Li Chaoyang couldn't see clearly the beauty's appearance.

But her figure is really amazing.

Li Chaoyang was single for half a century in his two lifetimes.

A beautiful woman with such a good figure appeared in his dream.

He was not polite.

This scene reminded Li Chaoyang of his childhood in his previous life.

The martial arts character he envied most was Xu Zhu.

After watching the episode Meng Gu and Meng Lang,

I dreamed of becoming Xu Zhu.

Never imagined.

It had only been a day since he traveled through time, and his dream had come true.

This happiness is hard-won, and Li Chaoyang must cherish it.

About one class time passed.

Li Chaoyang took a long breath and was very satisfied with this dream.

The great beauty not only throws herself into her arms, but is also so considerate.

I just kept calling his name.

About two more classes later, Li Chaoyang turned over.

With a pop, Li Chaoyang fell to the ground.

Even after she fell to the ground, she didn't want to let go of the beauty in her arms.

Anyway, Li Chaoyang's body has exceeded human limits.

The sky serves as a quilt and the earth serves as a bed.

Just like that, I smiled and fell asleep with my arms around the big beauty.

…… early morning.

Li Chaoyang still can't get rid of Tiangang Disha.

Use points to upgrade first and only have 10 cubic meters of portable space.

The portable space has become ten times larger at a speed visible to the naked eye.

From 10 cubic meters to 100 cubic meters.

The Qi ball in his body changed from the size of an egg to the size of a football.

There is something strange about the Tiangang Disha in the skill pack, which is probably related to the enlargement of the Qi Tuan.

Suddenly I felt something moving under my head.

Li Chaoyang turned over and saw Bai Ling wrapped in a quilt and pulling out her clothes.

Willow eyebrows, cherry mouth, butterfly back, swan neck, A4 waist.

A pair of watery autumn eyes that could speak.

Whoever sees it is confused.

Li Chaoyang really felt the clothes under his head moving.

My heart skipped a beat.

It turns out that last night was not a dream. it is true! It's true!

Li Chaoyang thought of Bai Ling's temper and subconsciously closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

Although this girl is as beautiful as a fairy, she has a very bad temper.

She is a serious intelligence expert.

He is a top student who graduated from Big Brother's institution of higher learning.

She has arrested more spies than Li Chaoyang has ever seen.

More bullets were fired than he had ever seen.

She really made her anxious, and she really dared to shoot you.

Li Chaoyang closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep, squinting to see if Bai Ling was gone.

It didn't matter at this glance, I happened to catch Bai Ling's eyes while she was getting dressed.

Bad dish!

"What are you looking at? If you look again, I'll pluck out your eyeballs! Still watching! You wait!"

I saw Bai Ling lowering her head to look for something while talking.

【Ding! Bai Ling was shocked, and her mood value was +100!】

【Ding! Bai Ling feels angry, and her mood value +1000! ]

Li Chaoyang saw Bai Ling looking for a gun and subconsciously removed Bai Ling's holster.

He was really afraid that this girl would kill him if she got excited.

Li Chaoyang's speed was unprecedented.

By the time Bai Ling reacted, the gun was already in Li Chaoyang's hand.

【Ding! Bai Ling was extremely shocked, and her emotional value was +3000! 】

This speed not only shocked Bai Ling, but also Li Chaoyang himself.

It seems that I really can't learn ordinary Kung Fu. If I want to learn, I have to learn the Eight Magic Skills.

I don’t know what Tiangang Disha is.

Could it be the lost secret technique of the Taoist sect that grandpa talked about, using Qi to transform into form?

Bai Ling came to her senses, reached out and asked Li Chaoyang for a gun.

"Give me the gun back!"

Li Chaoyang put the gun behind him

"Wife, please listen to my explanation."

Bai Ling rushed up to grab the gun.

"Who is your wife? Li Chaoyang, I order you to return the gun to me!"

"I was really blind to marry you"

"I thought you were different from other men"

"I never thought you were this kind of person"

"Give me the gun back!"

【Ding! Bai Ling feels aggrieved, and her emotional value +500! 】

Li Chaoyang pointed to the quilt on the ground with a cold face and said

"I should be the one to say this, right?"

"I slept well on the ground, so it’s me who suffers, okay?"

"Bai Ling! I really didn't expect you to be this kind of person"

"Since you despise me, why did you get into my bed last night?"

"You have been wronged. I am the one who should be wronged."

"It's obvious that you're the one taking advantage and I'm the one suffering the loss, but now you're beating me up."

"I was blind to fall in love with a woman like you"

"Don’t you just see me as young and good-looking, and want to get me?"

"Now you finally succeeded"

"Don’t say anything, just get a divorce!"

【Ding! Bai Ling feels grievance + anger, and her emotional value +1800! ]

Bai Ling gritted her teeth and said angrily:

"What qualifications do you have to ask for divorce from me?"

"If you want a divorce, I will divorce you too."

Li Chaoyang sneered.

"Then why do you ask for divorce from me?"

"Just because you use your home as a guest house and don’t come back for ten and a half days"

"Or should the evildoer file the complaint first, then get an advantage and then behave?"

Bai Ling suppressed her anger and said in a very cold tone.

"Don't think I don't know what you're thinking"

"Don’t you just think that I won’t consummate the marriage with you?"

"Didn't last night go as you wished?"

"Are you satisfied now?"

Li Chaoyang said coldly

"The responsibility for what happened last night is yours, not mine."

"It's me who suffers, not you"

"Don't hold the blame for me. I won't bear the blame."

"Anyway, you already have me, let’s get a divorce."

"From now on, just pretend that you don’t know anyone! Bai

Ling gritted her teeth and tied the last button and said.

"Just leave, I've had enough of this day."

Li Chaoyang put on his shoes and said

"I'll wait for you at the door!"

When I went out, I saw Xu Damao talking bad things about Liu Haizhong's boss.

"I'm right, Bai Ling despises Li Chaoyang"

"We have been married for more than half a year, and we are not allowed to touch him."

"A big old man can’t even handle his own wife"

"If I were Li Chaoyang, she would beat her eight times a day if she dared not let me touch her."

Li Chaoyang coughed lightly, and Liu Guangqi was so frightened that he ran faster than a rabbit.

Xu Damao noticed something was wrong and wanted to run away.

Li Chaoyang's qi hit his Dantian and gave him a kick.

【Ding! Xu Damao has a painful emotion, and his emotion value is +500! ]

He wanted to leave but was stopped by Damao’s mother,"You can’t leave, you must speak clearly today!"

【Ding! Damao Ma feels pain + anger, and her mood value +1000! 】

Xu Damao was so painful that he turned into a crotch-covering person.

Li Chaoyang glanced sideways at Damao's mother

"If you're being reasonable and you're stupid, you'll hit someone."

"If you don't accept it, you can sue me at the Military Control Commission."

"Let the Military Control Commission make the assessment!"

Li Chaoyang left after saying that. Damao's mother's nose was so angry that she was crooked.

【Ding! Damao Ma feels angry, and her mood value is +500!】

"Mom, I'm fine."

Xu Damao forced himself to comfort his mother.

【Ding! Xu Damao has a painful emotion, and his emotion value is +500! 】

Li Chaoyang walked out with his hands behind his back and met Si Zhu.

Little did he know that the method of lifting the vaginal legs that Silly Zhu learned from him would cause Xu Damao to have no descendants.

From the corner of his eye, he saw Bai Ling holding on to the wall and following behind.

Thinking of Xu Damao's blind date today, Li Chaoyang prepared to pick up Xu Damao's blind date.

【For the convenience of reading, the currency is directly in the second set! 】

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