Chapter 85 Chen Haonan’s trouble!!

The black fly answered honestly,

“Deng Shao, Sister Xia’s side is very quiet, and the business is also good!”

“A few days ago, Tiao Zi was in all the nightclubs, bars, and even Sister Xia’s in Chahongxing, but yesterday the others were the same, but Sister Xia’s was not!”

It seems that Han Wanming still counts when he speaks.

Deng Zijun explained to Ah Hua,

“Don’t act rashly after finding out, give me the news, when I want you to do things, you will move again!”

“However, don’t be in trouble!”

Ah Hua nodded slightly, indicating that he was clear.

Whether the fly can do things or not, don’t look at the fact that it has changed a lot now, but Deng Zijun still has some distrust of him.

“Fly squirrel, check the matter of Saigon walking the water wheel now, like Ah Hua, be careful.”

“Deng Shao, isn’t Saigon the territory of the big stupid brother, it seems that he is in charge of the watermill affairs!”

Deng Zijun said dismissively, “I see that he is a puppet, check it, by the way, and Tony will look at Sister Xia there, don’t have an accident!” ”

“Remember, don’t cause trouble, don’t be afraid of it! If you really want to put it in the balance, find the nine-striped dragon! ”

“Don’t worry, Deng Shao!”

The fly patted his chest to assure.

The two of them took the task and left, leaving only the big head.

Deng Zijun was slightly hesitant, although the big eagle went inland, the nine-striped dragon also had some connections in the inland at present.

But it’s basically all right, not off-the-side.

And the big head is not so simple, the danger is still small.

“Big head, to be honest, do you want to go inland or not! There is a certain risk in going this time! ”

The big head smiled bitterly, “Deng Shao, I’m not afraid it’s fake, but I’ll go!” ”

“Well, someone will be there to protect you.”

The last time the Nine-striped Dragon went to war, he still retained some of his strength.

Tang Zijun bought a piece of land in Tai O and was going to set up a security company, but there was no suitable person to manage it.

There are bodyguards, those veterans brought back from the inland by the nine-striped dragon, with strong ability and poisonous bundles.

And the masters from the inland China Sea can only stay in Xiangjiang for a few months.

“Go to Tai O and choose four people, you have to be ruthless, your people also bring a few, remember to be the kind of people who don’t like to cause trouble, but if you really don’t do it!”

The trip to the inland was not necessarily absolutely dangerous, but if something really happened, it would be a very troublesome big head who was shocked, but he still listened carefully to Deng Shao’s arrangement.

The two talked for nearly an hour, and the big head really didn’t expect that Deng Zijun was so delicate.

He is also sighing in his heart, this is the difference between the big guy and him, take one step and see three steps!

Deng Zijun also talked all morning, but it was still not over.

“Bar, who are you going to hand over!”

“Knife, he is the most calm, the tiger boy has too much temper, the mud man has a smelly mouth, and it is easy to cause trouble!”

“Okay, look at it yourself, is the income of the bar stable now?”

The big head is a little happy now,

“It’s very profitable, thanks to the real wine we sell, those little doors like to come!”

“By the way, Deng Shao, I have already handed over the profits to the charity fund.”

Deng Zijun was also relieved at this time,

“Your side too, find something loyal to you, can fight, it is estimated that this year will not stop!”

The big head is a little puzzled, the police are now so active, many people are very honest.

How could something still happen!

Deng Zijun hesitated, few people know about this now, he also listened to Dongfeng Gang when he was on the phone with Chen Gang a few days ago.

Chen Gang said this not unintentionally, it must be intentional, but why he said it to Deng Zijun, he couldn’t think clearly for a while.

“The ancestral family and the inland are ready to clear the Kowloon City Walled City in advance!”


The big head gasped, the Kowloon Walled City is not very active.

It’s not that it’s awesome there, it’s that it sucks.

It can be said that the vast majority of rotten people in Xiangjiang run there to hide, and these people are not so bad.

Confused boy at least talks about righteousness, whether it is true or false, at least most of them are okay on the surface.

And most of the people in the Kowloon City Walled City have no bottom line.

This is disgusting.

If they come out, the citizens of Xiangjiang will suffer.

Deng Zijun told the big head that this matter should not be spread for the time being, and this matter is not something that a confused boy can participate in.

In Deng Zijun’s view, his biggest possibility is that he is a person who is responsible for the aftermath.

Who let him now have a great prestige in the rivers and lakes, and his heart is inland.

The inland hopes that the sooner it is demolished, the better, after all, the long pain is not as good as the short pain.

But I don’t want to cause social conflicts.

Those policemen in the ancestral family, anti-pornography, catch and gamble are quite powerful, but they will absolutely stand by for this kind of thing.

It’s not that they are incompetent, but the ancestral family does not allow them to be too strong.

Otherwise, politics is the dirtiest.

Deng Zijun didn’t want to be involved in this.

Shoot quietly, don’t enter the village, he doesn’t want to be targeted by six, it’s too troublesome!

“Okay, pack up, set off as soon as possible, it is estimated that you will not be able to come back in three or two months this time, and things at home will be arranged properly!”

It was past noon after Deng Zijun’s explanation, and the big head originally wanted to keep Deng Shao to eat together, but Deng Zijun refused.

He also had to go to the hospital to see Chen Haonan.

On the roof of the hospital, only Chen Haonan was here.

No wonder Xiangjiang Asir likes to meet on the rooftop, here is cool, Xiangjiang is so hot, the cool breeze blows, very comfortable.

Deng Zijun didn’t know what Chen Haonan was looking for him for, but the matter of self-harm made Deng Zijun very satisfied.

This is also a talent available.

When Chen Haonan saw Deng Shao coming, he wanted to bend down to signal, but forgot that the injury was not good, and the pain was more painful than his teeth.

Deng Zijun shook his head helplessly, just said that he was good, and now that’s it.

“How long will it take to be discharged from the hospital, and when will it be posted!”

Chen Haonan rubbed his wound,

“The doctor said half a month, Mr. Jiang recently went to Siam, isn’t his brother dead, running to mourn, listen to Chen Yao, when I am discharged from the hospital, Mr. Jiang is almost back, then give me a job!”

There was some anxiety on his face, but he still said it,

“Deng Shao, I have no problem with other people’s sides, although the thirteenth sister also went to Siam, but the phone called, and she also supported me, and I am also sure on the prince’s side!”

Deng Zijun was a little puzzled,

“Isn’t it already set! Something has changed again! ”

Chen Haonan nodded wordlessly,

“Liang Kun he also wants Causeway Bay, he is more senior than me, has a wide network, and is richer than me, I can’t compete with him!”

This is a trouble, anyway, Liang Kun’s strength is above Chen Haonan.

Chen Haonan continued,

“Liang Kun was still talking on the rivers and lakes, only I was present when he died that day, and he said that I killed him!”

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