Mr. Li smiled and nodded at Li Chaoyang.

Introduce the identity of the person in the room to Li Chaoyang.

There are two women, one is Mr. Li’s wife, and the other is Mr. Li’s in-laws.

That is, the little girl’s grandma and grandma.

The old man next to Mr. Li is the little girl's grandfather.

The four doctors are all famous doctors who have been famous in Beijing for a long time.

When the little girl first fell into coma, she invited them to come and see her.

They gave treatment plans right then and there.

Mr. Li thought it was too risky, so he didn't listen to them.

Now I want to listen to them and try the previous treatment plan.

It's a pity that the little girl's body doesn't allow it.

The previous treatments didn't work, and they couldn't come up with any other treatment options.

The only way now is to improve the little girl's physical fitness.

Let her body meet the requirements of that treatment plan as much as possible.

Having just heard that Lou Zhenhua had brought someone to treat the little girl, the Li family was full of expectations.

The result was young people under the age of twenty.

The Li family was greatly disappointed.

Especially the little girl’s grandma and grandma.

Without saying anything, I scolded Lou Zhenhua eight hundred times in my heart.

Not only the little girl's grandma and grandma, but also her grandpa also had this attitude.

Only Mr. Li is willing to believe in Lou Zhenhua and let Li Chaoyang give it a try.

But Li Chaoyang didn't say a word from beginning to end.

Silently watching the accumulated emotional value.

Even though they didn't say anything, he knew what they were thinking.

As the old saying goes, the doctor does not knock on the door and the Word does not spread lightly.

As for Li Chaoyang, if Mr. Li thinks the same as them.

He would never feel the pulse of a little girl.

Fortunately, Mr. Li is not as superficial as them.

Understand the principle of trusting people without trusting others.

Please ask Li Chaoyang to diagnose and treat the little girl.

And promised that no matter what, the Li family would remember this favor.

Li Chaoyang took his pulse and used his Qi to explore the girl's meridians.

The little girl was about twelve or thirteen years old. Her face was pale and her breathing was slow.

Through Yun Qi, it was discovered that her meridians were blocked to varying degrees.

Originally, it only took two minutes for Yun Qi to feel the pulse.

Because the little girl's condition was complicated, Li Chaoyang spent a full fifteen minutes.

Yun Qi explored all the meridians of the little girl.

He knew the little girl's condition very well.

Just listen to him saying to Mr. Li:"If I read it correctly,"

"The child was unconscious because the back of his head hit something like a step."

"If anyone had been present at the time, they would have discovered that the impact was obviously serious."

"But no blood was shed at all"

"After the accident, act like a normal person"

"I went to the hospital and couldn't find anything abnormal."

"It was time to eat and drink, but early the next morning, I found that I couldn’t wake up."

"Then rush to the hospital, go to the hospital……"

Li Chaoyang not only opened his mouth but also told how the little girl fell into coma.

He also told all the symptoms that the little girl had after the accident. and all the symptoms that occurred during the half-year coma.

Including what kind of treatment she has received, such uncomfortable symptoms, etc.

If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, no one would believe that he felt his pulse.

At this moment, there is only one person in the room.

Except for the little girl who was still unconscious, everyone was shocked and dumbfounded by Li Chaoyang's words.

Especially the little girl’s grandparents and grandparents.

Others don't know what the little girl has been through in the past six months, but they do.

The facts are exactly the same as what Li Chaoyang said.

It's like he's experienced it himself.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t accept it.

At first, the four famous doctors who had been famous for a long time did not believe that it was so evil.

Until they saw the little girl's grandmother and grandma hiding their faces and sobbing.

The little girl's grandfather's eyes were red.

Even Mr. Li, a hero who didn't even frown when his leg was pierced.

Unknowingly, my eyes got wet.

And urged Li Chaoyang to prescribe a prescription quickly.

They just came back to their senses and felt that they really met an expert this time.

Mr. Li asked Li Chaoyang to prescribe a prescription, but Li Chaoyang did not respond.

Lou Zhenhua thought he didn't hear and pushed him.

Li Chaoyang looked at Mr. Li and shook his head.

He said in a deep voice:"There is no way to cure this."

Mr. Li asked:"Can't you cure it?"

Li Chaoyang said:"Of course not."

"It's just that she's in a coma and can't take medicine at all"

"No matter how good the prescription is, it will be useless if the patient cannot take the medicine."

After hearing this, the Li family thought that Li Chaoyang was helpless.

Mr. Li saw that there was something in Li Chaoyang's words and asked him directly how to treat it.

Li Chaoyang said:"Mr. Li, this is not the place to talk."

"I have to talk to you about this alone!"

Mr. Li's eyes lit up, and he immediately took Li Chaoyang to the study.

Li Chaoyang and Mr. Li walked through the corridor and walked into the study under the gaze of everyone.

In just a few dozen seconds, he gained tens of thousands of emotional points. When they arrived , In the study room, Li Chaoyang gave Mr. Li two choices.

"I read about the little girl's disease in an ancient book, and there is medicine to cure it."

"But you have to make a choice first"

"I speak more straightforwardly, Mr. Li, don’t mind"

"Choose one, face or life"

"If you want to lose face, you don’t need to treat it. Prepare your child’s funeral as soon as possible."

"I can give it a try, but I'm only 90% sure."

After Li Chaoyang finished speaking, he picked up a pen and paper and wrote down the treatment plan and the required medicines.

He dried the ink and handed it to Mr. Li.

Let him make his own decision.

Li Chaoyang stood up and left. Suddenly,

Mr. Li's voice came from behind him.

"Did you use Qi when you took your pulse just now?"

Li Chaoyang looked back at Mr. Li, neither denying nor admitting it.

Seeing Li Chaoyang's acquiescence, Mr. Li took a look at the treatment plan in his hand.

He called his personal guard to test Li Chaoyang's strength.

The two of them fought a hundred times. Li Chaoyang has always been able to do it with ease.

Mr. Li never dreamed that Li Chaoyang would have such strength at such a young age.

He decided to have someone take the medicine according to the prescription. He used the treatment plan proposed by Li Chaoyang.

Remove all the clothes on his granddaughter and perform medicine fumigation treatment.

Send people away Buy the items needed for treatment.

Mr. Li left Li Chaoyang drinking tea in the study.

He asked with a smile:"Are you interested in hanging out with me and fighting alongside someone who can practice Qi like you?""

"Do your part to protect the capital."

Mr. Li extended an olive branch to Li Chaoyang.

He hoped that he could join the alien organization.

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