To be honest, he has not regretted following Big B until a month ago.

The pheasant was insulted by Deng Zijun, and even he was as low as a grandson.

He didn’t complain either.

On the court, he was beaten by Liang Kun, and if it weren’t for Big B, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

The eldest brother is in difficulty, as the younger brother to help out, there is no problem, let Chen Haonan be a prison for him, he also recognizes.

But when the pheasant sold himself for medical bills, several people walked out of the hospital the next day.

Chen Haonan saw that Big Brother B also took his sister-in-law to the mall and bought a bag of more than 20,000.

This made Chen Haonan really unable to bear it!

Deng Zijun slept soundly and got up early in the morning, refreshed.

When he walked to the living room, Chen Haonan’s expression was a little decadent.

And there was indeed a missing ace of spades on the table.

He is not greedy, and if he tears it all up, then today next year will be his death day.

Deng Zijun twisted Qin Ge to Chen Haonan’s side and poured him a glass of red wine with a smile.

“Taste that, in my opinion, this thing is pretending to be B, it doesn’t taste good at all!”

Chen Haonan’s eyes were bloodshot, and he could even see that his hair was a little white.

Deng Zijun thought to himself that there was really a white head overnight, which was so interesting.

Really fun!

Chen Haonan did not take the wine, he stood up and said respectfully

“Deng Shao, is there still that burning knife you drank last time, I want to taste it!”

Deng Zijun shook his head slightly, pointed to the glass of red wine and said

“This is what I gave you!”

Chen Haonan suddenly realized, picked up this glass of red wine and drank it.

The red wine left at the corners of the mouth is as bright red as blood.

“Drink slowly, if you are not used to drinking, I will ask people to bring you a box of Maotai, that time it was good wine!”

“Thank you Deng Shao for the reward!”

Chen Haonan is very excited at this time.

“Go to the door, find that dead face, take a hundred thousand Hong Kong paper, take a good bath, change into elegant clothes, I will contact you in the next two days!”

Chen Haonan respectfully retreated and left, came to Tianyangsheng, and got 100,000 Hong Kong paper.

Tianyang Sheng also took a big brother for him,

“There is Deng Shao’s phone number in it, the first one is, remember it!”

Chen Haonan left, he held a thick stack of banknotes, laughing presumptuously, like a madman.

He returned to Causeway Bay and found the pheasant and others who were still sleeping.

“Go, take you to Daoxiang, let’s eat something good!”

Daoxiang is a time-honored brand in Xiangjiang, the price is not cheap, and several people are not unable to afford to eat on weekdays, but eating once is also quite distressing.

Especially the confused boy, three poorer and five richer, a little money is thrown on women and drinking.

Several people were stunned and busily asked

“Big brother, where did you get the money!”

Chen Haonan looked at his brothers, and his heart was really a little sad.

“Don’t worry about you, I sold my ass yesterday, okay! To go or not to go, in a word! ”

Da Tian Er is the most painful

“Go, I’m sick to eat bento these days!”

A few people went out and wanted to take a minibus, but Chen Haonan waved his hand


The pheasant’s face was a little solemn, and he guessed some.

Da Tian Er said happily

“Big guy, you are really rich!”

When it came to Daoxiang, a dazzling table filled the table, and several people ate like hungry ghosts.

The pheasant put it down without a few bites, and said to Chen Haonan with a smile

“Big brother, go out with me for a cigarette!”

Chen Haonan picked up a pack of Marlboros, and the two walked out.

The pheasant grabbed Chen Haonan’s neck and pushed him against the wall

“You’re really going!”

Chen Haonan spread his hands and made the habitual motion of sticking his thumb into his ear

“Go, Qian Deng gave less!”

“What do you do!”

“It should be to kill Big B!”

“You’re crazy!”

Chen Haonan lit a cigarette, and the pheasant grabbed it and threw it to the ground, lit it again, and threw it again.

“Don’t worry, Deng Shao won’t let us be substitutes for the dead ghosts, don’t you see the few people around him, either fucking killers or mercenaries, do you still need us to kill!”

The pheasant still wanted to say something, but really couldn’t say it.

“Pheasant, I want to come out, I want to drive a luxury car, I also want to play star, I don’t want to let you out of the horse even with a medical bill!”

The pheasant crouched down, held his head in his hands, and tore his hair.

On one side is the eldest brother who is like a brother to himself, and on the other side is the boss who took his debut.

He didn’t know what to choose.

Chen Haonan took out a stack of banknotes from his pocket and placed it in front of the mountain chicken.

“How much settlement fee do we give if we kill someone, 10,000, or 20,000!”

“This is 100,000, when the ancient confused boy is to sell his life, since he wants to sell his life, why don’t I sell it higher!”

Chen Haonan is very excited now

“You look at the big head, followed Deng Shao, do you know, his bar, easily make millions a year.”

“The wind can’t blow, the rain can’t hit, let’s go!”

The mountain chicken sighed, he stood up and said to Chen Haonan

“You are my eldest brother, you will be my eldest brother all your life, I will follow you in what you do, when the time comes, if Deng Shao lets you kill, I will kill!”

Chen Haonan responded with a wry smile

“Do you think we have a choice!”

“Don’t say anything, don’t say anything! This is your horse’s money, return it to her, let’s go to Bolan Street in the evening, find a girl, and have a good time! ”

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