Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 70 - Chapter 70: The Dragon Spirit Kingdom Also Has Sharp Internal Conflicts

Chapter 70: The Dragon Spirit Kingdom Also Has Sharp Internal Conflicts

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It seemed that some people were already dissatisfied with Lin Chen and Gold Spear’s distribution of benefits after the battle.

Lin Chen was naturally not dissatisfied.

They would be exempted from taxes for half a year.

This tax had to be paid since he was in the Dragon Spirit Kingdom.

If he could avoid taxes now, why not?

Moreover, after killing the De father and son, Gold Spear did not take a single piece of the spoils of war in Lin Chen’s hands.

These soul crystals belonged to Lin Chen!

Then what did Gold Spear want?

Or rather, what did Gold Spear’s faction want?

Obviously, it was land!

At this moment, Lin Chen realized that the fief of a marquis of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom was 30,000 hectares!

How big was 30,000 hectares?

To explain, before the game invaded, 30,000 acres of land was almost the size of a county.

How many marquises were there in the Dragon Spirit Kingdom?

There were at least a hundred of them.

There were eight marquis families in the Sea Conqueror Province.

In addition, this did not include the nobles in the Imperial Capital.

How much land was all this in total?

Moreover, this was only counting all the marquises.

Above the Marquis was the Duke.

There were also Viscounts, Earls, Barons, and so on.

Even if the Blue Planet expanded hundreds of times and the Dragon Spirit Kingdom’s territory was extremely vast, it could not withstand the erosion of these nobles over the years… At this moment, conflicts appeared.

As for Gold Spear, he was sent by the king to the Sea Conqueror Province to be the provincial governor.

What he needed to do was to reclaim the land.

For the Dragon Spirit Kingdom, he would reclaim land and mineral veins.

Therefore, Gold Spear was not just admiring Lin Chen or helping the people of the Blue Planet.

All of this was about benefits.

What he wanted was the De Family’s 30,000 acres of land, including the population and mineral veins!

Who was Lin Chen?

A person from the Blue Planet!

In the history of the Blue Planet, some dynasties had deep memories of land annexation.

Therefore, when these Marquises of Sea Conqueror Province expressed their dissatisfaction with Gold Spear’s decision on the distribution of the post-war benefits, Lin Chen acutely sensed that… things were bad.

He was being used as a pawn!

The De Family was already dead.

However, the nobles who represented the interests of the De Family were still around.

When the lips were gone, the teeth would be cold.

Just as Marquis Jinghai, Fire Ash, had said, “Today, the De Family had such an outcome. Perhaps one day, it will be our seven families’ turn?”

The nobles would definitely stop the land from being taken back by the Dragon Spirit Kingdom.

That was because they could not provide such a precedent to the king.

Once the precedent was started, it would be like Pandora’s magic box, uncontrollable. In the future, when this first precedent became successful, would the Empire who had tasted the sweetness let go of these nobles?

Clearly, this was a class conflict in the Dragon Spirit Kingdom.

But now, Lin Chen was pulled into this conflict by Gold Spear.

Lin Chen and the entire Sky Moon City were used as pawns!

Fire Ash.

The leader of the Fire Clan.

He was also the Marquis of Jinghai of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom.

It could even be said that he was the leader of all the nobles in the Sea Conqueror Province.

As soon as he left, the others also left.

This was undoubtedly a protest.

It was to express their dissatisfaction.

However, the nobles could only do this on the surface.

It was impossible for them to fight with Gold Spear on the spot.

In that case, it would be rebellion!

Therefore, the nobles would definitely take action next.


Would they touch Sky Moon City?

Nothing was certain.

At this moment, Gold Spear looked at Lin Chen and said, “Sky Moon City’s City Lord, Lin Chen, listen to the conferment! The De Family was tyrannical and harmed the citizens. They actually ignored the decision of the king and the parliament and sent troops to attack the recognized Sky Moon City. After that, the De Family was completely wiped out. They brought this upon themselves. Now, after the king and the parliament decided, the City Lord of Sky Moon City, Lin Chen, will be rewarded with promotion to Viscount and… 30,000 dazzling soul crystals.”

Before Fire Ash and the other nobles could go far, they heard Gold Spear’s sonorous voice.


Fire Ash picked up his pace.

After leaving the City Lord Residence, the East Fox Clan’s Patriarch, East Fox, smiled and said to Fire Ash, “Marquis Fire, this Lin Chen has been promoted to a higher noble rank again. Moreover, this conferment is actually only a soul crystal reward without any land reward… What is Provincial Lord Gold trying to do? Could it be that they really want to break the rules?”


What rules?

The usual rule was that since the beginning of the kingdom’s history, the Dragon Spirit Kingdom had bestowed noble titles and had to include fiefs with the noble title.

However, Lin Chen had been promoted to nobility twice.

Both times, there was no land reward.

Obviously, this was done on purpose again.

It was not deliberately targeting Lin Chen alone.

It was targeted at all the nobles!

In the future, when the king wanted to confer titles to other nobles, he could find this precedent and say that Lin Chen was from the Blue Planet and had brought hundreds of thousands of people to join the Dragon Spirit Kingdom. Then, when he was promoted, he did not ask for land twice in a row… In that case, no one needed to ask for land in the future!

When Fire Ash heard that, he frowned and said gloomily, “After we go back, contact the people in the Imperial Capital. Also, I want to ask the Great Elder what the parliament is doing and why they tolerate the king time and time again!”

From Fire Ash’s words, it seemed that the relationship between the king of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom and the parliament was also very subtle.

