Li Chaoyang and Lou Xiao'e looked at each other.

Not seeing each other for one day is like three autumns. I haven't seen him for several days.

Lou Xiao'e looked at Li Chaoyang without saying anything, and followed Li Chaoyang with a smile.

Her eyes looked like crescent moons when she smiled, and there were two faint dimples when she smiled.

Obediently, he waited for Li Chaoyang to take out the key and open the door.

After entering the door, quickly close the door.

Then he couldn't wait to throw himself into Li Chaoyang's arms.

He just did nothing and hugged her for more than ten minutes.

Li Chaoyang reminded her that it was cold outside and that she should be hugged inside again.

Lou Xiao'e blushed and pushed Li Chaoyang away, then trotted into the main room of the north house.


A class passed in the blink of an eye.

The two of them still had endless things to say.

Li Chaoyang hugged Lou Xiao'e and said

"If not, I'll take you back to your hometown next week"

"Meet my parents and two sisters?"

This is the first time that Li Chaoyang mentioned his family since the two met.

Lou Xiao'e's heartbeat accelerated when she heard this.

She said in a very small voice

"I...I'm not ready yet"

"Just wait until I'm ready"

"I will definitely go with you to your house to meet your parents."

Li Chaoyang laughed, held Lou Xiao'e's hand and said

"Then it's settled"

"Remember to tell me when you are ready"

"I'll take you back to meet my parents."

Lou Xiao'e blushed and nodded.

Li Chaoyang put away his smile and talked about another thing.

"When grandma left, I promised grandma that I would marry you"

"It's better to choose a day than to hit it. How about I go to your house to propose marriage today?"

"When we get back from work, let's get the certificate first."

"After receiving the certificate, I found someone to look after me and arrange a banquet on a good day."

Li Chaoyang didn't do it on a whim, but he was afraid that the cooked duck would fly away.

It's not suitable to move out and live alone after getting married.

So he planned to let Lou Xiao'e go to work with him after they got married.

There was also the one waiting for him in the countryside. Go and marry her Qin Huairu.

You have to find a way to make Lou Xiaoe and Qin Huairu become good friends.

After all, Lou Xiaoe is just a silly girl. As long as she can become good friends with Qin Huairu, the rest will fall into place.

If you don’t believe me, watch the original drama.

Lou Xiaoe and Qin Huairu Xu Damao divorced not long ago.

Under the help of the deaf old lady, he fell in love with Sha Zhu who helped her once.

Even if his family moved to Xiangjiang, he had to become Sha Zhu's woman before leaving.

Li Chaoyang didn't like to procrastinate in doing things. Dare to think and dare to do it.

One second he was talking about going to the Lou family to propose marriage, and the next second he was dragging Lou Xiaoe to buy things.

Regardless of whether the Lou family was short of things or not, he had to bring a betrothal gift when he proposed marriage.

Li Chaoyang led Lou Xiaoe to the department store, thinking Choose some good and expensive ones.

Lou Xiaoe stopped you from buying them.

"Chaoyang, don’t spend this wasted money. Our family doesn’t need anything."

"If you really feel sorry for yourself, just buy a few kilograms of snacks."

"My father doesn't smoke or drink, and no one in our family does."

Lou Xiao'e focused on saving money for Li Chaoyang.

If she were Lou Xiao'e before her grandmother passed away, she would not be like this.

Before her death, her grandmother told Lou Xiao'e a lot.

The most talked about was to ask her to be diligent and frugal in running the house. If you don't have enough to eat, you will have to spend money. He was less than a lifetime poor.

Li Chaoyang was very happy to see Lou Xiao'e thinking about him so much.

However, etiquette is indispensable, and it's not strange to have too many people. The two came out of the department store carrying large and small bags.

They bumped into Bai Ling, who came to investigate the case. Bai

Ling frowned and looked at them.

Li Chaoyang raised the gift in his hand and said

"No need to guess, it’s just what you think"

"I'm going to Lou's house to propose marriage."

Bai Ling was speechless for a moment, frowning and pulling Lou Xiao'e to one side.

She wanted to say a few words to Lou Xiao'e.

Lou Xiao'e broke away from Bai Ling and said,"Sister Bai Ling, I know what you want to say."

"Isn’t it Chaoyang who married you?"

"I don't care, it's not his fault you divorced him"

"Don't worry, Chaoyang is very good to me"

"we are happy together"

"And you will always be happy."

Although Lou Xiao'e is much younger than Bai Ling, she is also very possessive.

She doesn't care what Bai Ling and Li Chaoyang were like before.

Now Li Chaoyang is her man, and she doesn't allow anyone to say that her man is not good.

Li Chaoyang saw Bai Ling She was speechless.

She stretched out her arm and motioned for Lou Xiaoe to take his arm.

Carrying rice, flour, oil, meat, eggs and milk, she went to Lou's house to propose marriage.

When Bai Ling came back to her senses, she planned to refute Lou Xiaoe.

Only then did she realize that the two of them had left. They were far away.

Bai Ling was a little angry, so she got in the car and prepared to chase them.

As soon as she started the car, she suddenly felt nauseated. She jumped out of the car and squatted on the roadside to vomit.

…… the other side.

Lou family.

Li Chaoyang walked into the living room.

Leave the betrothal gift at the door.

10 pounds of pork, 10 pounds of eggs, 10 pounds of goat milk.

20 pounds of rice, 20 pounds of white flour, and 20 pounds of peanut oil.

There is also a big and swollen red envelope, which is regarded as a bride price.

I solemnly promise Lou Xiaoe’s parents that I will treat Lou Xiaoe well throughout my life.

Lou Tan was very happy and ordered the servant to make tea for Li Chaoyang and called Lou Zhenhua downstairs.

Lou Zhenhua came downstairs from the study upstairs with a straight face.

I saw Lou Xiaoe entertaining Li Chaoyang with his best tea.

The corners of his mouth kept twitching.

He sat opposite Li Chaoyang with a cold face.

It's like someone owes him a million.

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