【Ding! Jia Zhang was shocked and her mood value was +100!】

【Ding! Damao's mother was shocked, and her mood value was +150!】

【Ding! Yan Bugui was shocked……】

Li Chaoyang stood at the door with his arms folded.

There is something strange about Tiangang Disha again, but unfortunately it still cannot be opened.

I'll write back and ask my grandpa what's going on.

Immediately click on the personal information in the system panel

【Host: Li Chaoyang】

【Age: 19 years old】

【Physique: Full level, breaking through human limits!】

【Emotional intelligence: full level】

【Skills: Full level medical skills】

【Hidden skills: Qi Qi 1st level (up to 9th level), Li Chaoyang’s grandpa practiced Qi 10th level】

【Points: 8888】

【The system will automatically hide attributes that have reached full level. 】

Li Chaoyang checked personal information for the first time.

Only then did I learn that the highest level of each attribute is level nine.

The initial attribute value is 0 and the level is 1.

When the attribute value reaches 50 points, it is upgraded to level 2.

When the attribute value reaches 100 points, it is upgraded to level three.

When the attribute value reaches 500 points, it is upgraded to level four, and so on.

When the attribute value reaches 100,000 points, it will be upgraded to level nine, which is the full level.

The emotional value depends on the role of the character in the play.

The protagonist of each drama has the highest emotional value, ranging from single digits to five digits.

Supporting characters' emotions range from single digits to four digits.

The emotional value of a sidekick ranges from single digits to three digits.

The emotions of passers-by range from single digits to double digits.

Critical hits and consecutive critical hits have a chance to exceed the upper limit of emotional value.

Li Chaoyang was studying the emotion collection system and upgrade rules, and the neighbors who were watching the excitement were also busy.

Especially Damao Ma and Jia Zhang.

Seeing Li Chaoyang enter the house, he encouraged everyone to wait and see Li Chaoyang being kicked out.

After all, this house belongs to Bai Ling, and Li Chaoyang has his first day at work today.

Rao is a grade 19 health worker with a monthly salary of 37.5.

Cadre status of administrative level 26.

I didn't get a house even when I just started working.


Li Chaoyang went into the house to make tea.

Bai Ling lowered her head to pack her clothes.

Said without looking back

"Don’t forget to pay your rent on the 5th!"

Li Chaoyang hummed.

The deaf old lady came uninvited.

She took Bai Ling's hand and said

"Girl, can you please not leave?"

"If you don't want to live in this house, you can live with me"

"My house is more spacious than this one. Bai

Ling said with a smile and pulled back her hand.

"I appreciate your kindness"

"But I really don't want to live here anymore"

"Because there are people here that I never want to see again."

Li Chaoyang saw her looking at him, lowered his head to drink tea and pretended not to see it.

The deaf old lady saw that Bai Ling had made up her mind. Her little idea failed to succeed, so she left in despair. Li Chaoyang and Bai Ling were the only ones left in the room. Li Chaoyang held the enamel jar. Walked to Bai Ling and said

"Believe it or not, it can be as short as ten days or as long as one month"

"you will come back to me"

"Want to know why I say that?"

"I won’t tell you, this is a secret, and the secret must not be leaked!"

【Ding! Bai Ling has anger + regret emotions, and her emotional value is +1112! ]

Li Chaoyang ignored Bai Ling, who was furious.

The heart says that when you find out you are pregnant, you will know how much divorce and pregnancy will affect you.

If you don't come back to me by then.

Not only will you lose your chance to compete for deputy director.

He may even lose his position as leader of the intelligence team.

Divorced and pregnant, the family is unstable.

How can leaders dare to reuse you?

Li Chaoyang knew that Bai Ling was a workaholic with mysophobia.

So he was sure that Bai Ling would come back to him after she found out she was pregnant.

When Bai Ling saw Li Chaoyang smiling, she gritted her teeth angrily and said

"Don't worry, I won't come back to you even if I die."

After saying that, one person carried his things and left the house.

As soon as Bai Ling went out, the people at the door were shocked.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Everyone was waiting to see Li Chaoyang being kicked out.

In the end, it was Bai Ling who packed up her bed and swept away.

This situation was beyond everyone's expectations.

Damao's mother and Jia Zhang were determined not to give up.

They wanted to help Bai Ling get things and inquire about the situation.

Bai Ling motioned them to stay away and said in a deep voice

"Everyone must know about our divorce."

"I left the house to Li Chaoyang. If you have anything to do in the future, you can go to the city bureau to see me!"

After saying that, he carried her luggage and walked out, and the birds kept sending her to the gate.

But Li Chaoyang sat in the room and was busy checking the system information.

In just a moment, he gained thousands of emotional points. With a glance , The mood value was about to exceed 20,000, but Tiangang Disha still couldn't be opened. He put away the system panel that kept popping up new messages.

Li Chaoyang went out to use the toilet and saw Bai Ling disappearing on the street corner on a tricycle.

He almost collapsed the wall in the public toilet. When

I left the public toilet, I was blocked by a car. The license plate looked familiar.

It seemed that the old lady named Tan was riding in this car. The driver got out of the car and opened the door, and a girl with short hair got out of the car.

You can tell by looking at her back and her outfit. She is the daughter of a wealthy family.

She wears a snow-white woolen coat that reaches her knees, and shiny leather shoes.

She wears an unnamed hat on her head.

She is as foreign as she wants.

Li Chaoyang walked aside and looked at his profile. Looks familiar.

When I come to the front, I find that the person coming is actually Lou Xiaoe.

I straighten my collar and hair and go over to strike up a conversation.

It’s time to show off my real skills in picking up girls.

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