Lou Xiao'e also knew this.

Li Chaoyang told her.

Lou Xiao'e didn't believe it at first, but later she believed it when she saw it with her own eyes.

Later, I asked several famous doctors in Beijing.

I learned that sleepwalking is not a serious problem in life.

Just don't let the sleepwalker wander around while sleepwalking.

Talk all night. on Monday.

Li Chaoyang went to get water.

Found out that the water pipes in the backyard were frozen.

Take the toiletries and go to the courtyard to wash up.

I have to wrap something around the water pipe, otherwise it will be inconvenient to use water.

As soon as Li Chaoyang arrived at the middle courtyard, he found that he had forgotten the hot water and towels.

Just when I was about to go back to get it, Lou Xiao'e and Qin Huairu came.

Lou Xiao'e poured hot water and Qin Huairu handed over a towel.

Li Chaoyang washes alone and has two people waiting on him.

But the people in the courtyard are envious.

Some people envy Li Chaoyang for marrying such an obedient wife as Lou Xiao'e.

I have always heard people say that capitalist ladies are overbearing and unreasonable.

Why is Lou Xiaoe different from what others said?

There are also people who envy Li Chaoyang for having such a beautiful cousin as Qin Huairu.

I used to hear my parents say that children in rural areas are uneducated and disrespectful.

Why is Qin Huairu different from what his parents told him?

Li Chaoyang took the towel handed by Qin Huairu.

He glanced at Jia Dongxu who was hiding behind the door curtain.

If he had known that this boy was looking at him, he would be envious and jealous right now.

If you envy, envy, and hate, just envy, envy, and hate.

Anyway, no piece of meat will be lost.

After Li Chaoyang washed up and returned to the backyard, Jia Dongxu dared to go out.

He clenched his fists and swore secretly that he would be like Li Chaoyang in the future.

Suddenly hearing Li Chaoyang's cough, Jia Dongxu subconsciously wanted to run away.

Out of sight, out of sight, take a step ahead and go to work.

When he saw Qin Huairu going to work with him, he felt uncomfortable. backyard.

Li Chaoyang took Qin Huairu out.

He saw Xu Damao cleaning his car.

There is no one who can be as sophisticated as Xu Damao.

No wonder Xu Damao became the highest-ranking leader of the hospital in the original drama.

The three of them walked out of the courtyard together and met Sha Zhu and Jia Dongxu in the alley.

Jia Dongxu laughed at Silly Zhu for having two fathers, and Silly Zhu cursed Jia Dongxu to be a bachelor for the rest of his life.

Li Chaoyang rang the car bell and signaled them to give way.

He led Qin Huairu through the two of them.

Say hello to Xu Damao and take Qin Huairu one step ahead on his bike.

Xu Damao heard that the two were still bickering and wanted to help Jia Dongxu scold Silly Zhu.

As a result, Jia Dongxu said that he was Li Chaoyang's lackey.

Xu Damao's words made Jia Dongxu so angry that he vomited blood.

"That's better than you. Your partner lives in the same house with someone else every day now."

Jia Dongxu was hit hard, his face was like a pig's liver and his heart was beating very hard.

Xu Damao and Silly Zhu found nothing unusual and left the alley.

Silly Zhu asked Xu Damao:"What does Li Chaoyang do with Qin Hairu at work?

Xu Damao said angrily:"Ask him, how do I know?""

Si Zhu was choked and wanted to hit someone. He turned around and found that Xu Damao had run away. He looked back at Jia Dongxu, who was walking slowly.

Si Zhu snorted coldly, thinking of Qin Huairu who didn't like to talk to him.

From his first glance When he arrived at Qin Huairu, he was amazed.

Even though he grew up in Sijiu City, he had never seen a girl more beautiful than Qin Huairu.

It's not that there are no beautiful girls in the capital, the key is that Silly Zhu can't get in touch with her.

After all, he studied cooking with He Daqing since he was a child, and he was considered a kid who grew up in the kitchen. He spent the whole day dealing with firewood, rice, oil and salt in the kitchen, and there were not many girls of similar age.

So when he first saw Qin Huairu, he was shocked.

Don't look at it. His father calls him Silly Zhu, but in fact he is not stupid at all.

Silly Zhu thinks that he is very smart many times.

For example, on the issue of Qin Huairu.

Even though Jia Dongxu said he would not marry Qin Huairu, in fact he couldn't let go of Qin Huairu in his heart. Ru, it’s a pity that people didn’t take a fancy to him.

There is also Xu Damao, who is about the same age as him. That bastard is full of tricks. He is always trying to be courteous in front of Li Chaoyang recently, so he must have been holding back his shit!

…… the other side.

Rolling Mill Infirmary.

The female doctor will come a little late today.

Li Chaoyang had to get down to business first.

After finishing his work, he will bring Qin Huairu to join him.

Silly Zhu came to the infirmary to bandage his injured finger.

When he entered the room, he saw Qin Huairu behind Li Chaoyang.

Silly Zhu thought he was dazzled, so he rubbed his eyes and the person was still there.

After bandaging, he ran to the workshop to find Jia Dongxu and make him angry about this matter.

Unexpectedly, Jia Dongxu didn't believe it at all.

Silly Zhu also had a stubborn temper and took Jia Dongxu to the infirmary.

Hearing is false, seeing is believing, let him see with his own eyes.

Li Chaoyang was changing dressings for workers and found Silly Zhu and Jia Dongxu sneaking outside the window.

Taking advantage of them, he suddenly knocked on the window, startling them both.

When the female doctor came to work, Li Chaoyang could finally take a break.

He also said that he didn’t know what happened today, but so many people came to the infirmary just after going to work.

Li Chaoyang washed his hands and took Qin Huairu to the Administrative Section Office to join the job.

I met projectionist Xu Damao in the corridor.

He was even happier than Li Chaoyang when he heard that Qin Huairu came to handle the induction process.

Ask Li Chaoyang which master he plans to let Qin Huairu follow.

Li Chaoyang said:"We have chosen the senior female fitter from the second workshop, Master Chen!

"Everyone calls her Aunt Chen. You should know this person."

Xu Damao's face collapsed when he heard the words Aunt Chen.

He originally wanted to accompany them to the workshop.

But now it's like a mouse seeing a cat, running faster than a rabbit.

Qin Huairu looked confused, not knowing what he was doing Why are you so afraid of Aunt Chen?

Li Chaoyang did not explain, but took her to the workshop after completing the onboarding process.

He said later you will know why Xu Damao is so afraid of Aunt Chen.

Li Chaoyang went to the second workshop to see Aunt Chen, and remembered that Aunt Chen led people in the original drama Showing Xu Damao the melon scene.

Handing Qin Huairu to Aunt Chen, even if he doesn't work in the factory one day, no one would dare to bully Qin Huairu.

Aunt Chen led Qin Huairu to familiarize himself with the work process.

It happened that the person at the next station went to the toilet.

Aunt Chen was demonstrating to Qin Huairu at this workstation.

Li Chaoyang stood aside and watched.

Suddenly he felt someone behind him, and when he turned around, he found it was Jia Dongxu. Only then did he realize that this workstation belonged to Jia Dongxu.

Jia Dongxu had no expression on his face when he saw Li Chaoyang.

When he When he saw Aunt Chen using the things he had processed to teach Qin Huairu negative lessons,

Jia Dongxu was so embarrassed that he wanted to hide in the ground.

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