Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 83 - Chapter 83: Secret of the Fire Family, Sword Spirit Secret Realm! (2)

Chapter 83: Secret of the Fire Family, Sword Spirit Secret Realm! (2)

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Then, the others all laughed out loud.

There were also many cold words.

It’s good that she’s dead. Is she worthy of the surname Fire?”

“That’s right. She doesn’t look like someone from the Fire Family at all.”

“She’s already 16 years old, but she can’t even defeat a Level 100 Boss. What else can such trash do other than eat and waste food?”

Lin Chen ignored these people’s words.

They weren’t talking about him, so he couldn’t flare up.

Lin Chen thought for a moment and left the camp.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Tremendous lightning appeared in the sky.

In fact, he could even see dark clouds curling up the mountain. There seemed to be huge monster eyes shining in the dark clouds on the mountain. The battle became more and more intense. Lin Chen followed the small path into the mountain.

He was very fast.

However, after walking for a long time, he had already entered the deep part of the mountains, but there was no sign of Fire Silk.

“Did something really happen? This young lady… actually, there’s no need to spend so much effort to reach the top of the mountain. I have Flying Rat!” Lin Chen thought to himself.

He also suspected that only Fire Silk could open the Secret Realm left behind by Fire Silk’s mother.

That was why Lin Chen had chased after her to find her.

At the same time, Lin Chen felt that the time was about right, so he summoned the Flying Rat.


Lin Chen released the Flying Rat.

Then, he closed his eyes.

At this moment, Lin Chen could see everything the Flying Rat saw in his mind.

At the top of the mountain, the Water Family and the Fire Family were working together to deal with some demon beasts. Those demon beasts were extremely powerful, and even the weakest was at Rank 2. No wonder they were in such a fierce battle.

When the Flying Rat was about to reach the top of the mountain, it entered an invisible state.

It secretly arrived at the top of the mountain. Lin Chen followed the location of the treasure map in his memory and let it look down from the mountain.

There was still no sunrise.

However, the trajectory of the sunrise could be guessed.

However, there was no light.

Lin Chen could not see the exact entrance to the Secret Realm.

He could only remember the approximate location.

When the time for the Flying Rat to become invisible was almost up, Lin Chen hurriedly asked it to return to his side.

As for him, he continued forward.

Suddenly, Lin Chen heard two voices talking.

“Eldest Brother, why didn’t Father let us go up?”

“The terrain of this mountain is dangerous. Father asked us to guard here. Of course, he wants us to receive him.”

“Then why aren’t those from the Water family doing this?”

“Third Brother, I said you’re stupid before, but you’re really stupid! Forget it, I can’t be bothered to explain to you… Do you think they’re going to the top of the mountain to be heroes? Can’t you feel how dangerous it is up there?”

“Hmph, 1 don’t care! Anyway, this time, they can’t deprive my son and daughter of their right to enter the Secret Realm because I didn’t go up. In my opinion, Father is biased.”

“Third Brother, that’s enough!”

It’s not enough! You’re the eldest in the family. Father’s on your side in everything. I think after we obtain the Secret Realm this time, your children will definitely enter first, right? Father takes really good care of your bloodline!”

“Third Brother!”

“Hmph, you don’t have to be fierce to me. Actually, I know that you’re targeting me. What son of a marquis? In fact, in a family like ours, everyone’s fate isn’t up to them, right? Just like Second Uncle’s fourth son back then… Eldest Brother, don’t forget that although you’re the successor of the Fire Family, your hands are still stained with the blood of our Fire Family!”

“Back then, we chased after that b*tch to get rid of evil for the family! Fire Ink was stupid. He wanted to save that b*tch himself. He clearly knew that that batch’s origins were unknown and might cause our Fire Family to be consigned to eternal damnation… Third Brother, you can’t attack me on this point! I’ll warn you again. Whether it’s now or in the future, I, Fire Ant, will be the only successor of the Fire Family!”


A bolt of lightning suddenly descended from the sky.

Then, it rained heavily.

At this moment, Fire Ant shouted, “Who’s there?”

