She looked down upon him at that time.

Marrying him was just to silence the leader.

Also to allow the other person to go to work in Mingzhu with peace of mind.

Now I recall every moment of being with him.

Only then did Bai Ling realize what she had missed.

Especially after the other one died.

Let her understand how fragile life is.

It's a pity that she didn't know how to cherish it at the time.

Now Li Chaoyang has his own happy life.

Even if she really regrets it, she can't look back.

Bai Ling went upstairs to say hello to the Lou family before leaving.

When I arrived at the door, I heard Lou Xiao'e's laughter coming from the room.

I can't remember how long it has been since I laughed like that.

It seems that the last time he smiled so happily was before his divorce from Li Chaoyang.

Bai Ling stopped at the door for more than ten minutes.

Turn around and leave Lou's house.

Li Chaoyang noticed someone outside the door.

You don't need to guess to know it's Bai Ling.

I thought Bai Ling was going to enter the house, but I didn't expect that she would stand at the door for a while and then leave.

Li Chaoyang and Lou Xiao'e had dinner at Lou's house before returning to Nanluogu Lane.

Before leaving, he brought food to Qin Huairu.

When he got home, Qin Huairu was cooking, so he took the vegetables to heat up and ate them directly.

There is a bundle sent by Damao's mother on the table.

The bundle is full of children's clothes.

Hats, bellybands, tops, pants, bibs, etc.

No reward for no merit.

Li Chaoyang asked Qin Huairu to return the things after eating.

Qin Huairu just promised to return the things to the Xu family later.

Damao's mother is here.

Just listen to Damao's mother say:"Chaoyang, I came to deliver something just now but you weren't here.""

"I put the things down first. When I got home, your uncle said,"You saw something when you came back.""

"I will definitely ask Huairu to send the things back."

"Sure enough, I made you lose. You guessed it right."

"Auntie knows that you have no merit and no reward."

"These things are not given to you for free"

"Auntie, I hope you will take more care of our family Damao in the future."

"As the old saying goes, distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors."

"Everyone lives in the same courtyard,"

"This hospital is the only one close to our two families."

"Your parents are not in the city. If anything happens at home in the future, just tell your aunt."

"Neighbors in the street should look after each other"

"Although you are only the team leader of our steel rolling mill now"

"You'll have to be promoted in a few years"

"You are right to let Damao follow you"

"Damao, this kid has little experience. Please bear with me if he does something wrong."

"You are the most promising among the younger generation in our college"

"Damao will learn more from you in the future"

"Whether in work or life"

"I would be satisfied if Damao was half as good as you."

"I make everything myself, it’s not valuable"

"It's just your uncle and your aunt's thoughts."

"If you don't accept it, you think your aunt's clothes are not good."

"Then I'm not happy."

Da Mao's mother has already said this.

Li Chaoyang can't make sense if he doesn't accept it.

Firstly, everything Damao's mother said makes sense. Damao can indeed learn a lot from him.

Secondly, Xu Damao can indeed be used. Talent.

If Xu Damao can be trained as one of his own, he will definitely become his right-hand man in the future.

After all, Xu Damao's advantages are as obvious as his shortcomings.

Li Chaoyang sent Damao's mother out.

He talked about the courtyard's plan to buy winter vegetables together. Son.

He vaguely mentioned the idea of ​​borrowing Li Chaoyang’s bicycle, and Li Chaoyang readily agreed.


The next day.

The courtyard keeps statistics on the quantity of winter vegetables needed by each household.

Larger quantity offers better discounts.

You can save a point and earn a point.

If you buy enough, the other party can deliver it directly to the alley entrance.

Three people enter the hospital and take care of their own business.

Yan Bugui is responsible for the front yard.

Yi Zhonghai is in charge of the middle courtyard, and

Liu Haizhong is in charge of the backyard.

Originally, Xu Fugui was in charge of the backyard.

Liu Haizhong was more active than Xu Fugui, who was too lazy to argue with him.

So I gave Liu Haizhong the opportunity to be responsible for buying winter vegetables in the backyard.

Today's winter vegetables are divided into grades just like in previous generations.

First-grade vegetables are worth two cents and five cents per catty, second-grade vegetables are worth one cent and eight cents per catty, and third-grade vegetables are one cent and two cents per catty.

Li Chaoyang reported 300 kilograms of first-class vegetables and 200 kilograms of second-class vegetables.

If Qin Huairu's family goes to the city during the Chinese New Year, they don't have to worry about running out of food.

After the statistics of the front, middle and back hospitals were completed, Yan Bugui negotiated with the vegetable merchants.

The other party transports the vegetables directly to the entrance of the alley, and each family is responsible for transporting their own vegetables home.

Li Chaoyang donated his bicycle, but only for people in the backyard to use.

He has no control over how vegetables are transported to the front and middle yards.

Xu Fugui pushed the cart away, and Liu Haizhong rode the cart himself to pull the cabbage.

The cart delivering food stopped at the entrance of the alley a few hundred meters away.

A round trip is almost a mile.

The bicycle pulled two to three hundred kilograms at a time and ran back and forth six or seven times.

Li Chaoyang was waiting at home for the food to be served. Liu Haizhong and Xu Fugui were responsible for transporting his food back.

That’s the benefit of donating your bike.

Loading food, transporting food, unloading food, moving food, setting food.

Been busy for most of the day.

Don’t worry about running out of food before spring begins.

Li Chaoyang had just finished moving the cabbage when Aunt Chen Xueru suddenly visited.

Call Li Chaoyang outside the gate.

Just listen to Aunt Xueru say:"Li Chaoyang, are you too cruel?"

"Doesn’t she just want to get back together with you?"

"See how angry you are at Bai Ling?"

"People make you angry. Li Chaoyang said:"

Did Bai Ling ask you to come?"

Aunt Xueru shook her head and said,"No!""

"I came here without telling her, she doesn't know"

"Na Nizi has strong self-confidence"

"If she knew I was coming to find you, she would definitely not let me come."

"How long has it been, and you are still holding on?"

"To save face or suffer the consequences.

Li Chaoyang said:"Then what do you mean by coming to me without telling her?""

"Do you want to scold me for her and vent her anger?"

Aunt Xueru laughed angrily,"" pointed at Li Chaoyang and didn't think of what to say for a long time.

Finally, she took a deep breath and said in a deep voice.

"I hope you can go see her and have a peaceful chat."

"Let her speak out what's on her mind, otherwise she won't be able to get over this hurdle."

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