Li Chaoyang got dressed while Qin Huairu went to the middle courtyard to get water.

After getting dressed, Qin Huairu just came back with water and was ready to wash up.

Li Chaoyang frowned when he found that Qin Huairu had her back turned to him.

He signaled Qin Huairu to turn his face.

Only then did I see her wiping away tears.

Li Chaoyang asked:"What's going on? Who bullied you."

Qin Huairu said with a cry:"Silly Zhu said that I look like Lou Xiao'e's maid!"

Li Chaoyang was happy, thinking that this boy was right.

Seeing Qin Huairu looking at him, Li Chaoyang quickly put away his smile.

Holding Qin Huairu's hand and coaxing her.

Qin Huairu did this.

But he was also very vindictive and kept scolding Silly Zhu during the meal.

This reminded Li Chaoyang of Sha Zhu's popularity in the original drama.

I remember the first all-hands meeting at the beginning of the original series.

Except for Yi Zhonghai who has impure intentions and the deaf old lady who has ulterior motives.

No one in the hospital wanted to see Silly Zhu.

He deserved to be frozen to death under the bridge in the original script.

Xu Damao, who was driven into ruin by him, had to collect the body for him.

After dinner, he took Qin Huairu to work at the steel rolling mill by bike.

This is what I promised her when I coaxed her just now. The Chinese New Year is almost here, and the alleys in Beijing are getting more and more festive. There were children setting off cannons early in the morning. Passing by the supply and marketing cooperative in the alley, many children gathered around the door. Shouting to buy firecrackers. Li Chaoyang joined in the fun with his childlike innocence still intact. I bought two 100-ring ones, put one in and kept the other. Prepare to use this string of firecrackers to vent Qin Huairu's anger. In his previous life, he often used firecrackers to prank his friends. For children, firecrackers can be thrown anywhere. Throw it into water, bury it in the soil, and put it in a dog bowl. Throw it into a drink bottle and stuff it into a bamboo pole. Or...hiding it in a cigarette. The two arrived at the factory, and Li Chaoyang and Qin Huairu went for a walk in the workshop. Aunt Chen asked when she would have a banquet with Lou Xiaoe. Li Chaoyang has not forgotten this matter, but it is not time yet. I told Aunt Chen that I planned to hold a banquet at my hometown in the countryside. The specific time has not been determined yet, but it will be either before or after the new year. Li Chaoyang stayed in the workshop for a while and then went to the materials department. Learn some purchasing knowledge from former team leader Yang Jingang. Unlike in the previous life, there were only a few suppliers. There are fewer routines than in previous lives. I stayed in the supplies department until noon, then headed to the cafeteria. I met Xu Damao at the door of the cafeteria. He took out the hundred firecrackers in his pocket and showed them to Xu Damao. Speaking of Shazhu making Qin Huairu cry. I want to use this string of firecrackers to make Silly Pillar remember. After hearing this, Xu Damao patted his forehead and said

"What a great idea!"

"Why didn't I think of it?"

"It's not appropriate for you to come to Chaoyang."

"Just let me come and I'll do it for you"

"Silly Zhu beat me so hard last time that it still hurts."

"Can you give me this opportunity? I beg you."

Xu Damao insisted on doing this for him.

Li Chaoyang signaled him to take away the firecrackers and whispered

"You can come, but I'll say something ugly first."

"If anyone finds out about this"


Xu Damao rushed to answer:"I will never say that you asked me to do it."

"One person is responsible for the work, and if something goes wrong, it's mine."

Li Chaoyang patted Xu Damao on the shoulder. Children can be taught.

Xu Damao went to look for Silly Zhu with firecrackers. Li Chaoyang went in to get food.

He thought Xu Damao was going to set off firecrackers in the kitchen, but after waiting for a long time, nothing happened.

Li Chaoyang had an ominous premonition.

…… the other side.

Xu Damao followed Shazhu into the toilet.

Climb the wall to make sure that Silly Zhu is the only one in the toilet.

After waiting for about a minute, he lit the firecrackers, threw them in and ran away.

He ran into the cafeteria in one breath and sat across from Li Chaoyang as if nothing happened.

Eating the meal he asked Li Chaoyang to help him.

In the toilet.

Silly Zhu just squatted for a minute.

Suddenly there was the sound of crackling firecrackers.

A string of firecrackers fell from the sky.

Go straight to Shazhu's forehead.

Fortunately, Silly Zhu was agile and was not hit by the firecrackers.

Silly Zhu dodged, but he forgot that he was squatting in a pit.

Can't hide from the firecrackers falling from the sky.

But fell into a bottomless pit


In the cafeteria.

Li Chaoyang was whispering to Xu Damao.

Yi Zhonghai rushed in and called for help.

"Save people? Just who?"

"Someone fell into a manure pit and I can't pull him up by myself"

"Come and help some people!"

I heard that someone fell into the manure pit, and everyone was willing to help.

When they heard that it was Sha Zhu who fell into the manure pit, no one was willing to go.

Some of them went to the door and went back.

This shows how popular Sha Zhu is in the factory.

Seeing that he couldn't call anyone else, Yi Zhonghai could only call Liu Haizhong and Jia Dongxu.

Then he called a few apprentices who wanted to be his disciples to rescue Silly Zhu. Xu Damao covered his mouth and snickered, and Li Chaoyang said expressionlessly

"You can still laugh"

"I advise you to think about it quickly"

"Let's talk to the security department later.

Xu Damao asked with a look of astonishment:"Is it so serious?""

Li Chaoyang said:"This is in the factory, and something happened to the workers in the factory."

"Will the security department not care?

Xu Damao said:"What should we do?" I won't be arrested, right?

Li Chaoyang said:"Not necessarily, it depends on whether Si Zhu was injured or not, and whether it was serious or not.""

Xu Damao said:"Do you really mean to arrest me?

Li Chaoyang said:"It depends on whether they can find you.""

Xu Damao realized the seriousness of the problem when he heard what he said.

He was only focused on revenge on Silly Zhu, but he didn't expect it to be so serious. As soon as Li Chaoyang finished speaking, Yi Zhonghai came to the cafeteria with people from the security department.

"Which of you just set off a cannon in the toilet next to the canteen?"

"I don't care if you do it intentionally or not, stand up now"

"Comrade He Yuzhu in our canteen was injured because you set off firecrackers."

"The factory leaders attached great importance to this matter and asked our security department to find the murderer within three days."

"Our policy is to be lenient if you confess and lenient if you resist."

"I don't care who you are, as long as you take the initiative to admit your mistakes now"

"The factory leaders will deal with it leniently"

"If you are lucky, once we find out"

"That is adding crime to crime, and you must be severely punished!"

Xu Damao was a little nervous, and the hand holding the chopsticks kept shaking.

Li Chaoyang grabbed Xu Damao's wrist and told him not to panic with his eyes.

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