Chapter 65: War!

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From the looks of it, Marquis Demille was not weak.

Peak God Apostle!

Such strength was considered very strong.

Lin Chen was only at the ninth level and had yet to reach the perfected ninth level soul realm.

In terms of level, Demille was also at Second Rank.

It looked like this was definitely an overwhelming power level difference.

Lin Chen walked out of the City Lord Manor.

At this moment, he could see that many people in Sky Moon City were staring at him from the windows and streets.

This battle came very quickly.

It was also a little rushed.

Of course, this was for them.

To Lin Chen, he had been waiting for this battle for a long time.

On the contrary, De Castle arrived a little slow.

Lin Chen summoned all three pets.

Vermillion Bird was entrenched above the City Lord Manor.

Yuki Onna stood on top of a tall building.

As for the Flying Rat, it was hiding under a building.

Lin Chen looked at the sky and finally said, ‘”Marquis Demille, your De Castle deliberately came to my Sky Moon City to cause trouble, and your son, Dela, was the mastermind. Now, I’m detaining him, so this is very normal. However, your De Castle is clamoring that I want to destroy my Sky Moon City? Could it be that we’re the ones in the wrong?”

’Of course it’s you guys!”

Dcmille’s voice became even louder. “You’re just a group of lowly people from the Blue Planet. How dare you kill people from my De Castle and imprison Young Master Dela… Just based on these two points, you deserve to die! Now, I can give you another chance… As long as Lin Chen is willing to end his life, I can let everyone in Sky Moon City go. You can even continue mining in the future, as long as you listen to De Castle!”


Lin Chen smiled and mocked, “So this is your ambition! Your De Castle wants to annex Sky Moon City, right? However, you’re thinking too much… Although our Sky Moon City’s levels are not high, no one is afraid of death. Since Marquis Demille wants to perish together, my Sky Moon City will definitely fight you to the end!”

”Hmph, aren’t you afraid that the entire city will be buried with you?”

Demille continued to threaten.

It was not difficult to hear the contempt in his tone.

This was normal.

In Demi He’s opinion, the people of the Blue Planet were just lowly people.

In fact, in Demilie’s heart, more than 300,000 people from the Blue Planet were not as important as his subordinates from the De Castle’s De family.

Demille was constantly threatening.

At the same time, he was also putting pressure on Lin Chen and all the Blue Planet people in Sky Moon City.

“Hmph, who said that the people of Sky Moon City have to die with a fool like you?”

“That’s right! I, Liu Hai, am willing to surrender to De Castle!”

”I, Wang Shangfang, am also willing to surrender.”

”I, Liu Yue… surrender too.”

When Lin Chen heard the voice, ho turned to look at Liu Hai, Wang Shangfang, and the others in surprise and anger.

However, Liu Hai and Wang Shangfang did not look at Lin Chen.

There were more than a hundred people gathered around them, at least half of whom were young women. Moreover, Lin Chen saw many of his university classmates among these people who were about to surrender to De Castle.

There were even a few students in his class!

This was definitely a huge blow to Sky Moon City!

“You guys!”

Lin Chen’s gaze was cold.

“Hmph, Lin Chen, we surrender. You boorish fellow, just to show off, you offended such a powerful enemy. Do you still want 11s to work for you now?” Liu Hai sneered.

However, before Lin Chen could speak, Jiang Youyou shouted loudly, “Beast, traitor to the Blue Planet! You were clearly saved by Lin Chen to survive until now, but you actually want to surrender to De Castle… And you, Liu Hai! You keep saying that Lin Chen offended a powerful enemy because of a moment of excitement, but didn’t you think about it carefully? Didn’t Lin Chen offend De Castle for us to level up?”

Wang Shangfang sneered when he heard that. “Hehe, don’t make it sound so nice. Arc we begging him to save us?’’

Liu Hai also retorted, “That’s right. We didn’t say that we were disturbed from leveling up and asked him, the high and mighty City Lord, to help! Moreover, he killed people the moment he attacked. He didn’t even let go of the retainer of De Castle. Isn’t he deliberately looking for trouble?”

At this point.

“That’s enough!”

Lin Chen shouted angrily.

He stopped Jiang Tingting from continuing to argue with these dozens of people.

Because at this moment, arguing was meaningless.

It would only make outsiders laugh at the people of the Blue Planet!

”1 know that you all want to live well and live a good life, right? And you, Liu Hai, Wang Shangfang… You all think that I, Lin Chen, shouldn’t lead Sky Moon City, right?”

”Hmph, we were all classmates in the past. When you were in school, you, Lin Chen, liked to pretend. You always had this cold face, as if we all owed you! Now, you’re even more arrogant and completely ignore us!”

’’That’s right. Lin Chen, have you ever been ignored like this? Anyway, I’ve had enough!”

After hearing that he had had enough, Lin Chen finally made a decision. Then, Lin Chen said in a deep voice, “Alright! Sky Moon City is a place where you’re free to come and go. If you want to join the enemy, we won’t force you to stay. From now on, all of you will be stripped of your qualifications as residents of Sky Moon City!”

‘Who cares?”

At this moment, Liu Yue also spoke.

“Haha, Lin Chen, did you see that? This is the power of De Castle! If everyone from Sky Moon City doesn’t want to be slaughtered later, come and surrender now. I promise to spare your lives!”

Demille said proudly.

At the same time, he even sent people to pick up Wang Shangfang and the others.

In an instant, five Level 160 De Castle retainers landed in the city.

They planned to bring these people who had surrendered to the airship.

However, at this moment, Lin Chen was the first to attack!

“Did I say that these traitors are allowed to leave now?”

Lin Chen’s voice shook the heavens. “De Castle, you’re too impatient!”

The next moment, Lin Chen’s entire body turned into an afterimage.


Lin Chen’s entire body was like an arrow that had left the bow, instantly passing through a retainer of De Castle.


That person directly spat out a mouthful of blood.

This was Sky Moon City!

Even though this retainer was Level 160 and ten levels higher than Lin Chen, his attributes were weakened by 20% by Sky Moon City’s God Slaying Array!

At this moment, he had lost more than half of his HP after being attacked by Lin Chen!

He was already seriously injured.

At the same time, Vermillion Bird and Yuki Onna also chose one person each.

In the next moment, ice and fire intersected.

One of them had been frozen by Yuki Onna.

The other person was directly seriously injured and on the verge of death by Vermillion Bird’s two skills.

They were seriously injured and weak!

In addition, Flying Rat also appeared.

It had also entangled a retainer of De Castle.

Lin Chen doubled back.

In the next moment, in front of everyone, the Heaven’s Secret in Lin Chen’s hand passed through the De Castle retainer that he had severely injured again.

De Castle, a Level 160 retainer…


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