These uninvited guests had finally left.

Lin Chen quickly sent Gold Spear away.

Before leaving, Gold Spear stepped onto the airship and said to Lin Chen, who had come to send him off, “City Lord Lin… Oh, no, Viscount Lin Chen, come to Fallen Leaves City when you’re free. I still have many people to introduce to you. In the new era, the king has high hopes for a ‘newly joined’ noble like Viscount Lin Chen.”

Obviously, Gold Spear was implying something.

Lin Chen, who had already been used as a pawn once, could not help but be wary.

After Gold Spear left, Lin Chen returned to the City Lord Manor alone.

He arrived at the Hundred Beast Garden.

This was where he kept his pets.

However, Lin Chen was not here to choose a pet.

After all, there was no existence higher than the three pets on him.

Moreover, the array spirit of the Level 9 God Slaying Array could not be chosen here.

In fact, Lin Chen felt that the best choice for the array spirit was the Vermillion Bird.

After all, this was a Mythical pet!

Its attributes and growth were all very powerful.

The enhancement of the array formation would also be huge.

However, Lin Chen did not want the Vermillion Bird to transform into an array spirit.

He had a lot of things to think about and to do now.

At this moment, Zhang Chunlin, Liu Quan, Liu Mengyao, Bai Shuyi, and the others arrived.

“Is something up?”

Lin Chen asked.

Zhang Chunlin reported, “The rewards for this battle have all been distributed. Those traitors have all entered the Green Python Pond. Also… the Green Python Boss first swallowed Demille’s corpse and then leveled up ten times in a row. After swallowing the corpses of Demiga, Dela, and the others, it ate those traitors. Now, it has already reached Level 130.”

“As expected, these demon beasts are all raised in captivity.”

Lin Chen said in a low voice, “You can form a team to kill the Level 130 Green Python. After killing it, bring the Secret Realm of the Green Python Pond to Sky Moon City and place it on the plaza. You can use the Secret Realm as a dungeon to farm. In addition, the monsters in the Green Python Pond can also maintain an extremely fast respawn rate… Not only this Secret Realm, but there are also many other Secret Realms outside the city that can be arranged like this.”

“Yes, we’ll go do that right away.” Zhang Chunlin nodded.

At this moment, Bai Shuyi asked, “Is Mengyao coming with us? Then… Lin Chen, what are you going to do?”

“I still have things to do.”

Lin Chen looked at Bai Shuyi and said, “I plan to go to Dragon Sea City and

Shanghai to take a look… Is Winter not back yet?”

“No, I heard that he went to deal with some merchant guild matters. In addition, he still has to publicize the business exchange meeting this time. He told me that it might be delayed for a few days because he’s afraid that there won’t be enough time. I reckon it can only be held on the day of the beast tide attack,” Zhang Chunlin quickly replied.

In the current Sky Moon City, Lin Chen, the City Lord, practically did not care about the city’s affairs.

Bai Shuyi, this Valkyrie, did not care much either.

Ling Xiaoya had just arrived. Besides, she was not the kind of person who could manage things.

As for Liu Mengyao…

Now, she had to live in the territory chosen by the Holy Maiden Tribe.

Today, there was a huge battle in Sky Moon City, so that was why she rushed over.

However, Liu Mengyao’s parents had a house in the city.

Liu Quan could also help Lin Chen manage the army. Those soldiers had already become the city guards of Sky Moon City, and Liu Quan was in charge.

As for the rest of the matters, such as the arrangements at the mine, the mine’s production, the logistics for the arrangements for the residents to level up, and the discussions with Winter, the businessman, Zhang Chunlin was almost alone in doing everything.

It could be seen that Zhang Chunlin was sometimes unable to do everything.

Zhang Chunlin said, “Boss, I forgot to tell you about this, but it’s really not that I deliberately forgot. There are just too many things. Moreover, there was the threat of the De Family previously…”

“I know.”

Lin Chen glanced at everyone. Old Master Liu Quan had something to do. As for Bai Shuyi and Ling Xiaoya, they were still focused on leveling up and cultivating their souls. They were girls who didn’t know how to manage anything. Hence, Lin Chen said to Zhang Chunlin, “If you feel that you can’t handle it alone, you can test everyone more and recommend some reliable people to help. At the same time, help me find a secretary. She has to be trustworthy. In the future, she can help me deal with the matters in the City Lord Manor.”

Lin Chen did not have much time to manage the development of the city.

Therefore, he could only find someone to manage this aspect.

Only after finding a candidate could he leave Sky Moon City in peace.

Not only did he need to kill monsters, but he also needed to level up.

Lin Chen still had to find an array spirit for the God Slaying Array.

In addition, he had to find suitable undead outside.

At the very least, he had to find those Undead Bosses and directly snatch the Undead controlled by those Bosses. He would probably be able to avoid many detours that way!

“I can recommend someone. She’s definitely trustworthy… How about Jiang Tingting?”

Zhang Chunlin said to Lin Chen, “I don’t avoid friends and relatives. She’s Youyou’s sister. Moreover, Liu Hai and Wang Shangfang, those traitors, also tried to instigate her to defect this time. However, it’s because of her that I knew in advance that these people were rebelling. Moreover, in the past, she was the leader of the journalism department in school. Her management ability is not bad.”

Speaking of which, Jiang Tingting had indeed contributed.

After thinking for a moment, Lin Chen said, “Alright, treat it as a reward for her contributions. Go and publicize it and arrange for her to take up a position in the City Lord Manor!”

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