As the saying goes, children are your own good, and your wife is other people's good.

With the 5 TB of theoretical knowledge he had in his previous life, picking up a girl was easier than drinking water.

Li Chaoyang walked through the middle courtyard and discussed with Yan Bugui, who was watering the flowers, his experience in growing flowers.

【Ding! Yan Bugui felt shocked, and his mood value was +80! 】

Looking up, he saw Zheng Chaoyang standing at the gate.

Smiling and greeting Zheng Chaoyang

"Deputy Director Zheng, that gust of wind brought you here."

【Ding! Zheng Chaoyang was shocked, and his emotion value was +800! ]

Li Chaoyang didn't expect Zheng Chaoyang's emotional level to be so high.

Zheng Chaoyang held Li Chaoyang's hand and said

"I happened to be in Beijing on a business trip and wanted to see my old comrades."

"I have to catch the train back to Mingzhu later, so I won’t go home."

"Bai Ling is at home. Please call her out. I will say hello to her and leave.

Li Chaoyang pointed behind him without looking back and said,"She's right there.""

Zheng Chaoyang looked in the direction of Li Chaoyang's finger.

He felt sour when he saw Bai Ling walking out of the courtyard holding the wall.

Li Chaoyang hurried over to help her when he saw this.

"Wife, please slow down, let me help you, be careful of the steps."

Li Chaoyang went to help Bai Ling, but was not angry when Bai Ling rejected him.

Seeing this scene, Zheng Chaoyang felt a flash of disappointment on his face.

It felt completely different from what Bai Ling told him yesterday.

【Ding! Zheng Chaoyang felt shocked + confused + disappointed, and his emotional value was +9800! 】

Li Chaoyang saw the highest emotional value ever.

Shaking hands with Zheng Chaoyang again, I really couldn't bear to let him go.

Zheng Chaoyang held Li Chaoyang's hand and suddenly tightened his grip.

Li Chaoyang showed no signs of weakness. He was no longer the same person as before.

【Ding! Zheng Chaoyang was extremely shocked, and his emotion value was +8000! 】

Rao is Zheng Chaoyang as the deputy director of the Mingzhu Municipal Bureau.

Even with all his strength, he is still no match for Li Chaoyang

【Ding! Zheng Chaoyang felt shocked + confused, and his emotional value was +7000! ]

Li Chaoyang only used 50% of his strength, and the pain was so painful that Zheng Chaoyang even sweated.

I had to take the initiative to let go.

Li Chaoyang smiled and patted Zheng Chaoyang's hand and said

"I used to often hear Bai Ling praise you for your skills."

"When I saw it today, it certainly lived up to its reputation."

"I know you two have known each other for so many years"

"You know Bai Ling’s temper best"

"So I want to ask you to help me persuade her."

"Don't mention divorce at every turn"

"If there is anything wrong with me, she can tell her directly and I will correct it."

"The couple was living together, quarreling at the bedside about the bed and the"

"Deputy Director Zheng, do you think this is true?"

Zheng Chaoyang didn't know how to answer, so in the end he could only hide his embarrassment with a smile.

【Ding! Zheng Chaoyang felt embarrassed, and his mood value was +1000! 】

Li Chaoyang stretched and hit Ha Qie and said

"I went to bed too late last night and now I'm sleepy"

"It's all your fault. She won't sleep and won't let me sleep either."

Zheng Chaoyang understood what Li Chaoyang meant by saying this, so he was even more embarrassed than before.

【Ding! Zheng Chaoyang felt embarrassed, and his mood value was +2000! 】

Bai Ling saw that Zheng Chaoyang had misunderstood, and angrily scolded Li Chaoyang

"Li Chaoyang, what are you talking about?"

【Ding! Bai Ling feels shy and angry, and her mood value is +800! 】

Li Chaoyang decisively gave in

"Wife, I was wrong. I didn’t think that Deputy Director Zheng was an outsider and I didn’t say that."

Bai Ling was stunned by the call of daughter-in-law.

It was the first time in half a year since her marriage that she heard Li Chaoyang call her daughter-in-law.

Coupled with the amazing speed he showed when grabbing the gun just now,

Bai Ling suddenly realized that she didn't understand Li Chaoyang at all.

And Li Chaoyang didn't care. Whether Bai Ling is angry or not, this is what he wants. It doesn't matter whether Bai Ling is really angry or not.

Anyway, when Zheng Chaoyang sees this scene, he will definitely think that they are flirting.

Zheng Chaoyang can't get in the middle of the bickering between the two.

Finally seizing the opportunity, he said goodbye to Bai Ling awkwardly but politely.

He smiled and said, wishing them both a long life, and then left.

【Ding! Zheng Chaoyang felt disappointed, and his mood value was +1800! 】

The corners of Li Chaoyang's mouth rose, and Bai Ling chased after him to explain.

Everything she told him before was true!

It's a pity that Zheng Chaoyang only believes what he sees.

No matter how Bai Ling shouted from behind, Zheng Chaoyang would never look back.

