"But we must first ensure the safety of funds in the stock market and skillfully withdraw all funds from the stock market. Xingchen pointed to the capital flow analysis chart of Tomorrow Technology in the hologram, which is currently 69 yuan per share."They want to sell it at a low price. We can sell it at a high price and drive up the stock price!" From the chart, it can be seen that the green part of the investment fund funds also accounts for a considerable proportion. We disguise ourselves as them and drive them to sell at high prices. The black funds are then allowed to sell off at low prices and repurchase them at low prices at the appropriate time. The income thus obtained is enough to make up for the loss of the falling stock price."

"This can temporarily alleviate the pressure of falling stock prices. Funds for new energy development cannot only rely on listings to raise funds. After all, stock prices fluctuate greatly. Not only are ordinary shareholders' income not guaranteed, but they will be cut off and suffer losses. If Tomorrow Technology establishes another crowdfunding platform to raise funds, distribute profits to investors according to shares, and pay interest to protect investors from capital losses, it will definitely be more popular for investment than the stock market. What we need to think about now is how to promote this online financial platform so that people all over the world who love protecting the environment can realize the importance of new energy to the future of Earth and Star, and invest in the development of new energy."Shangguan Ming thought of using the crowdfunding platform to drive the global environmental craze.

"This is not simple, just promote this information on our 5D panoramic business website."Xiao Xu suggested

"Okay, let’s do it! I will also give a speech at the global WID conference to further promote this idea."Shangguan Ming is very happy to have the full support of Panorama Business Network, because what tomorrow's technology lacks is a powerful publicity media.

"WID is a global speech platform worth sharing ideas. All wonderful ideas and concepts can be displayed and attracted the attention of experts, scholars, politicians, artists, entrepreneurs, etc. in various fields around the world. Promoting the impact of global climate warming on the environment and the fact that the rapid development of new energy will save the environment on Earth will surely drive global environmentalists to invest in new energy development projects, thereby bringing a large amount of funds to tomorrow's technology. Xiaoxu, how many global users does our Panorama Business Network have now?"Xingchen asked.

Xiaoxu lazily turned over from the sofa, looked at Xingchen and said mysteriously:"Guess." Seeing that Xingchen had a straight face and didn't respond, he had no choice but to smooth things over,"I knew you couldn't guess it! Let me tell you, with a population of 60 in the world, 3.5 billion people use e-commerce to buy and sell things. I dare say that the remaining 1.5 billion people are children and the elderly who do not know how to access the Internet. Not bad, only used it for more than 4 months"

"Ah, very good! Think about how to make the promotional video of Tomorrow Technology’s crowdfunding platform attractive. Remember that you have to imagine it from the perspective of yourself as a human being. This is also your first innovative assignment, so take it seriously!"Xingchen assigned innovation homework to Xiaoxu because he understood that innovation ability is a flaw of artificial intelligence. Now that she has human brain nerves, she must cultivate her creativity more.

"ah? Innovation! You know I won't!"Xiao Xu scratched his head in distress in protest.

"If you want to become the best intelligent person, you must know how to do it! Submit the plan tomorrow."Xingchen has no mercy

"Okay, Xiaoxu is tired today, so go take a shower and go to bed. I have prepared cute cartoon pajamas for you, wish you sweet dreams!"Shangguan Ming is a careful elder who can hurt others.

"sleep? What! I can sleep now, can I still dream? What does it feel like to dream?"Xiaoxu stretched and yawned.

"Dreams are experiencing various things in the dream world, which can sometimes be very fantastic and thrilling. Xingchen was filled with emotion: Xiaoxu, being able to dream means that you have a soul. You are no longer an artificial intelligence that exists in the virtual network world, but a real human being.

"good! Go take a shower!"Xiao Xu walked to the bathroom wrapped in a blanket. After rinsing, he changed into pink plush pajamas in the shape of a small kangaroo and came out.

"Hi! Very cute. I feel like I have another daughter. Come on, let's go home. I've prepared a cozy princess room for you."Shangguan Ming happily took Xiaoxu back to the villa.

"Wait, Uncle Shangguan, have you figured out how to explain Xiaoxu's origins to my mother?"Xingchen looked embarrassed. Do you think this is our new intelligent person?

"oh? Just say that my adopted daughter has returned from studying abroad. Shangguan Ming thought for a while and felt that there were some things that needed to be emphasized,"Remember, she is an adopted daughter, not an illegitimate daughter. Don't say the wrong thing!""

"clear……"Xingchen's head was full of black lines, and she thought to herself: This uncle really has a crush on my mother.

"Dad! you are so kind to me!"The clever Xiaoxu immediately changed his name and called Shangguan Ming dad.

Xingchen sighed helplessly, thinking: If you see someone you kiss more, call him dad. Who is your dad? The generational hierarchy is all messed up! You can't keep your adopted daughter!

