Journey to the West: Wanjie Bookstore

Journey to the West: Wanjie Bookstore


152 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Journey to the West: Wanjie Bookstore

Journey to the West and opened a magical bookstore

There are various novels in the store. As long as you read the books in the store, you have a chance to obtain the skills, treasures, and blessings in the books.

Tang Sanzang, a muscular demon monk from Chechi Kingdom, smashed the three great immortals by himself, his dark sinews and flesh were shiny: "What a golden cicada! The only way to master iron is to use martial arts to reach the gods!"

Erlang Shen: "Shopkeeper, I stole a cart of peaches from the Queen Mother and gave it to you. Can I watch "Perfect" here for three days? This time I must open my double pupils!"

Tathagata: "Jade Emperor, it is God's will for the Buddha's teachings to travel eastward. Why do you want to destroy the way to obtain Buddhist scriptures?"

Haotian: "Dongdu, your mother sells "Buddha is the Tao"!

When the Cowherd threatens to be the number one son-in-law in the three realms, he pretends to be a slap in the face; when the Howling Sky Dog calls himself the Black Emperor and the Demon Emperor clamoring to accept the seven fairies as his pet; when the Daughter King calls himself the ruthless empress; when the Jade Emperor calls himself the Emperor of Heaven, he wants to * *All enemies in the world...

Addicted to reading, too deep into the drama, the three realms are completely...


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