The 5D business network is full of merchants with very good reputation and profitability. They use the loans they borrowed from the online financial platform to rapidly expand their business, making the business network prosperous. People deposit their funds in online financial platforms and earn more than five times the interest than banks. They also have more spare money to buy trustworthy high-quality products on 5D merchants.

The amount of funds absorbed by the Internet financial platform has increased to trillions in just three months. StarNet Technology, Starlight E-commerce, and Tomorrow Technology have obtained trillions of liquidity in the platform, which has been fully used to develop wireless networks and wireless networks. Rapid logistics system. As a result, dozens of 3,000-meter-high radio transmission towers were built in deserts around the world.

While building the Internet financial platform, these radio transmission towers were constructed by nano 3D printers at a speed of 30 meters per day. When the financial platform absorbed 5 trillion funds, the construction of radio transmission towers around the world was completed, and the aerial towers supporting the transmission towers were completed. The construction and installation of the solar mobile power station has also been completed.

Thousands of square kilometers of solar panels suspended in the air form a mobile power station in the desert. These panels can not only move with the sun, but also shield the plants in the desert from the hot sun, and at the same time deliver huge amounts of green energy to the wireless network..

The number of ecological pyramid cities in the desert has grown rapidly to 60,000. A large number of animals and plants thrive under the protection of the pyramid cities. In a few months, these organic crops will be sold on the 5D Shopping Mall.

The stars began to try to plant drought-resistant plants in the open spaces between the pyramids, and used tens of thousands of cattle, horses, and sheep to live in these open spaces. Soon the land was nourished by their excrement and became very fertile, so these animals grew in the desert. Continuous migration transforms large areas of sand. Insects such as termites and bees that help improve desert ecology also participate in the soilification of sandy land.

Gradually, tens of thousands of miles around Pyramid City began to become greener

"Enjoy inexhaustible food and energy, enjoy hundreds of thousands of square meters of luxurious living space, and own an ecological pyramid, which is a symbol of your status. An ecological pyramid is only sold for 65 million yuan, and comes with 2 aerial vehicles for traveling around the world without charging. world!"This advertisement is continuously played on the 5D shopping website. Many wealthy businessmen are very satisfied after examining the ecological environment of the Desert Pyramid City. They think that they can enjoy the world's top living environment for the price of buying a landscape villa in the city. It was a good deal and they bought one or more pyramids one after another.

The environment of Pyramid City is beautiful, the air is pure and pollution-free, and the high-tech homes are extremely comfortable. The surrounding schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and entertainment centers are all the most advanced in the world. Children living here You can receive the best education in the world, enjoy the best medical services, have online shopping malls deliver goods to your door, have the world's top gourmet food, and have the most considerate robots or human butlers to take care of the housework at home.

Stars allow people around the world to I had the opportunity to take the sky train to Pyramid City for free. Everyone who visited Pyramid City yearned for this paradise and expressed their desire to settle in the city. As a result, the desert real estate industry quietly emerged. StarNet Technology divided the residences of each ecological pyramid into More than 100 housing units will be sold to employees who live and work in Pyramid City with priority, and then sold at low prices to employees of StarNet Technology and Tomorrow Technology.

5D Business Network advertises: Recruiting people with innovative spirit, love for Earth-Star ecology, and special skills scientific researchers, and can obtain an ecological housing at a low price.

Scientists, artists, and gourmets from all over the world submitted their resumes to apply for jobs. After secret investigation and screening, only those with kind hearts and high moral character won the positions among competitors with the same ability level. , they will be selected to enter the core positions of StarNet Technology, Tomorrow Technology and Starlight Technology

"Not bad, the Pyramid City is well built!"Xiao Xu happily wandered around the city with Xing Chen. The four of them won the grand prize of free 6-day trip to Pyramid City.

"yes! Hope it can alleviate the global ecological environment crisis."Xingchen is extremely proud of his masterpiece. In order to visit Pyramid City, he organized a free travel lottery for more than 3,000 people. He also hacked into the lottery system and let the system draw Shangguan Ming, He Jing, Xiao Xu and himself.

"Walk! Swipe your free card to eat giant ice cream!"Xiao Xu dragged Xingchen to the dessert house like a child. What they drew was an unlimited consumption experience card. They could eat and play as much as they wanted during the seven days in Pyramid City.

Xingchen was dragged into the dessert house, and a holographic image appeared on the desktop. After purchasing a matcha ice cream, Xiaoxu ordered a Big Mac ice cream, and then placed his hand on the fingerprint recognition sensor on the table to pay. The ice cream was placed on a floating plate and landed smoothly on their table.

"Eat less, as your stomach lining cannot adapt to food that is too cold."Xingchen saw that her ice cream was as big as half a basketball and worried about her health.

"Don't be afraid! The weather is so hot, just take a walk in the sun to warm yourself up."Xiao Xu has no resistance to the novel and delicious ice cream.

"Be careful entering the hospital!"Xingchen advised seriously.

