Inside the black car at the entrance of the Municipal Bureau.

Lou Zhenhua rolled down the window.

He signaled Li Chaoyang to get in the car and asked Lou Xiao'e to go home first.

Lou Xiao'e wanted to get in the car, but was frightened by Lou Zhenhua's eyes.

He pouted and said:"Okay, okay, I'll go home, I'll go home."

Lou Zhenhua said:"Xiao'e, be good, stop making trouble."

"Go home quickly, Chaoyang and I have business to do."

After that, he asked the driver to drive away.

Li Chaoyang sat in the back seat with Lou Zhenhua.

He didn't know where he was going to take him.

Lou Zhenhua didn't tell him, and he didn't ask.

In the end, Lou Zhenhua spoke first.

He heard Lou Zhenhua say:"I'll take you. Went to see a doctor for an old acquaintance"

"This old acquaintance has a rather special identity"

"When you get there, just see the doctor and don't say anything else."

"You are a smart man, you should understand what I mean.

Li Chaoyang said:"Understood!""

"I just want to ask how the patient is doing now."

Lou Zhenhua said:"Actually, the one who is sick is not the one I want to take you to see."

"The one who is sick is the granddaughter of the leader"

"I don’t know the specific situation either."

"I only know that the leader’s granddaughter fell into a coma half a year ago"

"After that, the leader searched for famous doctors, but the granddaughter never regained consciousness."

"In the past six months, we have not only searched for famous doctors in the mainland, but also invited several batches of foreign experts."

"I tried many methods, but the child is still in a coma."

"I grew up watching this leader"

"He had a life-long relationship with my father"

"Although my father is no longer here, I go to his house every year to pay New Year greetings"

"I know you studied Taoist medicine, which is not the same as traditional Chinese medicine."

"I just want you to give it a try and do your best to obey fate."

"Whether you do it or not, you can form a good relationship, which will be beneficial to your future development."

Li Chaoyang was a little flattered.

He originally thought that Lou Zhenhua would sell his property and take him to Xiangjiang with him.

Now it seems that he agrees with Li Chaoyang staying in the capital.

After all, Li Chaoyang has long said that his head can be cut off and his blood can be shed, and he will never leave with him..

Born as a person of the capital, died as a ghost of the capital.

The car slowly stopped at the entrance of a high-walled compound.

The car was stopped by soldiers standing guard with guns.

Not only the identities of everyone in the car were checked, but also the inside and outside of the car were checked.

And confirmed the identity of the visitor through the internal line.

After going through layers of checks, the car can be driven into the compound.

After entering, there is another guard post.

The car cannot enter, it must not go.

Many cars have been parked here.

Li Chaoyang followed When Lou Zhenhua got off the car, someone came to guide them.

On the way, Lou Zhenhua reminded Li Chaoyang again to be careful about his words and actions after entering.

Li Chaoyang made an OK gesture to Lou Zhenhua.

The leader suddenly turned back to look at the two of them, and subconsciously touched his waist with his right hand. The frightened Lou Zhenhua quickly raised his hands to explain.

Li Chaoyang looked at the leader without changing his expression.

After a few seconds, the leader continued to walk forward.

Li Chaoyang looked at the gun on his waist and was very curious. As leaders.

The two followed the leader and walked past rows of small buildings until they reached the depths of the compound.

Compared with the low-rise communities outside that were similar to those in previous lives, the houses here were more like single-family villas in previous lives.

Li Chaoyang looked around and saw rows of single-family two-story buildings. He really wanted to ask the leader who lived here.

Unfortunately, he didn't dare, for fear that the leader would regard him as a spy and kill him.

He followed the leader to the middle building. The two-story building was stopped by someone at the door.

The person seemed to be very familiar with Lou Zhenhua.

After confirming Li Chaoyang's identity, he reminded Lou Zhenhua to go directly to the second floor. As soon as Li Chaoyang and Lou Zhenhua arrived at the stairs, they met the leader's secretary.

The leader's secretary held Lou Zhenhua's hand as soon as they met.

The two of them walked upstairs while chatting. There were many people standing in the corridor, and they seemed to be invited doctors.

Lou Zhenhua introduced Li Chaoyang to the leader's secretary as a Taoist doctor.

He emphasized again and again. Li Chaoyang was different from the doctors in the corridor.

His words were heard by those in the corridor.

They all questioned what Taoist doctors did.

Some even did not hide their true thoughts at all. They rolled their eyes at Li Chaoyang in person.

Li Chaoyang had no time to pay attention to this. People.

They regarded him as an opponent, but Li Chaoyang did not regard them as opponents.

In Li Chaoyang's eyes, doctors who do not know Taoist medicine must not be good doctors.

Li Chaoyang and Lou Zhenhua passed through the crowd and were led to the innermost room by the secretary.

The secretary went in The announcement was made and the two of them were called in after one minute.

Lou Zhenhua hesitated, but Li Chaoyang was neither humble nor overbearing.

He strode into the innermost room.

Li Chaoyang entered the room to see the patient first.

Lying on the bed was a young boy of about twelve or thirteen years old. Girl.

Her face was pale and her eyes were closed. She looked like she was asleep.

Two women sat at the head of the little girl's bed.

Next to the two women sat two old men.

These four should be the little girl's family members.

Standing at the end of the bed There were two elderly female doctors and two elderly male doctors.

When Li Chaoyang and Lou Zhenhua entered the room, they were discussing the condition of the leader's granddaughter.

Li Chaoyang glanced at everyone.

His eyes were fixed on the calm and self-satisfied man beside the bed. The powerful old man.

If his prediction was correct, this person should be the old acquaintance Lou Zhenhua said.

The result was just as he thought.

Lou Zhenhua greeted the old man as soon as he entered the room.

Then introduce Li Chaoyang to the other party.

Just listen to Lou Zhenhua say:"Uncle Li, this is my son-in-law Li Chaoyang"

"Like you, I have the same surname as Li, so I am considered the family member."

"This child grew up with his grandfather in Longhu Mountain"

"Know a little bit about Taoist medicine"

"I just wanted to take him to try it out."

"Maybe it will help the little girl's condition."

After Lou Zhenhua finished speaking, he pulled Li Chaoyang to him.

He said to Li Chaoyang:"Chaoyang, this is what I often tell you, the elder I respect the most."

"Just call me Mr. Li."

Li Chaoyang clasped his fists and bowed after hearing this.

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