1951, New Year's Day.

Beijing, outside Dongzhimen.

Li Chaoyang came home from get off work.

Walking is faster than riding a bike.

Look at the emotion collection system panel.

The full-level physical attributes that have exceeded the limits of human beings secretly rejoiced.

With this strong body, grandpa no longer has to worry about not being able to practice Qi.

This morning, Li Chaoyang wore this.

He awakened the emotion collection system and 10 cubic meters of portable space.

Newbies are rewarded with hundreds of thousands of points.

He added all the physical attributes.

After all, the body is the capital of revolution, and only by living can you enjoy life.

Despite the original owner's poor health, his condition is not bad.

The original owner grew up with his grandfather in Longhu Mountain.

His grandfather was the 65th generation Celestial Master of Longhu Mountain, a Taoist named Tian Dao.

People give you the nickname"ordinary man"!

The original owner was born weak and unable to practice Qi. Even his grandfather, who was the best in the world, was helpless.

Even if grandpa used Qi to warm and nourish his meridians, it would not help.

Everyone of his age has achieved success in Qi training, but he can't even move Qi, let alone gather Qi groups.

At this moment, Li Chaoyang discovered that an egg-sized qi ball had condensed in his body.

If my grandpa knew about this, he would definitely cry with joy.

Li Chaoyang thought of everything his grandfather had done for him over the years, and vowed to fight for his reputation.

Although Li Chaoyang cannot practice Qi, he is quite talented in Taoist medicine.

My grandfather taught me all he had learned about Taoist medicine throughout his life.

Until the Jiashen Rebellion.

Grandpa decided to let Li Chaoyang go down the mountain to go to school.

Six months ago,

Li Chaoyang participated in a party and was spotted by Bai Ling, the leader of the city bureau's intelligence team, and married him.

I thought it was pie in the sky, but I didn't expect that Bai Ling would not consummate the marriage with him after they got married.

The original owner liked Bai Ling, even though he had been working on the floor after marriage, he still liked Bai Ling.

Little does he know that he can never wake up a person who is pretending to sleep.

Today was his first day at work, but he was assassinated in the middle of the road and killed with one blow.

Li Chaoyang went to Longhu Mountain for a cheap trip and accidentally fell off the cliff.

Everyone in the same hospital knew that they were at odds with each other, and they talked about it a lot.

Especially Damao's mother and Jia Zhang, they often spoke ill of Li Chaoyang behind his back.

It's not that he can't even beat a woman, it means that Bai Ling doesn't like him at all!

Xu Damao and Jia Dongxu's upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked. Li Chaoyang must deal with them for the original owner.


Nanluoguxiang, Courtyard No. 95.

Li Chaoyang broke the record today.

It took the original owner forty minutes to walk home from the steel rolling mill and fifteen minutes to ride a bicycle.

Li Chaoyang, whose physical attributes were at full level, only took eight minutes to walk.

This is a standard five-entry courtyard house regulated by the royal palace.

There is not only a back garden and a back building, but also an east-west courtyard.

It used to be the residence of a certain Eight Banners prince, but was later converted into a courtyard.

The doors leading to the east-west courtyard and the front and back yards were sealed.

Only the current three-entry courtyard remains.

He and Bai Ling lived in the backyard of No. 95 Nanluogu Lane.

Li Chaoyang walked into the front yard and was met by Yan Bugui who lived in the west wing of the front yard.

It is said that the Yan family used to be princes and nobles.

Later, Yan Bugui was separated from his family when war broke out and his family was destroyed.

Now, all he wants to do is spread his branches and leaves, just to recreate the glory of the Yan family.

Li Chaoyang greeted Yan Bugui for the first time, and a system prompt sounded in his ears.

【Ding! Yan Bugui was in a shocked mood, and his mood value was +100! ]

Li Chaoyang checked the balance of his emotional points and figured out what to upgrade next.

While chatting politely with Yan Bugui, Xu Damao's voice came from behind him

"Li Chaoyang, guess who I saw in Fengze Garden today?"