Lin Chen saw a small figure standing up and running not far away.

Fire Silk?

Coincidentally, at this moment, the Flying Rat landed and attracted the attention of the Fire brothers.

Lin Chen took the opportunity to rush to Fire Silk’s side at an extremely fast speed. He carried her small body and jumped to a huge rock to hide behind it.


Lin Chen stretched out his finger and gestured for her to keep quiet.

“So it’s a beast. Big Brother, should we chase after it and kill it?” Fire Hero’s voice sounded.

No, it’s just a beast. It’s more important for us to stay behind to receive Father… Third Brother, be smart. If we see Water Shock injured later, we won’t stand on ceremony!”

Fire Ant’s voice entered Lin Chen’s ears word for word.

It seemed that the Fire Family was prepared to take advantage of the Water Family.

A dog biting a dog?

Things were getting more and more interesting.

Lin Chen smiled and possessed the Flying Rat. Fie looked at Fire Silk again and realized that she was crying.

Tears and rain fell from her face.

“Master, I’m fine.”

Fire Silk wiped her eyes.

Her movements were very practiced.


Lin Chen nodded and said, “Let’s go.”

“I… I don’t want to go back.” Fire Silk thought that Lin Chen was bringing her back to the camp, so she shook her head repeatedly.

“Come with me. I’m not bringing you back.” Lin Chen looked at the sky and said, “Looks like the sun won’t rise today.”

Fire Silk looked puzzled.

“We still have one night. Let’s try our luck!”

Lin Chen grinned.

Then, he held Fire Silk’s small hand and disappeared into the rain.


In the mountain, there were still demon beasts roaring.

As for Lin Chen, he brought Fire Silk and left the Dragon Tiger Mountain that was more than 100,000 feet tall.

He went all the way to the other side.

Lin Chen had brought Fire Silk to the area he had seen through the Flying Rat.


Fire Silk looked at Lin Chen in confusion.

Lin Chen ignored her and released the Flying Rat.

Then, he closed his eyes tightly.

After a while, Lin Chen opened his eyes.

Then, the Flying Rat returned and he continued to possess it.

At this moment, Lin Chen looked at the Fire Silk and smiled. “Girl, let’s go.

Master will bring you to find what originally belonged to you!”

Lin Chen had already seen the entrance.

Of course, he wasn’t very sure.

Because what the Flying Rat saw was a broken boulder.

The huge rock was probably more than 30 meters tall.

It was very firm.

Even the Flying Rat could not move at all.

It couldn’t even cause any damage to the surface of the boulder.

However, a huge fracture appeared in the middle of such a sturdy stone.

There was definitely something wrong!

That broken layer seemed to have been cut off by something!

What kind of person could have such power with a single strike?

Lin Chen brought Fire Silk to the huge rock and looked at the broken gap. A pine tree had already grown at the front, covering half of the gap. If one did not look down from the sky, they would not be able to tell.

“This should be it.”

Lin Chen looked at Fire Silk and said, “Do you have any special reactions?”

In the end, Fire Silk did not respond.

However, she walked straight into the crack of the huge rock.

Lin Chen was stunned and wanted to follow.

However, at this moment, the crack on the huge rock actually closed without any warning!

“Fire Silk!”

Lin Chen was shocked.

He quickly went forward to check.

There were no longer any gaps in the boulder?

“I haven’t gone in yet!”

Lin Chen was speechless.

Damn, he had miscalculated.

But at this moment, the boulder began to loosen.

About ten seconds later, the huge rock disappeared.

Then, what appeared in front of Lin Chen, floating in the air…

A Secret Realm entrance!

Lin Chen’s eyes lit up.

The next moment, he walked in without hesitation!


He closed his eyes and opened them again.

Lin Chen saw another world.

At the same time, he also discovered Fire Silk.

At this moment, she was kneeling in front of a stone statue.

The stone statue was lifelike and had a man carved on it.

There were also words engraved on the stone statue: Natural Sword Spirit, undying and indestructible!


Suddenly, Lin Chen felt dizzy…

With just a glance, he felt as if ten thousand swords had pierced through his eyes!

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