Bai Ling fell down while walking.

Li Chaoyang saw Bai Ling wrestling but did not help her.

Until Zheng Chaoyang turned around when he heard the noise, Yu couldn't bear to help Bai Ling.

Li Chaoyang took the first step to help Bai Ling.

Zheng Chaoyang retracted his outstretched hand as if he was electrocuted.

Li Chaoyang helped Bai Ling up and took the opportunity to use his Qi to explore Bai Ling's body.

Confirming that it was what he thought, he took a long breath.

He smiled and said to Bai Ling

"Wife, are you okay?"

"I know you don't like me saying anything."

"But if you are angry, you are still angry. Don’t be angry and get sick."

"Even if you don't think about yourself, you still have to think about our children."

【Ding! Bai Ling feels angry, and her mood value is +2000! 】

Bai Ling pushed Li Chaoyang away and shouted

"Li Chaoyang, if you dare to talk nonsense again, believe it or not, I will kill you with one shot!"

Li Chaoyang held down the holster and gave in.

"OK OK! I will not say anymore"

"Don't be angry, it will hurt your health"

"Not good for the baby in the belly"

【Ding! Zheng Chaoyang felt extremely shocked + extremely disappointed, with an emotion value of +10,000! 】

Zheng Chaoyang received a critical blow.

Seeing that this young couple is about to become a family of three.

I actually plan to transfer Bai Ling to Mingzhu. It’s really ridiculous to think about it.

"Bai Ling, I'm leaving. I wish you happiness and we won't contact each other in the future."

Zheng Chaoyang is really gone this time.

Bai Ling said with red eyes.

"Chaoyang things are really not what you think!"

Zheng Chaoyang did not look back. Li Chaoyang smiled and waved goodbye to Zheng Chaoyang.

"Goodbye, Deputy Director Zheng!"

Immediately he restrained Bai Ling who wanted to sneak attack him with one hand.

"Let go!"

Li Chaoyang let go, and Bai Ling staggered back.

Li Chaoyang backed away and ignored her, letting Bai Ling fall.

【Ding! The white-collar worker feels angry, and his mood value is +500! 】

Bai Ling stood up and said fiercely

"Are you satisfied now?"

Li Chaoyang put his hands in his pockets and led the way.

"You want to beat me up again, right?"

"Let's go to the Military Control Commission to apply for divorce."

"After completing the follow-up, you will be free."

In Li Chaoyang's eyes, Bai Ling is just an untamed thousand-mile horse.

Although the thousand-mile horse is good, it is a pity that his family does not have grassland for the time being. When he arrived at the entrance of the Military Control Commission, Bai Ling took the first step.

As soon as Li Chaoyang went up the steps, there was an old man behind him. He fell to the ground.

Li Chaoyang saw that the old man was extraordinary, so he spent all his points on upgrading his medical skills.

Finally, he upgraded his medical skills to the full level.

He checked the old man's pulse and spent a lot of Qi to help the old man clear the blocked meridians.

A few minutes later, the old lady Li Chaoyang's family drove there.

Li Chaoyang then found out that the old lady's surname was Tan, and her family owned a Tan's restaurant.

The old lady asked Li Chaoyang's address before leaving in the car.

She promised to repay Li Chaoyang's life-saving grace in the future.

Li Chaoyang promised to give more when the time comes. I just need a few boxes of gold bars.

As soon as the car left, Bai Ling came out of the house.

Bai Ling stood at the door and looked down at Li Chaoyang who was standing at the bottom of the steps, feeling secretly happy in her heart.

【Ding! Bai Ling feels happy, and her mood value is +100! ]

Li Chaoyang looked at the system prompts and wondered why Bai Ling was so happy.

Just listen to Bai Ling say,"Now do you know you regret it?"

She is a top student who graduated from Big Brother University.

The oldest intelligence team leader in the city bureau.

In the future, he is destined to be the youngest deputy director of the municipal bureau in Beijing.

His appearance, body, education and background are all impeccable.

Bai Ling does have her proud capital.

Li Chaoyang suddenly realized what he said, but he didn't act according to common sense.

"Whoever regrets it will have a grandson!"

Li Chaoyang opened the door and walked in, urging Bai Ling, who was in a daze, to follow him quickly.

【Ding! Bai Ling felt angry and embarrassed, and her emotional value was +338! 】

The two completed the divorce procedures and returned to the courtyard together.

Bai Ling went into the house to pack her things and prepare to move back to the city bureau's dormitory.

People in the courtyard heard that Li Chaoyang took Bai Ling to the Military Control Commission to get divorced, and they all gathered around the door of Li's house to watch the excitement.

Xu Damao was certain that Li Chaoyang did not dare to divorce Bai Ling.

Li Chaoyang threw the divorce certificate directly in the face of Xu Damao, the crotch-covering fan.

Seeing the divorce certificate, one stone stirred up waves.

In the blink of an eye, everyone in the hospital came to Li's house to join in the fun.

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