Xu Damao walked into the courtyard burping from wine.

He couldn't hold it in at first sight.

Yan Bugui asked:"Who did you see?"

Xu Damao laughed and put his arms around Li Chaoyang's neck.

Li Chaoyang smiled and stepped on Xu Damao's feet, slowly increasing the force.

Xu Damao cried out for his father and mother in pain.

【Ding! Xu Damao felt angry and shocked, and his emotional value was +200! 】

Li Chaoyang let go of Xu Damao and walked home.

Xu Damao said angrily while stamping his feet.

"You really don’t want to know who I saw in Fengze Garden?"

Xu Damao deliberately betrayed him.

Seeing that Li Chaoyang had no intention of stopping, he continued.

"I saw your wife Bai Ling eating there with a man named Zheng Chaoyang"

"What a coincidence, that person has the same name as you"

"I treat you as one of my own, that’s why I’m telling you this."

"I'm doing this all for your own good. If it were anyone else, I definitely wouldn't say it."

"I think you should teach your wife a lesson"

"I can't stand your wife's attitude towards you anymore."

"If it really doesn't work, I can get a divorce."

"Your conditions are so good"

"Depending on your conditions, you can definitely find someone better than her."

Li Chaoyang said in his heart, if I divorce you, you will have a chance, right?

Your damn abacus is all in my face.

If you, Xu Damao, can be relied on, pigs can climb trees.

"Then do I have to thank you properly?"

Li Chaoyang smiled and held Xu Damao's hand, his knuckles crackling.

He smiled and let go back to the backyard. As soon as he left, Damao's mother came out of the house.

【Ding! Damao's mother is angry, and her mood value is +150!】

【Ding! Xu Damao felt angry, and his anger value was +300!】

"Ouch, it hurts me so much."

Xu Damao grinned in pain.

His teeth were almost broken, but Damao's mother was frightened.

On the other side,

Li Chaoyang entered the house.

His family lived in the northwest corner of the backyard, with two back rooms.

On the left was a deaf old man. Madam, Xu Damao's family lives on the right.

Today is Li Chaoyang's first day at work after graduating from medical school.

He was shot to death on the way to work.

We still don't know who attacked him.

But since the other party can kill with one hit, it means that This person is definitely not an ordinary person.

He is either a Qi practitioner like his grandfather, or a high-level spy.

Anyway, he is either his grandfather’s enemy or Bai Ling’s enemy!

Li Chaoyang cannot find the murderer for the time being.

The top priority is to make good use of the system and improve his martial arts practice as soon as possible Because.

Even if your physical fitness is at full level, it is useless to meet a real master if you don't know kung fu. It's okay to meet a spy, but if you really meet those masters of Qi training. Especially those masters with strange skills, now he can only give them away. For his sake.

He didn’t want to be killed just after time travel.

Li Chaoyang entered the house and saw the bedroll on the ground.

The scene of the original dog-licking dog hitting the bed appeared in his mind, and he was so angry.

He kicked the bedroll away and got into the belt. He slept on a quilt with a woman's body scent.

He didn't care about the rules Bai Ling set for the original owner. A real man must sleep on the bed!

Li Chaoyang lay down and opened the system panel to see if there were eight magic skills in the skill package.

After all, ordinary kung fu can deal with spies. Okay, dealing with people who practice Qi is like a child playing house.

In addition, I also upgraded my medical skills by one level.

In the end, after just a few clicks, my medical skills were upgraded by two levels, and the points I just got were cleared again.

After upgrading his medical skills, the Qi ball in his body suddenly grew in size at a speed that could be detected by the naked eye.

Li Chaoyang was overjoyed and continued to look through the skill package.

There were really eight magical skills, but not eight, but nine.

The ninth one was called Tiangang Disha , he clicked several times and couldn't open it.

Li Chaoyang could only try again tomorrow. He closed his eyes and fell asleep for a second. He was sleeping soundly when he suddenly felt chilly.

Then something came into his arms. When he opened his eyes, the arms were empty. A big beauty appears

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