Chapter 6

In the game, Zhang Chunlin asked Lin Chen if he wanted to buy anything else.

However, Lin Chen refused.

Currently, Lin Chen had already obtained what he needed the most.

For example, the Vermillion Bird.

There was also the Mage Divine Set on him.

According to Lin Chen’s memory, the price of the remaining items would drop drastically tomorrow… This was because there would be a new announcement in New World tomorrow, and it was this announcement that completely announced the death of New World!

As a result, some of the players who had been observing stopped hesitating and sold their equipment and materials. Some even deleted their accounts… This naturally further impacted the market.

It could be said that by tomorrow, these things would be really cheap.

Then why didn’t Lin Chen just wait until tomorrow to trade?

The reason was that the things Lin Chen bought today were for him to use.

Lin Chen was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to get these items, since other players like Liu Mengyao, who wanted to play until the last day, might beat him to these items.

There were even some crazy guys who did not lack money in reality. They would go around snatching top-grade equipment and then turn on the live broadcast to melt them all to attract attention.

Other than that, there was another reason…

At two in the afternoon, the new expansion pack would be released.

In addition to the raised level cap, there were also new dungeons.

Lin Chen had to increase his strength.

Moreover, in his memory, he still had the knowledge of how to beat this dungeon.

That was why Lin Chen wanted to bring Liu Mengyao along to take the first clear!

The rewards for this dungeon’s first clear were very generous.

If he wanted to obtain the first clear of the new instance dungeon, he naturally had to upgrade his equipment and pets.

Now, Lin Chen had put on his storage ring.

Then, he placed all the Equipment Strengthening Stones in the warehouse inside the ring.

Any others, he might as well give to Liu Mengyao.

The two of them teleported to the city and arrived at the Immortals’ camp in the game. They found the NPC in charge of forging, Laughing Blade.

“I want to upgrade my equipment!”

Lin Chen chose the option.

The NPC Laughing Blade replied, “Adventurer, there’s a risk of failure when the enhanced equipment reaches a certain level. If the enhancement is above +15, there’s a risk of damage and destruction. Are you prepared?”


Lin Chen pursed his lips and smiled. He directly increased the materials and began to strengthen them.

Soon, there were streams of light.

Lin Chen was constantly trying to strengthen his equipment.

It had to be said that the probability of strengthening was ridiculously low.

“I’ll enhance it too. Maybe we can help each other out,” said Liu Mengyao when she saw that Lin Chen’s attempt to enhance to +11 had failed ten times consecutively.

She also had a set of top-notch equipment now.

Lin Chen said, “We’ll strengthen it together, but we’ll stop when we reach level 15. By then, we’ll be strong enough. Then, we’ll go to the wilderness to farm maps. When we get the materials, we’ll continue to strengthen it. When we’re strong enough, we’ll try new dungeons.”

“Yes!” Liu Mengyao nodded.

Then, the two of them continued to strengthen themselves. During this process, Lin Chen paid attention to whether anyone came over. In fact, he was mainly worried about the those gold diggers, but they did not follow.

Finally, after spending all the Strengthening Stones in their backpacks, their equipment reached +15. There were even some enchanted attributes, but they were not at their strongest form yet.

When all the equipment reached +18, that would be the max level. At that time, the attributes of the enchantments would also be enhanced.

At this moment, Lin Chen opened his attribute pane.

[Forest Dawn]

[Class: Mage (Wind)]

[Level: 100]

[Experience Points: 300 million / 300 million]

[HP: 12,600]

[Mana: 115,800]

[Magic Attack: 57,900]

[Physical Attack: 1440]

[SPD: 20 yards per second]

[Constitution: 1260]

[Spirit: 11,580]

Strength: 980

[Agility: 2000]

These attribute could completely enter the first tier of the New World online game.

In the past, Lin Chen did not even dare to think about it.

First of all, his magic attack had reached a terrifying close to 60,000!

Lin Chen’s class was Wind Mage.

The formula for calculating magic attacks was directly related to one’s Spirit stat.

The growth coefficient of wind techniques is fixed at five times the Spirit stat.

Among the job classes, the one with the highest Magic Attack growth was the Fire Mage, with a 6x coefficient for Spirit.

Currently, the Mage with the highest Magic Attack that Lin Chen knew was a Fire Mage. She also seemed to be a female player. It was said that her Magic Attack had reached a terrifying 98,000, almost exceeding 100,000.

Lin Chen was a wind mage, so it was a little difficult for him to surpass the demonic attack of a fire mage.

However, the first place in the Wind Mage rankings was right above Lin Chen.

However, this player’s magic attack was only 3,000 points higher than Lin Chen’s!

Once Lin Chen upgraded his equipment to +18, he would definitely be able to surpass him.

In addition, Lin Chen still had a lot of things to do.

For example, bloodlines!

There were also two pieces of equipment, the cape and the belt. Lin Chen had yet to complete them.

This was because these two pieces of equipment did not exist in the set equipment.

They were all crafted only.

If Lin Chen wanted to make them, he would have to wait for a lot of materials. Moreover, he would have to make a lot of them. He would have to rely on the probability to see if he could get top-grade equipment, so Lin Chen decided to leave it for tomorrow.

However, after he completed the two crafted equipment and strengthened all his equipment to +18, Lin Chen estimated that his magic attack would reach a terrifying 90,000.

What kind of concept was this?

That was definitely at a level where a single skill could instantly kill many Level 70 to 80 existences!

After strengthening the equipment, Lin Chen said to Liu Mengyao, “Do you think we should go to the map first or try the Heavenly Gate first?”

“Let’s go farm the map first. Heavenly Gate is not a hurry. There are only two of us. It’s still a little difficult to pass the Dream Dungeon with Heaven’s Guardian, right?” Liu Mengyao was not in a hurry. She smiled at Lin Chen and said, “Anyway, prices are cheap now. We can go when we’re stronger.”

“Alright, let’s farm the map first!”

Lin Chen nodded.

This was one of the reasons why he was satisfied with Liu Mengyao. Not only was she beautiful, but she was also considerate and understanding. She also knew Lin Chen’s personality very well. Once Lin Chen wanted to do something, she would definitely strive for perfection and devote herself to it.

In the game New World, treasure maps could be said to be the path for everyone to become rich.

This was because there would be all kinds of treasure chests in the treasure map.

It could be said that most of the materials in the entire game were obtained from the treasure map.

Therefore, the treasure maps contained items that were very comprehensive.

There was even a possibility of obtaining an item like the Eternal Crystal!

[Eternal Crystal: A divine stone that will never corrupt. After using it on equipment, the equipment will never be damaged!]

What did that mean?

No matter how it was strengthened or how it failed, this weapon would definitely break in the future.

In addition, the treasure map might even drop a super rare item like the Class Change Certificate. Of course, Lin Chen did not need it, and Liu Mengyao most likely did not need it either. However, Lin Chen had his eyes on something else…

Rumored hidden job classes with a one in a billion probability!

Lin Chen really wanted to obtain one.

After all, hidden job classes were all very powerful existences.

It was just that the probability was too low.

However, Lin Chen clearly remembered that the first clear reward of the new dungeon seemed to have two hidden job classes!

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