Yihua, who was immersed in memories of the past, was interrupted by a voice saying,"Painter Yi, is it my turn?"

She put away her grief and anger, looked up and saw a gentle, elegant and handsome man. When her eyes met, she felt a long-lost concern.

Yihua was so shocked that she raised her sleeves to wipe away her tears in embarrassment and asked,"What kind of clothes and makeup do you want, sir?""

"My noodle soup shop will be opening in a few days, and I want to design a few sets of work clothes that are decent but still have an old-fashioned feel, and add some Hanfu elements."The man smiled with squinted eyes and a friendly and sunny smile.

His smile infected her, and her mood gradually improved. She searched for information on the work clothes of soup noodle shops on the computer while chatting with him:"Few people open traditional restaurants now. There’s a noodle soup shop. There are so many different kinds of food in the Yuanverse now."

"Those delicacies lack cultural heritage. The soup noodles I cook are all based on traditional processes and ingredients. Yi HuaGong can come to the store to try them when he is free. I will treat you!"The man's tone was gentle and full of expectation.

Yihua really wanted to go, but unfortunately her time didn't allow for it. It takes time to take over a business for one meal. Besides, the Yuan Universe can work without eating. For many years, eating in the Yuanverse has been a luxury and redundancy for her.

Before she found a job as a painter, she could only lay bricks at a construction site or trim flowers and plants. Her monthly salary was only enough to work in the real world. After eating, she will not waste gold coins to buy food from the metaverse.

"No thanks!"Yihua politely refused, and then carefully designed seven sets of comfortable narrow-sleeved and waisted Hanfu for the man.

She put it on for the man one by one carefully, and embroidered fish, cranes, bamboo, lotus, swallows, and plum blossoms with a paintbrush. and other patterns, and also tied the man into a high ponytail in ancient costume, making him very handsome.

"Your workmanship is very exquisite, and the embroidery is lifelike. I wear the clothes you designed to work, and it adds a lot of color to my shop! Are you really not going to eat noodle soup in my store? I’ll give you two VIP coupons. Come in when you are free."The man just took the opportunity to pay and stuffed two VIP coupons into her personal wallet.

Seeing the man's expectant expression, Yihua couldn't refuse anymore and said politely:"Okay, I will go when I have time."

Although she herself doesn't know when she will be free, she can just go through with it. Otherwise, she can sell the VIP coupons for some gold coins, and maybe buy a few more days' worth of synthetic food. Seeing

Yihua's promise, the man left with satisfaction. After that, Yihua worked diligently for fifteen days."Come to work on time next month!"The workshop owner smiled from ear to ear when making the settlement. Since Yihua came, the profits of the workshop have been increasing steadily, so he naturally paid sufficient wages to such hard-working and capable employees.

"thank you boss! Be sure to arrive on time!"Yihua was very happy when she got her salary, and she cheered in her heart: Yeah, one more day of quota, and soon I will be able to have a quota for the whole month! The cost of renting the connection nest can be saved a lot. She disconnected the connection with joy, Yihua woke up in the nourishing liquid and felt dizzy and bloated. Fortunately, the infusion and complementary feeding system in the nest prevented her from being hungry and thirsty.

She wanted to lie down in the nest for a while and wait for the dizziness to pass before getting up, but when she thought The rent was expensive, so she quickly climbed out and wiped off the nourishing fluid on her body, put on her clothes and hurried out of the card room.

In the corridor, she held her hands on the wall and breathed weakly for a long time. Only then could Yihua stand upright. , took out a piece of synthetic food that looked like a lump of clay and swallowed it. After gradually regaining her strength, she embarked on her way home.

Due to the shortage of energy and high transportation costs, she could only hide in a protective umbrella and walk home..

The solar street lights that were in disrepair were dim, and Yihua could only rely on the GPS navigation system of her watch to move forward. Along the way, she would occasionally pass by civilians who looked like her, and she would also meet a patrolling mechanical policeman.

