Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 73 - Chapter 73: A Superstar On His Belt? Fighting the Horned Dragon!

Chapter 73: A Superstar On His Belt? Fighting the Horned Dragon!

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At this moment, the Water Ghost Boss had already walked far away.

That’s right!


Its name was Water Ghost, but it was actually not a ghost.

According to what Lin Chen knew, the Water Ghost was actually a type of undead.

Note that dead spirits were not always undead, but dead spirits included undead.

Undead was the name after death, and dead spirits… There was a class in New World called necromancers.

They could be transformed from their souls after death, or they could be humans or other races who had cultivated some evil spells.

Water Ghosts were also a type of necromancer. They were called Water Ghosts because their survivability underwater was extremely strong, like ghosts. Even though Lin Chen was much stronger than the Water Ghost, he did not rashly chase it into the vast river.

After all, there were more than just the Water Ghost under the water.

Perhaps there were even more undead!

Or, other races.

However, Lin Chen only had one life.

Naturally, he had to be more cautious.

At this moment, Lin Chen was standing on the shore, sizing up the red-robed female ghost.

He felt that she was very familiar!

Ghost Kings were definitely nurtured from low-level undead and controlled by special methods. For example, Lin Chen had relied on an undead forbidden spell to control the red-robed female Ghost King.

He had to let her devour more undead to nurture her.

A big ghost eating a small ghost!

The ghosts and undead in New World were actually a concept.

Ordinary undead would only hide in the darkness.

Moreover, the undead were actually afraid of humans.

They never took the initiative to provoke humans.

Unless the undead were controlled by someone with ill intentions.

Or perhaps the undead’s obsession was too strong.

Then, what was the reason why this red-robed female Ghost King in front of him was worth the Water Ghost nurturing her into a Ghost King?

One had to know that the moment New World descended into reality, the entire Blue Planet fell.

In Shanghai, the most prosperous city in the Dragon Kingdom at that time, it could be said to be filled with elites and experts. There were countless undead that could be nurtured. Why did the Water Ghost Boss only choose this female ghost?

“Ghost King, you should have developed intelligence, right?”

Lin Chen said.

The red-robed female ghost actually nodded.

She could understand!

“Then can you remove this terrifying appearance and reveal your original appearance to become more docile?”

Lin Chen spoke again.

In the next moment, the red-robed female Ghost King’s true appearance appeared.

There was even exquisite makeup!

This time, Lin Chen recognized her at a glance… Wasn’t she previously a famous celebrity!?

What was her name again?

She seemed to be called Yang Yourong!

Yes, that was the name.

Although Lin Chen did not pay much attention to the entertainment industry, he recognized her.

It was because she was a very inspirational female celebrity and a strong career woman. As a celebrity, she had established her own studio early on and even produced many good dramas and even movies.

It was a classic example of a successful civilian success!

However, in that huge disaster for the Blue Planet, she did not have the game account of New World, so she did not inherit any abilities. In the end, she died at the moment of the disaster.

And now, she had become the red-robed female Ghost King.

“Sister Yourong!”

Lin Chen sighed with emotion.

It was no wonder that her undead state after her death would be chosen and nurtured by the Water Ghost Boss.

It was precisely because she was an elite human when she was alive that she had a huge obsession after she died…

“From now on, you’ll follow me.”

Lin Chen spoke.

Then, he turned around and left.

Yang Yourong floated behind him.

“There were at least ten million people in the entire Shanghai at the moment of the disaster… And since there’s a Water Ghost Boss here, it can’t be just a single Ghost King, right?”

Lin Chen muttered, “Although I can’t catch the Water Ghost, I have to find all the undead controlled by it to prevent them from being accomplices to it and harming others in the future!”

After making up his mind, Lin Chen wandered around Shanghai.

Of course, this wandering was not without purpose. He used an undead forbidden spell to see undead that ordinary people could not see and find undead hiding in the darkness… For example, in a haunted house in the suburbs, Lin Chen found a family of five evil spirits.

There was no need for Lin Chen to do anything.

Yang Yourong directly transformed into a Ghost King and devoured this family.

The entire Shanghai was filled with scenes of ghosts eating ghosts.

Lin Chen was different from the Water Ghost Boss. After all, they could only hide in the rivers, lakes, and seas and wait for those who had been forced to drown by the disaster and the Bosses to come knocking on their door… Lin Chen could directly capture all the undead wandering on the surface.

When dawn appeared in the east, Yang Yourong was already full.

She had devoured at least hundreds of thousands of souls.

An explanation was required here.

Not everyone could turn into undead or ghosts after death.

The formation of undead and ghosts required the support of powerful obsessions when they were alive.

After searching the entire Shanghai, Lin Chen was certain that he could not find any other ghosts or undead. At this moment, Yang Yourong did not show any signs of breaking through again to the next level. Although she was a Ghost King, her spiritual body could only appear to be many times taller than those low-level undead or ghosts when she transformed into a Ghost King. She did not have the ability to condense her spiritual body.

“It seems that you still have a big appetite!”

Lin Chen was speechless.

However, there was no lack of undead.

Lin Chen had Yang Yourong attach herself as a spirit to the inside of his belt.

He truly had a big superstar hanging on his waist now.

She used to be a big star!

