"This is a new student in our college. I brought him to see the world."Michelle explained to the guard at the front door as the deputy dean, and then entered the banquet with Xingchen who did not have an invitation letter. On the other side, Xingchen's clone Lu Xuan entered the banquet in a low-key manner, but also surprised everyone present. The ladies and ladies secretly discussed his identity and wanted to get acquainted with him. Then Xiao Xi also appeared on the stage in a light and shadow costume, causing the audience to cheer, scream and applaud. Naturally, it also attracted Miloqi's old pervert. He looked like a ghost, but he had something serious to do now, so he just wrote her down and waited to find her.

Shangguan Ming and He Jing, who were already seated, were chatting with acquaintances while patiently watching Xiao Xi's appearance, waiting for the banquet to begin. She didn't notice that Xingchen was present at all.

Xiaoxi exchanged glances with Xingchen and Shangguanming respectively, and then sat next to Lu Xuan. The two of them were talking and laughing, and their relationship was even more arousing speculation. At six o'clock in the afternoon, the guests arrived one after another After taking a seat, the banquet officially began.

Miloqi, who saw Lu Yuan, was like a wolf smelling the aroma of meat, running straight through the crowd to his side. He held up a red wine glass and clinked it with the wine glass in Lu Yuan's hand and couldn't wait to join him. He whispered in his ear:"Mr. Lu, I am Miloqi, the chairman of Beyond Company. I want to talk to you about a big project that can make you earn trillions in a short time."!"

"oh?!With such a good business, you won’t keep it all to yourself. Why do you think of cooperating with me?" Lu Yuan said sarcastically.

"Well, I'm short of funds recently and can't do it by myself. I need to find a company with strong funds to cooperate with me. Your company is the best choice."Mi Luoqi said flatteringly.

"Oh, really? Tell me what kind of project it is?"Lu Yuan became interested.

"A real estate company under me has contracted the renovation projects of slums in various countries around the world, and won the land at a very low price. As long as the renovation is successful, you can build on that land, and it will be surrounded by prosperous urban areas that are the political and economic centers of various countries. You can sell it at any high price."Mi Luoqi vigorously promoted his project.

"Slum upgrading? We just build houses and occupy the poor people's land, but what should we do with those poor people?"Lu Yuan asked the key point.

"You can deal with it however you want, you can drive it away! Those plots of land did not belong to the poor people, they just occupied it. Miloqi said with a wicked smile.

"This is a good idea. How big are your plots of land? How much would it cost to buy them at normal market value?"Lu Yuan pretended to agree.

"There are a total of 1,000 square kilometers. Calculated based on the minimum of 100,000 yuan per square meter, it costs 100 trillion, but I only spent 1 trillion to buy it. This is a hugely profitable business. I paid a deposit of 200 billion. This payment The deadline for paying the full amount is coming, and all my money has been invested in other businesses. Where can I raise the remaining funds at this time? If I don’t raise enough money, my 200 billion will be wasted."Miloqi looked sad, as if he was very worried.

"So how do you want our company to cooperate with you?"Lu Yuan asked tentatively

"Inject 800 billion into the Beyond Real Estate Company. We worked together to drive away the people living in the slums, built houses together, and sold them for 40-60 cents."Miloqi smiled greedily, showing his rotten teeth blackened by smoke.

"Who is four and who is six?"Lu Yuan thought to himself: I paid most of the money, how can you negotiate with me for four or six points? Are you really good at doing business?

"I am six and you are four. Without my decision, your company, which was established less than a year ago, would not be able to win this land. If you want to win this land, you must have ten years of real estate investment experience!"Miloc refuses to give in

"I will buy your real estate company for 150 billion!"Lu Xuan walked over gracefully from the side, put his hand on Miloqi's shoulder, and said in a calm tone:"If you don't sell it to me, you will lose even the 150 billion.

"Brother, you're here, it's just right that you should talk to Director Wang about this big business. Lu Yuan saw Lu Xuan instantly turning into a fanboy. He held his hand affectionately and introduced:"This is my brother, Lu Xuan. He is the real boss of Star Network Technology Company.""

"Boss Lu, it’s the first time I’ve met him. He’s really extraordinary!"Mi Luoqi put down his drink and held Lu Xuan's hand with both hands. He was extremely enthusiastic. He nodded and said:"What you said makes sense. You have seen through everything. I am only begging you. My real estate company The survival of the company actually depends on your thoughts. No company in the entire earth planet has such abundant funds to save it. Only you can solve my urgent need. It's all my fault that I was jealous for a moment, only seeing the benefits and forgetting the risks, so I couldn't help but be so good at the bargain. Fortunately, you are willing to buy our company, even if you lose 50 billion, I am willing to sell it! Good brother, I brought all the contracts and signed them immediately!"

"OK, sign it now! Lu Yuan, come here, you are a legal person of the company, you sign."Lu Xuan winked at Lu Yuan happily and told him to sign quickly.

"Okay, I will obey my brother's decision."Lu Yuan looked confused and didn't know what the master was up to. This was a 1 trillion business. He signed as soon as he asked. But the master had never made a mistake. He decided to believe Lu Xuan and sat down at his seat to take out a pen and prepare to sign.

