Prehistoric: God-level Development

Prehistoric: God-level Development


159 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Prehistoric: God-level Development

Reborn in the wild, becoming a wisp of innate yin and yang energy.

At this time, not long after the opening of heaven, opportunities abounded. How can Juntian settle down in the upcoming Longhan catastrophe, pursue the supreme road, and prove himself as a saint?

Fortunately, he has a god-level development system.

Develop the cultivation method and obtain the top cultivation method in the world. From then on, your practice will be smooth and your sword will point to the road!

Develop your natal magical powers and obtain the innate yin and yang method, which will cause chaos in the world and yin and yang. Even a saint will have to stay away!

Developed companion spiritual treasures and obtained the Chaos Spirit Treasure, Chaos Yin-Yang Mirror. No one was dissatisfied when crushed by the Chaos Supreme Treasure.

See how Juntian transforms all things, destroys lichs, fights against saints, and achieves the supreme path!


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