Continuing to teleport forward, Xingxing gradually approached Xinghu, and found that on the giant tree by the lake, there were gradually pink mushroom hyphae spreading on the trunk, and the pink mushrooms covered with white fur grew out of the gaps in the bark, which was very cute, just like One rabbit ear.

A pink dandelion bloomed on the tip of the rabbit's ear. Xingchen guessed that it was the spore of a pink mushroom. He was about to touch it with his hands, but he saw a light and shadow butterfly disappearing after touching the pink dandelion.

"Another insect that can teleport? But it seems to have been sucked into a certain space!"Xingchen's analysis data is still garbled. Suddenly, several flash ants were seen picking up pink dandelions and disappearing.

"Instead of being inhaled, the flash ants take the pink dandelions with them! This is too strong!"Xingchen even wants to touch it and go to that mysterious space to find out.

"Don't touch it, you'll fall into a deep sleep!"Yinxu stopped him in time. He would do morning exercises by the Star Lake every day.

"Will fall asleep?"Xingchen said puzzledly

"Yes, it's like your consciousness has entered another world, but your body is still here. Just like being poisoned, you can't wake up without an antidote, and even if you wake up, you can't remember what happened in the other world. Ginxu said a little embarrassedly:"Just like when I first arrived, I accidentally touched it." As a result, I slept for almost six days before being woken up by the clan leader."

"Oh, I won't touch it then. But why is the entire light and shadow butterfly sucked in, but the flash ant is fine?"Xingchen continued to ask in a research spirit.

"If light and shadow are touched, the whole person will be sucked in. The light and shadow clan, including the clan leader, will also be sucked in if they are touched in the light and shadow state. It seems that after being sucked in, no one can come out. Therefore, the light and shadow people avoid the pink dandelion area by the Star Lake and never approach it if nothing happens. As for why the flash ants cannot sleep, not even the Light and Shadow Clan has figured it out, let alone me."Ginxu told frankly

"Will the state of light and shadow be sucked in and be able to come out? This is really an unknown space! Xingchen became more curious about this space and asked:"What is the antidote? I want to go in and have a look!""

"The antidote is the golden heart membrane of the flash ant, which is relatively rare. You have to catch the star fish that has just eaten the golden heart and disembowel it to get it. You'd better not go, because it's scary and dangerous inside. I woke up sweating profusely and screaming, so I must have encountered something terrible inside. Besides, if you are asleep, who can help me repair the spaceship?"Ginxu dissuaded.

"Okay, let me fix the spaceship for you first!"Xingchen decided to help Yinxu repair the spaceship, get the golden epicardium, and then enter the unknown space.

"Come on, the spaceship is not far away. Ginxu took out the packaged food and handed it to Xingchen and said,"Have you had breakfast?" this is for you"

"Ha, sandwich bread is also available in my hometown Dixing. Xingchen picked up the bread filled with spiritual fruits and cauliflower and took a bite,"This tastes really good!""

"There is also wheat on the Earth Star? Does that taste the same as this?"Gin Xu's eyes darkly concealed what he was thinking.

"It is incomparable. Your cooking skills are superb, the raw materials and fermentation process used are better, the taste is naturally more fragrant, and the texture is softer. Plus the unique spiritual fruit, I have never eaten food that tastes better than this.!" Xingchen praised sincerely

"It's a pity that after you repair the spaceship, it will be difficult for you and me to eat such delicious food again."Ginxu said sadly

"It’s better to bring more ingredients from Jingyuan, so that you won’t have no food to entertain you during the long journey. And then you taught me how to make sandwich bread? In this way, wouldn’t you and I still be able to eat this delicious food?"Xingchen proposed a way to get the best of both worlds.

"OK, just do it."Ginsu is already thinking about what ingredients to bring.

"Where is your home planet? Xingchen asked curiously. Yinxu was the second alien he had seen. He was deeply impressed by the protective shield that Yinling woven with silver threads on his temples.

"My home planet is called Kukai, which is probably 300 million light years away from here. The journey lasted 200 years, and I wandered all the way to Jingyuan, where I lived for more than 100 years."Yinxu pointed to a winding tree ladder in front of him and said,"Here we are, go up the ladder, just above the tree crown."

"So high? When a spaceship crashes, doesn't it always hit the ground?"The stars looked up at the airtight tree canopy.

"Thanks to the dozens of seed vortices floating in the air that buffered the descent speed during the descent, and then crashed into the dense and elastic tree canopy, the spacecraft was able to land safely, and Ling'er and I were able to survive. Although the spacecraft was damaged, it was not serious."Yinxu has stepped onto the stairs.

Xingchen stepped forward and held his waist and said,"Let's teleport up.""

As soon as they finished speaking, the two of them appeared above the huge spaceship. They saw that the weight of the spacecraft had pressed a huge crater into the canopy. The appearance was made of dark green thick metal scales, with several fin-like rudders, and even There is also an elegant and colorful fish tail.

Ancient tree vines wrap around the fins, and dark green moss covers the hull.

"Your spaceship isn't a giant fish, is it? I saw several pairs of eyes on the fish's head. Xingchen carefully observed the bionic spaceship and thought: It’s no surprise that his time machine is a crystal flower and the spaceship is a fish.

"You will know if you go in and cultivate. Come, go to the hatch in the belly of the fish, and I will take you to the power energy center."Yinxu pointed at the dark red hatch.