The three of them sat down. Lu Xuan took the contract and looked at it carefully. Not realizing there was any problem, he handed it to Lu Yuan and said,"Sign it!"

Lu Yuan and Miloqi signed the contract, and Miloqi's eyes narrowed with laughter. In a line:"Boss Lu is so heroic, he signed a 1 trillion business deal as soon as he said it was signed. It’s the day to pay the full amount in one week. Brother, I’d like to remind you, don’t forget it."

"I won’t forget, I can make money by pointing to those places! The 150 billion will be credited to your account tomorrow. Happy cooperation!" Lu Xuan shook hands with Miloqi ably and said:"Today we are the host. Even if you play in Tacheng these days, all expenses will be accounted for by me. of. Sorry for the poor care."

"Anyway, when I come here, I feel as comfortable as at home. Then I’ll go play first!"Mi Luoqi has long been attracted by the many beauties next to him and wants to get to know more of them.

"Go and have fun!" After Lu Xuan sent Miloqi away, he sat with Lu Yuan and said with a smile:"You can do it, you kid, you have made Tacheng look good."

"Brother, you are honored. Lu Yuan looked confused when he thought about the contract just now:"Then the contract is really no problem. Aren't you afraid that Miloqi will play tricks on us?""

"There is a problem, the problem is huge!"Lu Xuan looked relaxed and calm.

"ah! If you have any questions, please sign!"Lu Yuan wants to cry but has no tears

"Don't worry, we really made a killing this time. Miloch did set a trap for us. Those plots of land were all hard to demolish for decades. He made great efforts to open up relationships at all levels, packed a package for us, and gave them all to us, hoping that we would vote for them. 1 trillion but no harvest, but he never expected that we can completely solve the employment and housing problems of 90 million poor people. Didn’t we just become a waste recycling company and also have Forest Bank? Many manual jobs are currently lacking people. Calculate the vacant positions and arrange them for the poor in a reasonable way. I will definitely earn the 100 trillion."Lu Xuan’s confident explanation made Lu Yuan suddenly enlightened.

"Hee hee, what a brilliant move! That damn fat guy made 150 billion for nothing. He actually wants to harm us," Lu Yuan said angrily

"That's what he deserves. He spent a lot of money to open up those connections and deposits. He didn't make much money. He probably earned us 90 million at most."Lu Xuan drank cranberry juice and felt happy.

"He actually let him make money from us, didn't he say he sold it to us at a loss of 50 billion? What if we weren’t fooled? Then didn’t he lose 149.91 billion?"Lu Yuan thought that Miloqi took the risk of huge losses to cheat.

"He is not that stupid. He has a way to get those plots of land, and naturally he has a way to refund the deposit. But if we accept it, we will not be able to refund the deposit, and we can only keep investing."Lu Xuan analyzed the recent information about surveillance beyond the company's operations to discover Miloqi's sinister intentions, but he also cleverly exploited this business trap.

"Wow, it’s really vicious! Fortunately, my brother is here, otherwise we would have been deceived!"Lu Yuan rested his head on Lu Xuan's shoulder, acted coquettishly and pretended to cry, taking the opportunity to get close to him, which made Lu Xuan have to resort to touching his head to comfort him.

"Look! Miloqi was having a lively chat with the woman in different clothes and light. The woman put her hands on his neck and pressed her whole body against him. Bah, the fat stinky guy is so lucky!"Lu Yuan was envious and jealous. She was the goddess who stunned him for the rest of his life at first sight. How could he be with that dirty old fat man?

"Well, she is a professional."Lu Xuan secretly laughed in his heart, this kid doesn't need to be taught.

Xiaoxu shot all six biological robots into the aorta of Miloqi's neck. Originally he just wanted to shoot one from a long distance, but he didn't expect Miloqi to be so... It was easy to get close, so I put my hand on his neck and shot the remaining ones in together. Ha, this is called being prepared.

"Professional, what profession do you mean? Is that what she does?"Lu Yuan cried sadly, thinking that Xiaoxu was a lost woman, but he changed his mind: No, even if she is, she is still my goddess, and I want to keep her.

Lu Yuan estimated his savings: Well, there are 2,000 Ten thousand, I don’t know how many times, even if it’s only once, I will have no regrets in this life.

He mustered up the courage to move towards Xiaoxu, stood in front of the two of them, extended his hand to invite him like a gentleman:"This noble and beautiful person is as beautiful as a fairy." Miss, may I have the honor to dance with you?"

After Xiaoxu finished his work and was thinking about how to get away, a dumb boy happened to come. He seemed to be quite pleasing to his eye, so he put his jade hand into Lu Yuan's palm and said with a smile:"Okay, please, sir!""

"Oh, beauty, don’t leave! We're not done talking yet!"Miluoqi was anxious to keep him, but Xiaoxu still left without looking back. The swan he just got flew away. He was so anxious that he stamped his feet:"Oh, the little fresh meat is still popular, look at my fat body."

"here you go!"Lu Xuan cheered lowly when he saw Xiao Xu successfully succeeding. Xiao Xu, who heard the praise and pulled Lu Yuan's hand, turned around and winked at him mischievously. He was so angry that he didn't know whether to laugh or cry. As soon as he appeared on the stage, he charmed his proud disciple..

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