Inheriting the Legacy of All-People Anime: I Choose Rikudo Madara!

Inheriting the Legacy of All-People Anime: I Choose Rikudo Madara!


231 Chapters Ongoing Status


[Naruto+One Piece+Death+System+Aura Recovery+...]
 Modern city, nine-tailed fox, battle greymon, blue-eyed white dragon, Lukia, gray wolf...
Countless monsters from other worlds have descended on Blue Star, and the world is in danger!
  But fortunately, humans can obtain the power inheritance of anime characters
Some people have inherited Gaara, the fifth generation Kazekage, and the sand of maternal love forms an absolute defense
  Some people have inherited the story of Admiral Fujitora, who swung his long sword and brought meteorites to wash the ground.
Some people inherited the Death God Captain Hitsugaya Toshiro, and the Zanpakutō Mankai summoned the Frost Dragon.
 Traveled to Qin Shi in this world and obtained a god-level inheritance system
Start inherit the Naruto big boss, six with soil!
 He carries the Jade of Seeking the Way on his back, holds the staff of six paths, the kaleidoscope of divine power and the eye of reincarnation.
 Master Ban, even you have to dance for me!
 Do you think this is the end?
   Senju Hashirama Sage mode, the strongest Shijie Jingka Suigetsu, the human fruit phantom beast species Nika form...
The protagonist you want to see will have it
 At the end of the day, when the mastermind behind the scenes emerges
 Chin Shi's domineering blond hair shocked the whole world!
 (PS. The animation is mainly based on Sea of ​​Death, supplemented by other animations. The power system will be balanced to ensure that all viewers will enjoy it)
 (PPS. Upgrade flow, not an invincible and refreshing article!! There are many foreshadowings, and it will definitely explode in the later stage!!)

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