Then, Lin Chen began to deal with the various Bosses on the ground in

Shanghai. As for those in the water… everyone should mind their own business!

Before obtaining a powerful water-element forbidden spell, Lin Chen would not go into the water.

Of course, Lin Chen wanted to eliminate the Boss of Shanghai to reduce the pressure of the beast tide in a few days. The Boss in the water would not participate in the beast tide attack. He could come back to kill it in the future.

After Lin Chen cleared all the Level 120 and 130 Bosses in Shanghai, Lin Chen’s soul cultivation had also reached the peak of Level 9!

[Lin Chen]

[Class: Celestial]

[Level: 165]

[Experience Points: 2.5 billion /16 billion]

[HP: 242,496]

[Mana: 332,280]

[Magic Attack: 265,824]

[Physical Attack: 265,824]

[SPD: 970.2 yards per second]

[Soul Cultivation: Level 9 (Peak)]

[Soul Experience: 80,000 / 600,000]

[Soul Attributes: All Attributes increase by 60%, All Skills increase by 6 Levels,

Skill Points +60]

[Possession Status: 3]

[Possession Bonus: Mythical+45%, Epic+40%, Epic+40%]

[Constitution: 4210+2526 (+125%)]

[Spirit: 9,230+5,538 (+125%)]

[Strength: 9,230+5,538 (+125%)]

[Agility: 4,900+2,940 (+125%)]

After possessing the three pets, Lin Chen’s attribute panel in its strongest form was like this.

His speed was close to a thousand yards per second.

Both of his attack stats were more than 265,000, and he had nearly 250,000


However, this was not the strongest possible state!

This was because Lin Chen was already Level 165.

However, he was only using Level 120 crafted equipment.

However, the high-level crafted design blueprints and materials in Lin Chen’s hands were given to Duan Zhutian and Lin Qiaoqiao, the two equipment masters who had been recruited to Sky Moon City. In the past, the two of them were NPCs in New World, but now, they were the two chief equipment blacksmiths of Sky Moon City.

There was still a difference between reality and the game.

Therefore, although Lin Chen did not have many high-level equipment design blueprints in his hands, and there were only more than 50 in total, it would take at least three to four days to complete them all.

Lin Chen was not in a hurry.

Moreover, there were a total of more than 50 pieces of equipment. It was hard to say if they could drop high-star crafted equipment.

If it was not a nine-star or eight-star, Lin Chen might as well continue using these Level 120 crafted items.

As for the set items…

Currently, Lin Chen was not considering it.

Unless he had a dual-attack equipment set that met his requirements.

However, Celestial seemed to be a unique profession.

It was hard to say if there was a set equipment for the Celestial.

Next, Lin Chen found a few Level 140 Bosses.

Three two-headed demons.

Three two-headed pythons.

They all occupied different territories.

It did not take Lin Chen long to kill them.

Instead, he spent most of his time running around.

After devouring the souls, he collected the materials.

Currently, Lin Chen had a lot of skin, teeth, claws, and other materials from these monsters. These materials were definitely useful for strengthening equipment or enchantment, but so far, Lin Chen had not tried them.


The materials were far from enough!

When equipment was enchanted, there would be an additional attribute.

A golden attribute bonus!

Although not all of these bonuses were top-notch, there were still many.

For example…

Sharpness +30 bonus attribute. If it appeared on a weapon, your attack’s armor penetration or spell penetration would increase by 20 to 30%. There was a chance that it would ignore 30 to 60% of the other party’s defense.

However, this attribute was very random in its appearance, and it consumed a lot of materials.

The materials Lin Chen had gathered so far were not enough to enchant Heaven’s Secret.

Therefore, Lin Chen was definitely not using them.

After all, it was time for him to change his equipment.

He was not far from the First Rank.

Lin Chen continued to search because in a human city as big and prosperous as Shanghai, it was very likely that a Level 180 or even a First Rank Boss would appear. However, Lin Chen should not be able to fight a First Rank Boss yet.

However, he could try a Level 180 Boss!

There was probably no one from the Blue Planet who had accomplished such a magnificent feat yet.

After searching for a while, Lin Chen finally welcomed this opportunity.

Outer Mountain Island.

It was still within the territory of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom.

It was considered to be within the sea.

There was a huge beast entrenched here…

Horned Dragon!

It was a very ancient dragon with an extremely strong oriental aura.

Legend had it that they were one of the Eastern Divine Dragons. The difference was that they did not have true dragon horns, so they were much weaker than real divine dragons. However, they had the body of a dragon and were much stronger than flood dragons.

A Level 180 Boss!

It was unimaginable.

It was actually still in its infant form.

Horned Dragon was a young dragon.

When its horns grew out longer, it would be a divine dragon.

Level 180!

It was 15 levels higher than Lin Chen.

He was targeting a monster above his level again.

Lin Chen looked at the horned dragon and swallowed.

The ground he was standing on was filled with the bones of various large monsters…

It was extremely terrifying!

The skeletons of these monsters were also announcing the strength of the horned dragon in front of Lin Chen.

It was very powerful!

Its huge dragon head and eyes were like huge fluorescent torches as it stared straight at Lin Chen.


A dragon’s roar.

In an instant, the world changed.

Dark clouds covered the sun!

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