After the meal, they wash their feet and each sleeps in his own place.

Li Chaoyang was not sleepwalking today, but Qin Huairu was sleepwalking.

I was obviously sleeping in the outer room, but I ran into the inner room in the middle of the night.


The next day.

When I woke up, the sky was bright.

Li Chaoyang felt refreshed and stood at the door to wash up.

Say hello to the sleepy Xu Damao.

Qin Huairu got up late and didn't have breakfast at home.

Li Chaoyang took her out to eat.

Unexpectedly, Qin Huairu wanted to try Douzhier.

I obviously don't like drinking bean juice, but I can't get rid of the weird smell.

But he insisted that he likes to drink bean juice.

Li Chaoyang understood Qin Huairu's thoughts and could see through it without telling him.

After dinner, we went to work together, and we didn’t think about it until we arrived at the factory gate.

He is now the leader of the purchasing team of the Materials Section.

I am no longer a factory doctor, so I don’t have to come to the factory every day.

Now that you're here, let's go to the Materials Department.

Meet with the purchasing team.

Everything in the purchasing team is normal, with or without him.

The original team leader was demoted to deputy team leader, and no trouble could be caused without him.

Li Chaoyang called the former team leader out to chat for a few words.

He only talked about his relationship with Lou Xiao'e and how good Lou Xiao'e's parents were to him.

We are all smart people. There is no need to say something explicitly, just know it in your heart.

The former team leader promised to fully cooperate with Li Chaoyang's work.

I believe Li Chaoyang will not stay in the team leader position for long.

After all, he is the only son-in-law of the Lou family.

Maybe the entire Lou family's property will belong to others in the future.

Li Chaoyang likes to deal with smart people, and he can tell the truth.

Encourage the former team leader to work hard, and he will be the head of the material department in the future.

Li Chaoyang left the Materials Department and went to the infirmary for a long time.

Go to the cafeteria at meal time, prepare to go back after eating

…… canteen.

Li Chaoyang declined the former team leader's kindness.

Line up to get your own meal.

Suddenly there was a quarrel in the kitchen.

The voices should be He Daqing and Li Huaide.

The two of them started to quarrel for some unknown reason, and the quarrel became more and more fierce.

He Daqing threw something and startled Li Huaide.

Li Huaide yelled and threatened to expel He Daqing.

He Daqing was not used to Li Huaide, so he took off his chef uniform and left.

Before leaving, he made harsh words, whoever comes to the steel rolling mill again will be his grandson.

Many people gathered around the kitchen window to watch the excitement.

Li Chaoyang didn't join in the fun and packed a meal and went out to eat.

After hearing Li Huaide scolding the spectators, many people poured out of the canteen.

The former team leader was also in the crowd.

Ask Li Chaoyang what he thinks of Li Huaide's dismissal of He Daqing?

Li Chaoyang said:"I have no idea"

"After all, without investigation, there is no right to speak."

Li Chaoyang intends to cultivate the former team leader Yang Jingang into a direct descendant.

But before he becomes his direct descendant, he must be careful what he says. After all, Li Huaide is not an ordinary person. He has a big backer.

Li Chaoyang wants to prevent someone from spreading rumors and causing unnecessary trouble for himself..

Seeing that he didn't say anything, Yang Jingang looked around and said softly

"I think Li Huaide used He Daqing to establish his power"

"Prepare for him to take over as Logistics Director."

Li Chaoyang didn't know whether it was true or not, so he didn't comment on it. He left the rolling mill after lunch.

He took the time to visit Yang Jingang's house to see if he was suitable for training.

Li Chaoyang rode through Dongzhimen and went straight through Nanluogu Lane. Shichahai.

I saw many people fishing in winter on the shore, and from time to time someone caught a fish, which was very lively.

Li Chaoyang also wanted to fish, but unfortunately he didn’t have a fishing rod.

An old man saw that he was eager to try and taught him how to make his own fishing rod with a bamboo rod.

Li Chaoyang I used local materials and learned to fish with a homemade fishing rod. It was my first time fishing in two lives.

I used to watch others fishing, especially in my previous life.

It seemed that besides fishing in rivers, lakes and reservoirs, some people rented The boat went out to sea for fishing.

It looked very lively, but he had never tried it. He made his own fishing rod and tied it with borrowed fishing line and fishhook.

Li Chaoyang learned that he put the fishhook into the hole dug in the ice.

In less than a minute, he felt like Something in the water bit the hook.

A good start!

Li Chaoyang caught a big carp weighing more than two kilograms.

He had no experience when pulling out the hook and almost succeeded.

The first time made him want to have a second time. Li Chaoyang was very excited.

He took the fish Put it in a frame made of reeds and continue fishing.

One! Two! Three! Four...

In less than an hour, Li Chaoyang caught seven or eight fish.

But the fishing friends next to him were envious.

And Li Chaoyang not only Seven or eight fish were harvested.

He also harvested tens of thousands of emotional points that were more valuable than the fish.

It was getting late, and

Li Chaoyang put away the fishing rod. He strung the fish together with reeds and went home.

Hanging the fish on the handlebar, he The turnaround rate on the road is 200%.

How strange!

I have walked this road many times.

Today, Li Chaoyang does not know the way.

From Shichahai, go north to the Bell and Drum Tower, go east to Dongzhimen, and go south to Chaoyangmen.

After passing Dong'anmen to Di'anmen, we returned to Nanluoguxiang.

Li Chaoyang carried the car across the threshold, and Yan Bugui was playing with flower pots.

Seeing so many fish hanging on his handlebars, his eyes nearly popped out.

Yan Bugui asked:"Chaoyang, where did you get so many fish?

Li Chaoyang said:"Of course I caught it, could it be that I picked it up?"

Yan Bugui was stunned when he heard this, and then asked:"Where did you catch it?""

"Moat or Shichahai?

Li Chaoyang said:"Shichahai!"

Yan Bugui asked:"Where is Shichahai?""

"Tell me quickly and I'll go now."

Yan Bugui was eager to fish, and saw that Li Chaoyang, a novice, had caught so much.

He planned to fish all night tonight, and sell the fish he caught to pay back the money.

Maybe he could have a good year.

Li Chaoyang sent Yan Bugui away, and when he got home, he found that Lou Xiao'e had returned Didn't come back.

Give the fish to Qin Huairu.

Qin Huairu was very happy to see so many fish.

While scraping the fish scales, she talked about returning to her hometown.

Qin Huairu said:"My mother sent a message asking me to go back.""

"Can you go back with me?

Li Chaoyang said:"I would like to go, but the fishy smell on my body is too strong."

Qin Huairu said:"I will boil water for you to take a bath after eating!"

Li Chaoyang said:"That's it?"

Qin Huairu said:"I...I will help you wash it!""

Li Chaoyang smiled and shook his head and said:"If you want to wash it, let's wash it together!"

Qin Huairu nodded with a blushing face.

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