low voice, “I accept your surrender. Since you mentioned the usual custom, let’s do it according to the usual custom. Let your father go to the provincial governor. If we want to mediate this matter, the provincial governor has to appear. Moreover, your ransom can’t be low!”

Dela hugged his broken thigh while sweating profusely, but he kept nodding.

How could he dare to say no at this moment?

Everyone, continue leveling!

Lin Chen’s words sent away the onlookers. Then, he turned to Zhang Chunlin and instructed, “Don’t treat his thigh for the time being. With his level, his leg won’t be crippled. In the future, if he’s dishonest, cripple his cultivation… Also, get him to write a letter to Marquis Dcmille. After you’re done, come to the City Lord Manor to look for me. We have something to discuss.”

There was definitely a need to discuss.

After all, such a big thing had happened.

Lin Chen’s actions tonight were equivalent to not compromising.

It was even a declaration of war against De Castle.

It was impossible for a huge country to not have any internal conflicts, especially in this country, where there were all kinds of dukes, marquises, and noble sons. There were also all kinds of large families, including the four major merchant guilds, the ten main cities, and so on…

The factions could be said to be very complicated.

Naturally, there would be some internal friction.

Therefore, the royal family, including officials at all levels, often played a mediating role in conflicts between all sides. However, they usually waited until both sides were almost done fighting. Either one side would be crushed, or both sides would be evenly matched and consume a lot of energy. They would only mediate when both sides did not want to use any more energy.

As for Lin Chen, he wanted Gold Spear, the provincial governor, to appear.

Would Gold Spear appear?

After all, the conflict between De Castle and Sky Moon City had just begun!

Lin Chen’s actions could be considered a test for Gold Spear.

At the same time, it was also a test of the attitude of the nobles of the entire Dragon Spirit Kingdom towards Sky Moon City.

He wanted to see how tolerant these invaders were of the natives.

And where the bottom line was!

However, Lin Chen had to start making arrangements now.

What if De Castle really attacked?

It was impossible for Lin Chen to hand his life and death, as well as the survival of Sky Moon City, to Gold Spear whom he had only met twice or hope that Gold Spear could really mediate the conflict and help Sky Moon City.

Even if Gold Spear had the ability, what reason did he have to do this?

In the end, it was better to rely on himself than on others!

This was also the reason why Lin Chen did not hesitate at all when he killed Desra and those lackeys from De Castle. He was very decisive, but he did not kill Dela… He left a way out for Sky Moon City.

Then, it was time to prepare for war.

In the meeting hall of the City Lord Manor at night, Lin Chen sat at the head of the table. On his left were Zhang Chunlin, Bai Shuyi, and Ling Xiaoya. On his right were Liu Mengyao, Kong Yan, and Kong Lin.

Why were Kong Yan and Kong Lin here too?

Of course, this was Lin Chen’s request.

If they really had to start a war with De Castle, he had to drag the Holy Maiden Tribe into this!

“Everyone knows the situation. Our survival is being challenged now. It’s not a monster attack, but something even more terrifying… We definitely can’t deal with a powerful enemy like a large family in the Dragon Spirit Kingdom alone.”

Lin Chen looked at Liu Mengyao and said, “I hope that the Holy Maiden Tribe can help us.”

Why did he tell Liu Mengyao?

Naturally, he wanted Liu Mengyao to speak up for him.

After all, Kong Yan, Kong Lin, and all the women of the Holy Maiden Tribe listened to Liu Mengyao.

However, Kong Yan would not give Liu Mengyao a chance to speak. She coughed and Kong Lin stood up first. She said to Liu Mengyao, “Lord Divine Spiritualist, we can’t participate in the internal strife of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom. This is against the rules.”

“But they’re all my clansmen…”

Liu Mengyao frowned and asked, “High Priest, is there no other way?”

Kong Yan shook her head slightly.

At this moment, Lin Chen said, “High Priest, and Matriarch, we only want the Holy Maiden Tribe to help ensure the safety of the mines. We don’t need your help in guarding the city. Moreover… we will arrange for people to help you build your territory. What do you think?”

“What reason do we have to guard the mines?” Kong Yan asked.

At this moment, Bai Shuyi smiled and said, “It’s very simple. The mineral vein belongs to Sky Moon City, Sky Moon City belongs to Lin Chen, and that mineral vein belongs to Lin Chen. Your Divine Spiritualist and Lin Chen are a couple, which is equivalent to being husband and wife. Now that Lin Chen has temporarily given the mineral vein to your Divine Spiritualist, if someone wants to invade the mineral vein, won’t it violate the interests of your Holy Maiden Tribe?”

In front of so many people and a few strangers, her relationship with Lin Chen was exposed. Liu Mengyao’s face turned slightly red, but she still nodded and said, “Yes, his mineral vein is equivalent to mine!”

Kong Yan and Kong Lin looked at each other when they heard this. There was an extremely exciting change in their eyes. In the end, the two of them seemed to have reached a consensus and nodded slightly together.

“If that’s the case, we can agree to the City Lord’s request. Once De Castle and Sky Moon City start a war, the mines will be guarded by our Holy Maiden Tribe.” Kong Lin stood up and expressed her stance.

“Alright, thank you, High Priest and Matriarch… Thank you too, Mengyao!

Lin Chen heaved a sigh of relief.

With the promise of the Holy Maiden Tribe, Kong Yan’s God Messenger realm, Kong Lin’s strength as a God Apostle, and many elites of the Holy Maiden Tribe, he believed that De Castle would not be able to do anything to the gold mine and soul crystal mine.

Next, it was the defense of Sky Moon City.

However, Lin Chen did not continue to discuss this matter. He saw that Ling Xiaoya kept pouting and was afraid that she would ruin things, so he simply said, “Everyone, go back now. Do your own jobs and arrange for security… Chunlin, stay behind. I want to bring you to meet someone.”

With that, Lin Chen specially glanced at Ling Xiaoya.

She was an Electric Mage.

Furthermore, after the battle in Ice Snow City, she had leveled up to Level 120.

In terms of strength, she was ranked just behind Bai Shuyi.

Hence, Lin Chen also asked her to attend the meeting.

In the end, Bai Shuyi said that Liu Mengyao and Lin Chen were a couple, which made this young lady very unhappy. Lin Chen’s gaze naturally warned her not to speak nonsense and told her to leave quickly.

In the end, only Zhang Chunlin stayed.

“Boss, who are we going to meet? From your expression, it seems like this person is very important!” Zhang Chunlin asked.

“A businessman.”

Lin Chen nodded and explained, “You’re the most familiar with businessmen, and you’re also the best at business negotiations, so I’ll have to rely on you later… What I can tell you is that he’s very rich and wants our Sky Moon City’s market.”


Zhang Chunlin grinned and said, “Boss, I’m good at this. Just watch me later!”

As they spoke, the two of them arrived at the guest hall of the City Lord Manor.

Winter was already waiting here.

However, he did not just wait.

After Lin Chen and Zhang Chunlin entered, a black-robed old man beside Winter whispered into his ear.

Winter looked surprised when he heard this. Then, he smiled and said, “It seems that this city lord is a very decisive and determined person!”

Guild leader, should we retreat? It will probably be chaotic here.”

The old man spoke again.


Winter smiled and said, “Instead, I think this is our chance to get rich, Wen


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