Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 75 - Chapter 75: Subduing the Horned Dragon, Advancing the God Slaying Array!

Chapter 75: Subduing the Horned Dragon, Advancing the God Slaying Array!

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The light in the cave rippled.

There was also the sound of water dripping.

Although the sound of water was slightly less frequent, it gave people a very comfortable feeling.

Lin Chen entered the cave.

On the ground, there was not only soil or rocks.

There were also some strange flowers and plants, and there was even a stream in the cave.

The water was very clear.

Further in was a clean stone platform.

It was spotless.

Beside it, there were also some fallen horn skins.

As well as the scales that had molted.

When he saw this, Lin Chen was certain…

This should be the place where the horned dragon often came.

Its nest was not here.

The top of the island was where it should be.

That was its palace.


What was it doing here so often?

On the clean stone platform, the floating pearl that was the size of a milky white bowl was the only explanation.

Dragon Pearl!

This was the first time Lin Chen had seen it.

It was very real.

It was like a description in a myth…

New World was indeed an online game with a combination of East and West myths!

Lin Chen was secretly amazed.

However, he took the Dragon Pearl without hesitation.

At that moment, the cave loosened.

Even the entire island shook.


A dragon’s roar resounded in this world.

“Oh no, this guy has discovered me!”

Lin Chen was shocked.

His original plan was to escape from the island after obtaining the Dragon Pearl and wait for the horned dragon to catch up.

But now…

As soon as Lin Chen left the cave, the horned dragon appeared in front of him.


The water pillar immediately sprayed at Lin Chen.

Although it was only a water pillar, the tree that could only be encircled by two or three people was directly drowned by this water pillar and even uprooted. Lin Chen’s reaction was fast, and he immediately activated his speed to the limit and jumped up.

Behind Lin Chen, the entire cave was directly drowned by the water pillar.

In an instant, soil and rocks flew everywhere!

“D*mn, so fierce!”

Lin Chen no longer hesitated. He turned around and ran.

Judging from the horned dragon’s performance, its attributes were much stronger than Lin Chen’s under its anger.

Lin Chen’s only advantage now might be speed.

This time, the horned dragon was really chasing after Lin Chen to the death.

Moreover, it was not just chasing.

There were also all kinds of terrifying spells that kept attacking Lin Chen.

For example, when Lin Chen was flying at high speed, water vapor suddenly condensed in all directions. Later on, this water vapor actually turned into a water dragon that gradually condensed and took shape in the air before sweeping over Lin Chen…

This was a water-type forbidden spell: Raging Dragon!

Good God.

Lin Chen was shocked!

He was mainly shocked by this horned dragon’s control over water-type spells.

This could be seen from the speed of the water dragon in the air.

In fact, the horned dragon did not even need to chant.

It could even use Forbidden Spells at will!

Without thinking, Lin Chen activated Seven Stars Energy Gathering.

In the beginning, the Seven Stars Energy Gathering only had three bars of energy.

Lin Chen instantly exhausted all three bars of energy to dodge this large-scale forbidden spell attack.

However, this was the sea.

A lot of the seawater was used by the horned dragon, sometimes forming a net for a while and sometimes solidifying into ice for a while. In short, it kept attacking Lin Chen. At the same time, the horned dragon kept roaring, but at the beginning, the horned dragon paid attention to maintaining its height.

It seemed that it also knew that there were many ferocious beasts under the water!

These ferocious beasts might be much higher level than it.

However, as the land got closer and closer, the horned dragon’s spell attacks were all resolved by Lin Chen. Otherwise, he would directly tank the spells. The horned dragon was also anxious. Its anger made it forget the ferocity of the demon beasts in the sea.

With a dash, the horned dragon descended rapidly, almost sticking close to the surface of the sea.

At the same time, all the seawater below was controlled and kept piling up like a huge tsunami.

Another Forbidden Spell repeated… Raging Dragon!

However, the water dragon this time was more than ten times larger than before!

The huge water dragon seemed to want to devour everything.

At this moment, Lin Chen felt that something was wrong…

That was because the horned dragon was actually so bold.

Flying close to the sea?

It was simply courting death!

“No, I can’t let the sea demons have it easy!”

Lin Chen was very vigilant.

He knew that Sea Demon Guris was definitely paying attention to the horned dragon’s movements.

This dirty bastard was best at sneak attacks.

At this moment, Lin Chen, who was in the sky, was also staring at the sea.

A huge black shadow swept across the bottom of the sea…

Sea Demon, Guris!

Its really was targeting the horned dragon.

The horned dragon was incomparably furious, as if it had gone crazy!

“Not good.”

Lin Chen’s expression tightened.

At this moment, another Raging Dragon spell surged up from behind him and swept towards him…

Below, Guris was already charging for a sneak attack.

Its target was the horned dragon above.

“I don’t care anymore! Forbidden Spell, Divine Elephant Stepping on the Nine Heavens!”

Lin Chen looked at the huge torrential water dragon that was sweeping towards him and could only think of one way… That was to use the three seconds of invincibility of the Divine Elephant spell, coupled with his speed that exceeded the speed of sound by three times and the Dharma power of the divine elephant to stop Guris!


The Divine Elephant Dharma Idol appeared.

The moment Lin Chen’s rapidly descending body came into contact with the monstrous water dragon, the ancient divine elephant’s Dharma Idol pierced through the water dragon and arrived on the sea in less than two seconds. Then, Lin Chen’s kick carried the ancient divine elephant’s Dharma Idol and ruthlessly stomped down!

At this moment, Guris jumped out of the sea with his bloody mouth wide open, wanting to bite the horned dragon.

However, the ancient divine elephant’s Dharma Idol stepped on its front jaw ruthlessly..

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