"Let’s talk after eating!"Xiao Xu is addicted to cakes as much as his life."

"Don't eat and drink like crazy. It will ruin your body and turn you into a big fat pig. But don't expect me to change it for you!"Xingchen gave an ultimatum

"What a disappointment!"Xiao Xu looked around and found a few children who gave them ice cream. He sat down and ordered a small cone and licked it.

"Have you noticed? The 3,000 people who won a free tour around Tacheng in this lottery have great backgrounds! They were either political figures or big entrepreneurs and scientists, and the rest all seemed to have unique skills."Xiao Xu absorbed a large amount of facial information while surfing the Internet, and could summarize everyone's identity and qualifications.

"It seemed that the funds for this event were not in vain, Lu Yuan spent them wisely."Xingchen said happily

"Do you mean that Lu Yuan is deliberately trying to win over them to promote Tacheng's environmental protection concept?"Xiao Xu asked

"Yes, only the decisions of those with the highest power and resources can change the fate of the world."Xingchen usually focuses on his own research and inventions, but neglects social interactions.

"oh! Then we must take this opportunity to let them invest heavily in our Tacheng. I heard that there is a grand dinner tonight and all the lottery winners are invited to attend."Xiao Xu looks forward to wearing the magical evening dress she designed and chatting elegantly with people.

"Okay, I'll take part in the evening using another body."Before Xingchen came to Tacheng, his spare body had already grown. He had already entered Tacheng as Lu Sheng and lived next door to their hotel room. As long as he had an invisible nervous system remote control attached to his scalp, his consciousness and perception system It will be connected to the spare body, and you can use this body to move, speak, think, and do anything anytime, anywhere.

"You were quite handsome when you were 25, much more handsome than you were when you were 38! Xiaoxu said with a bad smile:"Hey, have you secretly improved?""

"cough! No, it’s just that the new skin has good elasticity, no blemishes, and looks good."Xingchen was embarrassed to admit that he had indeed improved a small amount of genes to make this body stronger and more charming.

"oh! I see. See you at the dinner!"Xiao Xu waved goodbye mysteriously. She had to rush back to the hotel to freshen up carefully. This dinner was her first important public appearance since she had a body. She must appear in her most beautiful appearance.

"All right."Xingchen thought to himself: How did I create such an artificial intelligence? It knows that beauty is greedy and greedy. Well, it just so happens that I also want to go shopping by myself.

So, he brought up the 3D map of Tacheng and displayed it on his glasses, and walked alone Amidst the surging crowds. In the science exhibition hall, various high-tech products are in use, and various household small sea, land and air flying cars are flying in the air, smoothly carrying tourists out of the exhibition hall to tour the city. Humanoid robots are in use Chat friendly with tourists and answer their various questions.

In the children's playground, children happily bounce on the jelly blanket floating in the air. Various holographic cartoon characters guide the children to learn to use various musical instruments. Played beautiful pieces of music; some guided the children to dance, and some guided the children to learn scientific knowledge, integrating the originally boring learning into the game

"The children are so interested in learning! If the teaching method in schools was like this, they would have a vast amount of knowledge at a very young age. You don’t need to spend 15 years to complete college in a step-by-step manner like today’s schools. How long does it take to master knowledge at this speed?"A parent asked the beautiful administrator on the side.

"According to their respective learning progress, the slowest time is ten years and the fastest time is two years. Xingyu College in Tacheng has this kind of teaching method. It never sticks to traditional teaching methods. As long as students complete one stage of study, they can enter the next stage of study. The college provides various majors from elementary school to postdoctoral study. Choose a career, and the learning system will automatically guide the child to scientifically learn various knowledge related to that career. You can also choose several careers at the same time, so you don’t have to learn repeated knowledge. When you graduate, you can get a postdoctoral degree certificate and a professional employment certificate in the major at the same time. Since the college provides internships in the most realistic professional environment, students can be put into work as soon as they leave the college without an adaptation period."A female scientist with black hair tied up came over and explained. Xingchen turned her glasses into a telescope and saw her name tag which read: Michelle, psychologist, educational psychology expert, vice president of Xingyu College

"That's great. How much is the tuition for a year at the college? I want my kids to come to school!"Parents asked

"Those who do not charge annual fees are 20,000 yuan for one major, and 10,000 yuan a year for room and board for students whose parents do not live in the city. Our teaching is purely compulsory and we only charge a nominal fee. However, I still do not recommend that children leave their parents to study when they are too young. In the future, our college will open branches around the world, and children who live far away can choose to enroll nearby."Michelle explained

"ah! That's great, I want to buy the entire pyramid and let my children go to school here!"A wealthy parent decided

"OK, I’ll buy it too!"Another parent who was able to buy agreed.

So suddenly there were more than 10 households in Tacheng.

Xingchen looked at her with a satisfied smile. Unexpectedly, Michelle seemed to sense his sight and looked at her. He showed a mysterious smile to Xingchen.

Xingchen felt as if his heart was being seen through, so he adjusted his glasses and left quickly.

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