Wang Ye slowly turned around with a shocked look on his face.

He sighed heavily, stood up and brushed off the dirt on his body and said

"As expected of the Heavenly Master, I lost!

Li Chaoyang laughed when he heard this and said,"We won't talk about winning or losing.""

"Haven't you eaten yet? Come on, let me take you to a restaurant."

The two of them entered the restaurant.

Li Chaoyang ordered four dishes.

Wang Ye had no intention of eating. He only cared about what exercises Li Chaoyang had learned.

He thought that Master Tian had taught Li Chaoyang some secret method.

But he found out after the meal.

Li Chaoyang only learned The Taoist doctors did not even know ordinary kung fu.

Wang did not believe it, and deliberately used secret techniques to explore Li Chaoyang's body.

As a result, he saw the baby in Li Chaoyang's body.

And the baby showed signs of waking up.

The key is that Wang has also confirmed that Li Chaoyang is indeed not alive. Practicing any Kung Fu.

Wang Ye took back his hand and looked at Li Chaoyang in astonishment.

Even when he learned that the old master was transcending the worldly realm, he was not as shocked as he was now.

Especially when he realized that the baby in his body was about to wake up, he was shocked. After the meal , the two left the restaurant arm in arm.

They had become good friends within one meal.

Wang Ye burped from wine and said,"That's all for today."

"You must inform me later when you get married."

"I'll introduce you to some friends then."

Li Chaoyang nodded with a smile and helped Wang Ye stop a rickshaw.

Burping from wine and humming a little tune, he returned to Nanluogu Lane.

When he got off the car at the entrance of the courtyard, he heard Jia Zhang's name cursing in the street.

"A country girl actually said she wouldn’t marry if she didn’t want to."

"You have no credibility at all. Talking is worse than farting."

"You still hear the sound when you fart?"

"She thought she was the daughter of a wealthy family"

"Don't say she won't marry. Even if she wants to marry us, Dongxu still doesn't want to marry."

"Don’t worry, Dongxu, Mom will definitely find you a daughter-in-law who is ten times more beautiful than Qin Huairu!"

Li Chaoyang pushed the cart into the hospital and asked Yan Bugui what was going on with his eyes.

Yan Bugui said:"It seems that Jia Dongxu's blind date has been intercepted."

"The Jia family asked someone to go to the girl's house to inquire. The girl's parents said that her daughter already had a family."

"Originally, he came to the city to see Jia Dongxu, but he didn't expect that Cheng Yaojin would appear on the way."

"I don’t know who is so capable as to cut off the beard of Jia’s cooked duck."

Before Yan Bugui finished speaking, Damao's mother's scolding came from the backyard.

Without waiting for Li Chaoyang to ask, Yan Bugui explained the reason.

"The Xu family is even worse than the Lou family. Xu Damao’s engagement was broken off by the Lou family"

"I heard that the Lou family returned all the things sent by the Xu family."

Li Chaoyang didn't expect the Lou family to move so quickly.

He pushed the bicycle back to the backyard.

Jia Dongxu ran out of the courtyard from behind him crying.

No matter how Jia Zhang tried to coax him, he just couldn't figure it out.

Why did the Qin family change their mind?

…… backyard.

Li Chaoyang didn't park his car properly.

Xu Fugui came to see him.

Xu Fugui said,"Chaoyang, let me ask you something."

Li Chaoyang smiled and said,"What's the matter, Uncle Xu?"

Xu Fugui held Li Chaoyang's shoulders and asked in a low voice.

"When Lou Zhenhua invited you to go to Lou's house to treat his mother-in-law,"

"Apart from the Lou family, is there a man similar to your age?

Li Chaoyang shook his head and said,"It seems not.""

"When I went there, Lou Xiaoe had been staying in the house where her grandmother lived."

"I saw no outsiders, let alone men."

Xu Fugui frowned and murmured to himself after hearing this.

"That would be strange"

"The Lou family clearly said that someone was accompanying Lou Xiaoe to watch over her grandmother."

"Lou Xiao'e had a crush on that person, so she wanted to break off her engagement with the Xu family."

"Even the betrothal gift given by the Xu family was returned."

"Is there another secret?

Li Chaoyang asked:"Uncle Xu, what did you say?""

Xu Fugui came back to his senses and was about to say nothing.

Ding Ling's pounding voice came from the room. He scolded him for being a prodigal, and went back to the house to stop his son from smashing things.

Isn't it just that the marriage has been blown, and he can find another one. Li Chaoyang listened to Xu Fugui scolding Xu Damao at the door.

If Damao's mother hadn't stopped him, Xu Fugui would have beaten him. In addition to the Xu family who kept quiet, he could also vaguely hear the movement of the Jia family.

It seemed that Jia Weimin was giving Jia Dongxu to Jia Dongxu from outside. He was dragged back.

He scolded him for being useless. He wanted to make a move but was stopped by Jia Zhang.

He didn't hit Jia Dongxu, but accidentally injured Jia Zhang.

Jia Dongxu stood up for his mother, and the two men were about to fight.

Li Chaoyang laughed, and the fun ended temporarily..

Go home and boil water to wash your feet and go to bed. You don’t have to go to work on the weekend tomorrow.

Let’s see if you want to go out for a walk or go to the courtyard house named by Lou Xiao’e.

Everything you need has been purchased in advance. If you want to stay long, you need to wait until the time is right.

Now You can stay there occasionally.

Or you can hide your beauty in the Golden House.

It’s just that the location of this second-indoor courtyard is a bit special, in Rouge Alley.

As for why it’s special? Anyone who knows it will understand!


The next day.

Li Chaoyang slept until he woke up naturally.

Cycling to the second courtyard in Yanzhi Hutong.

As soon as I turned into the alley, I saw a girl walking across the street.

The way he walks and the way he is dressed look familiar.

Li Chaoyang smiled as he got closer.

The girl also smiled.

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