Just when Li Chaoyang was about to refuse, Lou Xiao'e happened to come out of the courtyard.

Li Chaoyang signaled Lou Xiao'e to come forward.

"Ezi, Bai Ling is sick."

"Do you think we should go see her?"

Lou Xiao'e glanced at Aunt Xueru, then looked back at Li Chaoyang, nodding like garlic.

"Of course we have to go, let’s go now."

Li Chaoyang nodded with a smile.

Aunt Xueru stamped her feet angrily.

She originally wanted to help Bai Ling have a showdown with Li Chaoyang.

Taking advantage of Bai Ling's illness, let Bai Ling speak out.

No matter what the outcome is, at least she doesn't have to hold it in her heart anymore..After all, Bai Ling is also getting married for the first time, and she is getting divorced for the first time.

She is even finding out that she is pregnant after getting divorced for the first time. With so many things coming together, it is already a headache.

In addition, she has always had a crush on her. A comrade-in-arms had just died.

Even an iron man was crushed.

She and Bai Ling grew up together.

She couldn't see her best friend being wronged, so it was natural to stand up for her.

Aunt Xueru didn't want Lou Xiao'e to go.

But she didn't know what to say.

Right now she just I can take one step at a time and see one step at a time.


City bureau dormitory.

Li Chaoyang felt Bai Ling's pulse.

Lou Xiao'e stood aside.

Take your pulse carefully.

Li Chaoyang reassured Lou Xiao'e.

Bai Ling is fine.

It must be that the work is too hard.

It'll be fine if you rest for a while.

After saying that, he went to the outhouse with his wife.

Bai Ling and Aunt Xue Ru were the only ones left in the back room.

In the outer room, two of Bai Ling's subordinates poured water for the two of them.

Always stay with me outside.

In the back room,

Aunt Xueru gave Bai Ling medicine.

I wanted to say something I had been holding back but couldn't.

I was afraid that telling Bai Ling would affect her taking medicine.

She waited until Bai Ling finished drinking the medicine before speaking.

Aunt Xueru said:"It's okay for you to hold on like this."

"Why don't I call someone in now and let Lou Xiao'e wait outside?"

"Just show it off to him and say you're pregnant with his child"

"Let him be responsible for the child and see how he reacts. Bai

Ling sighed after hearing this, her voice was a little hoarse.

"If only it were as simple as you say."

Aunt Xueru frowned and wiped the corners of Bai Ling's mouth with a handkerchief.

The two grew up together and had a close relationship as if they were the same person.

So she knew Bai Ling's little thoughts.

I'm afraid she didn't just want Li Chaoyang to be responsible for the child in her belly..

She also wants the other party to be responsible for the child.

She didn’t realize that Li Chaoyang was a good man when she got married.

Now it’s a bit late to regret it.

After all, there is no regret medicine in the world.

But fortunately, she is pregnant with Li Chaoyang’s child.

And Li Chaoyang’s The wife is not pregnant yet.

It is not impossible for Li Chaoyang to divorce Lou Xiao'e and remarry Bai Ling. Aunt Xue Ru is not familiar with Lou Xiao'e, so she doesn't care how the divorce will harm Lou

Xiao'e. She only hopes that Bai Ling will live well.

See Aunt Xue Ru Bai Ling kept sighing, then rolled her eyes and had another idea.

"Otherwise, you……"

Aunt Xueru thinks this is a good idea.

Bai Ling didn't say yes or no, she just sighed.


Meanwhile, the outhouse

【Ding! Bai Ling feels regretful, and her mood value +300!】

【Ding! Aunt Xueru has anger + regret emotions, and her emotional value +800!】

【Ding! Bai Ling felt extremely remorseful, and her mood value was +1500!】

【Ding! Aunt Xueru is born……】

Li Chaoyang inexplicably gained a lot of emotional value.

A small number of Bai Ling's two subordinates came from the outer room.

Most of them came from Bai Ling and Aunt Xue Ru in the back room.

Aunt Xueru was angry and regretful, while Bai Ling was regretful at first.

Later, there was anger and unwillingness, and then there was extreme regret.

Li Chaoyang originally wanted to leave, but Lou Xiao'e wanted to stay a little longer.

Wait until Bai Ling finishes drinking the medicine before talking to her.

I saw Bai Ling's subordinate taking out the empty bowl.

Li Chaoyang motioned for Lou Xiao'e to go in and talk to Bai Ling.

And he was standing at the door of the dormitory, looking at the environment of the dormitory.

The last time I came here was at night and I couldn't see anything.

This is the first time I came to the city bureau dormitory during the day.

Before that, I was married to Bai Ling for half a year.

He has never been to Bai Ling's dormitory once.

It's not that he doesn't want to come, it's that Bai Ling won't let him come.

The original owner liked Bai Ling very much and almost obeyed her.

Li Chaoyang also likes Bai Ling, but he won't be a grudge like the original owner.

Instead of finding someone you like but doesn't like you.

It's better to find someone who likes you.

Of course, it’s better to find someone you like and like yourself.

If you can’t, just find someone who likes you.

The original owner was unfortunate enough to find someone he liked but didn't like himself.

Li Chaoyang is very lucky to have met two people he likes and who also like him.

One is a rich silly boy, and the other is a good-looking housewife.

Others are lucky enough to get one of them in their lifetime.

But Li Chaoyang was able to have his cake and eat it too.

I am thinking about where to take them to play this weekend.

The driver of the Lou family suddenly appeared in front of Li Chaoyang.

He said that Lou Zhenhua was outside and asked him and Lou Xiaoe to go out immediately.

Li Chaoyang asked the driver to go first, and he went into the house and called Lou Xiao'e.

I heard Lou Xiao'e showing off to Bai Ling the cosmetics he made for her.

"Ezi, your father is here, let us hurry over."

Li Chaoyang shouted in the outer room first.

People will not go in when they come out. If they don't come out, they will go in again.


"Sister Bai Ling, I’m leaving first."

"I'll come see you another day when I have time."

Lou Xiao'e stood up to say goodbye and left the city bureau dormitory with Li Chaoyang.

The two had just left.

Two female colleagues from the outer room came to the back room to defend Bai Ling.

One said:"You left without even saying hello?"

"Sister Bai Ling, I think this kind of person is not worthy of you at all."

"You are doing the right thing by divorcing him.

Another said:"Sister Bai Ling, don't be sad.""

"Even if you don't think about yourself, you still have to think about the child in your belly."

The two of them were the few who knew the inside story of Bai Ling's pregnancy.

Seeing that Bai Ling had not responded, they both looked at Aunt Xue Ru.

Aunt Xue Ru motioned the two of them to come forward and persuade Bai Ling to listen to her. She promised to help Bai Ling. Ling snatched Li Chaoyang back.

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