Xiaoxu knew that Xingchen would be jealous, so he turned around and made a face at him, meaning: You look like a 17-year-old boy now, and you still want to be my father, and you are more like a younger brother. This made Xingchen look at him subconsciously. My own reflection in the glass, I thought angrily: It seems I have to make a body for myself. There is always no prestige in appearing in this image. Just design it according to the image I had when I was 25, and build a brainwave remote controller. , allowing me to have a clone in real time, which makes it convenient to do anything.

So Xingchen added his improved DNA to the design program of the stem cell culture tank, and set his age and appearance. After three months, he will be 25 years old appeared in front of the public as the boss of StarNet Technology. The improved stock market capital flow management system actually has some hidden functions. It can find the account, transaction location, user name, Even the appearance of the operator.

In the statistical information, 100% of the account holders' information of black funds does not match the specific operator's information. Most of the identity information of the account holders is purchased, and most of the people who sell the identity information collect copies of passenger ID cards on the train. Obtain information, so the account holder himself does not know that there are so many funds in his account.

The operators of black funds are all professional traders. Each of them controls hundreds of accounts and billions of funds. They all have fixed workplaces and high With a huge amount of remuneration, under the command of different behind-the-scenes bosses, they can arbitrarily manipulate the stock price and even control the overall fluctuations of the stock market.

"Oh, I caught you!"Xingchen traced the source of the trader's instructions based on satellite monitoring records, network information and call records,"It turns out to be you, Miloqi! Don't blame me for being rude this time!"

In recent months, Xingchen has been concentrating on scientific research. Although he has no time to track Miloqi's criminal business, he has been monitoring his every move with an intelligent system. Unexpectedly, he has already planned to lurk funds in the stocks of Tomorrow Technology , want to secretly control and attack tomorrow's technology.

Different from ordinary investors, the stock market analysis software used by black gold traders is very high-end. Some are similar to the stock market capital flow management system of Xingchen, which can distinguish the source and type of funds and has its own psychological prediction index. , affecting and attacking the fragile psychology of ordinary shareholders, causing them to make wrong buying and selling decisions.

"Just relying on your low-level trading analysis software, you want to overthrow tomorrow's technology. It's a wishful thinking!"Xingchen invaded the black gold trader's system, tampered with historical data, disguised all the funds of Tomorrow Technology as retail investors and funds, and then displayed the black gold of different employers as the funds of Tomorrow Technology, allowing the black gold owners to take advantage of others.

Adapt the opponent's transactions. System, Xingchen went back to the room to sleep, thinking of his half-sister Lu Lu, who should be born soon according to her age. Which mother's belly was she placed in by Ebor? Lu Lu is a pure yellow species. Human blood, who is her biological father? She has the magical ability to make plants grow instantly. She cannot be used by Ebor. I must find her and protect her! The souls of the stars who have entered the dreamland are still practicing and Study, the wireless network transmitter that has been developed has been designed and formed in the sea of ​​​​consciousness. As long as it is manufactured and built at the highest point in the world, it can launch the stored new energy into the ion layer in the atmosphere and spread the electrical energy. to the whole world.

The principle of the radio network is to use the earth and star as the inner conductor and the earth and star's atmospheric ionosphere as the outer conductor. By amplifying the transmitter, the unique radial electromagnetic wave oscillation mode is used to establish a connection between the earth and the star and the atmospheric ionosphere. It starts a low-frequency resonance of about 8 Hz and uses the surface electromagnetic waves surrounding the earth and stars to transmit energy.

Building a very tall transmitting tower requires a lot of funds, and the budget for the construction of supporting facilities at the receiving point must also be taken into account. There is a huge funding gap. and the acceptance of various countries will restrict the completion of the global wireless network, and these difficulties must be overcome step by step.

In another bedroom, Xiaoxu fell asleep for the first time, and she had a long, long dream. Dreaming that the earth and stars in 2046 were still arid and desolate, with famine and disease plaguing mankind, she asked the stars:"Didn't we work hard? Why is the situation in 2046 still so grim with no improvement? Xingchen said with a sad face:"We still missed a very important factor, and we have to go back again.""

"Want to go back? It’s the 100th time, haven’t we done enough? How long will it take to make repairs?"Xiao Xu can't stand the days of constantly going back to the past to fix mistakes and save Earth Star.

"Don't you want to go back? Okay, you don't have to follow me this time……"Xingchen got on the time shuttle without looking back, leaving Xiaoxu alone.

"Stars, don’t go, don’t go……!"Xiaoxu ran and chased in the dark, but she couldn't catch up. She woke up sweating profusely,"Am I subconsciously afraid that the stars will not want me? Alas, this is what humans say when thinking about the day and thinking about the night. I have a dream. This is my first dream. Can't you let me dream of something good? It's not easy to be a human being! But what factors did Xingchen and I miss? Is it the selfishness and greed of human nature, or is it the guidance hidden in the darkness? The evil force of the idea of ​​money first?"

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