Xingchen held Yinxu and teleported to the door. The silver threads on Ginxu's temples floated up and inserted into the secret gaps around the hatch. Little bits of silver light flowed into the fish along the silver threads. belly

"Sorry, the spacecraft has no energy. I can only input energy to open the door."Ginxu stepped into the slowly opened hatch.

Xingchen touched the place where the silver wire was inserted, and found that there were no holes or traces. He had to follow Ginxu into the spacecraft in confusion.

The fish's belly was dark and moist, as if it was in the air. There was still a slight fishy smell. Crystal fragments unique to Jingyuan were hung on the wall in the cabin, emitting a faint light.

In the circuitous passage, the two walked forward for a while and came to a small cabin. , Ginsu also used silver wire to open the door to another space.

Once the door opened, he saw fragmented parts floating inside, including spirals as thin as hair, and energy cores as big as footballs.

"This is too seriously broken up! Are there any drawings? It may take a while to assemble."Xingchen entered these fragmentary parts into the system for analysis, and worked hard to pair, combine and reorganize them.

"Without drawings, it is difficult to repair even with drawings."Ginxu said sadly

"How could it be so badly damaged?"Xingchen seemed to see filaments connecting the various parts, and thought: Is this the reason for the improvement in cultivation? Try to assemble along the filaments.

"When it encountered gamma rays, the spacecraft had just emerged from a space jump. The first energy center to be injured was injured. Although it tried its best to jump again, it had exhausted all the stored energy. Fortunately, it landed at the crystal source and was Only with the support of the tree canopy can we survive."

Ginsu was still frightened when he recalled the space disaster. Those were not gamma rays, but hundreds of warships from the Schungk Empire firing death rays at the space fish.

"It can still escape gamma rays. This spacecraft has very good performance."Xingchen held the energy core in his hand and decided to assemble it with it as the center. However, the threads were looming and difficult to distinguish. Looking back, he saw the silver threads on Yinxu's temples and thought if Yinxu injected energy into the energy core, would those threads clearer

"Can you energize this core? I need to see something clearly."The stars put the core back into the air and let it float.

"Let me try."Ginxu had never thought of doing this and found it very novel.

Soon the silver wire integrated into the core, continuously inputting blue energy, and the silk threads connecting the core to other parts flashed flowing red light spots.

"See it clearly, don’t stop!"Xingchen quickly took out the tweezers and assembled the parts around the core along the silk threads.

Ginhu couldn't see the threads and was curious about how Xingchen was able to assemble it quickly, but he was very happy to see that the energy center could be repaired.

Gradually, he was very happy. Di Yinxu was exhausted and said:"Let's get here today, I have no energy..."

Xingchen immediately stopped and said:"Okay, we have found the right method. It is only a matter of time before we can fix it. Let's take our time."

"I'll call Ling'er tomorrow. The energy of the two of us can last longer, and the energy center can be repaired faster."Yinxu retracted the silver wire, and there was still no trace of penetration on the surface of the core.

Seeing this, Xingchen even suspected that the silver wire could be integrated into the living body without leaving traces, but it was difficult to ask in person, so he replied:"Okay!"

After sending Ginwhisker back to the Crystal Restaurant, Xingchen stared at the lake in a daze by the Star Lake, thinking about the magic of star fish and flash ants, and had the urge to dive into the bottom of the lake to find out.

The lotus petals floating on the lake last night , has disappeared today, Xingchen thought to himself: Since this Xinghu Lake can support such strange species, there must be something unusual in the lake. I'd better ask about the situation of Xinghu Lake before going to the lake. It's best to ask the clan leader for a golden heart coating. , go to the mushroom spore space. Let’s go back to the stone house and practice hard.

"Alas, it’s hard for someone who is unfamiliar with the place to wander in. Where has Master been this day?"Xingchen teleported back to the stone house on the cliff, ate the dinner given by Ginxu alone, and then fell into a dream to practice.

The next day, Xingchen arrived at the Crystal Restaurant, and Yinxu and Yinling were already waiting for him.

"You can repair the energy core that is so difficult to repair. You are quite capable! Yin Ling looked at Xingchen with admiration, threw him a bag of food and said:"Here, breakfast, let's go, after finishing the work, I still have something to do!" Xingchen thought to himself: What else could happen? Could it be that you and my master are both pestering Miss Kai Yi?

"Have you met my master? Xingchen asked as he thought about it.

Yin Ling's face turned ugly and said:"You should take good care of your master, Ayi, who is staring at me all day long, can't even drive him away!""

"oh! Tell me where Miss Kaiyi will be. After I finish repairing the spaceship, I will go over and take a look. Xingchen thought to himself: Sure enough, but how can I control him? You can handle it yourself.

"Just downstream of the Crystal River is the habitat of the snow whales, which you also visited yesterday. She goes to collect snow whale milk every day. Snow whales have very strange temperaments. People they don't like will not be allowed close to them. Ah Yat is a specially selected breast collector."Yin Ling recalled with a gentle smile the time when he exchanged delicious food with Yi Yi for snow whale milk when he was a child.

"Okay, see you then Jinghe."

So Xingchen quickly finished his breakfast and repaired the energy center of the spacecraft with Ginsu and his son. The parts assembly process went smoothly, but he felt as if he was assembling some kind of biological organ while repairing.

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