She was almost home. At that moment, a drizzle suddenly began to fall in the sky. This rain was extremely corrosive. Yihua ran quickly, trying to get home before the poisonous rain corroded the protective umbrella.

But the poisonous rain had already corroded several holes on the top of the umbrella. When the hole was broken, Yihua secretly shouted,"No!"

If a civilian like her gets caught in the poisonous rain and has no money for treatment, it will be no different than death.

When she rushed to the corner a hundred meters away from home, she suddenly saw a large and bright sign. She rushed in without hesitation to avoid the rain. She desperately took off her protective umbrella, wet hat and coat, shivering like a drowned rat standing in the cold wind.

"Finally got my life back!"She was beating her chest in shock. She looked at the poisonous rain outside the door getting bigger and bigger. She suddenly felt the sadness of fate and her eyes gradually became moist.

At this time, a gentle male voice came from behind:"Customers can sit down and warm themselves with a cup of hot tea."

Yihua heard that the voice was familiar. She turned around and saw that the man turned out to be the noodle soup restaurant owner she met in the Yuan Universe. He was also wearing the black and silver embroidered Hanfu Hanfu she designed. She was so frightened that she took two steps back, her eyes widened. She collapsed in her heart and said:"What the hell! How could the characters in the metaverse appear in reality? It's either a ghost or I'm crazy!"

The man said embarrassedly:"Madam, you must have seen me in the Yuan Universe. My real appearance is what I look like in the Yuan Universe."

"What about clothes? Your clothes are made of materials unique to the Yuan Universe, and it is impossible to imitate that effect in reality! Yihua was frightened and said incoherently:"The light and shadow paint, the shining spots, the flowing water drops, and the gloss on your lips were all painted by me in the Yuan Universe with a special brush." , unless you came directly from the metaverse!

The man smiled strangely and threatened,"Are you Yi Hua Gong?"! It's good if you know this kind of thing and I know it, otherwise……"

"Oh my gosh, you really can travel freely between reality and the metaverse! You are not human!"Yihua was completely shocked.

The man covered her mouth with force and said,"Don't publicize this kind of thing loudly!"

Yihua was so frightened that she tried to break away from the alien in front of her, but when she thought of the poisonous rain outside the door, she immediately lost her temper and could only calm down.

"Very good, I see you are also cold. Eat a bowl of noodles before leaving. Use the VIP coupon I gave you and order whatever you want."The man didn't kill her and instead invited her to eat noodles.

Yihua was a little confused and thought to herself: Huh? Aliens nowadays like to invite people to eat noodles? Or do they want to poison the noodles? Oh, he wants to kill me. Why go to all this trouble? If you really want to die, just be a dead ghost.

"All right! Make some delicious noodles!"Yihua was ready to sacrifice her life generously. She sat down at the table near the stove and let the hot steam from the soup pot warm her body.

The man smiled fondly and went into the workroom to get a men's coat and put it on Yihua. He also poured a cup of hot tea.

Yihua, who was stunned by the sudden warm service, could only accept it uneasily. She ordered a bowl of tomato fried egg noodle soup, drank hot tea and watched the man cook the noodles. She saw the man take out a bowl of noodles. The box of eggs, Yihua's eyes flashed with golden light, and she thought: This egg can be sold for at least 30,000 gold coins each. She counted 12, which is not more than 360,000 gold coins. The man broke all the eggs into the bowl without hesitation and stirred. Add seasonings and minced garlic and fry it directly on the iron plate.

The aroma of fried eggs and minced garlic plus the aroma of bone soup made Yihua's index fingers move. While swallowing her saliva, she thought: How can I eat such delicious food? , it’s worth being poisoned by this alien!

It’s not over yet. The man took out three red tomatoes, cut them into small pieces and fried them. Then he added the fried egg cubes and stir-fried them together to let the sweet and sour tomato flavor enter the eggs. , then put it on a plate and prepare it.

Take out a piece of pork and cut it into thin slices, wrap it in cornstarch, put it into the boiling bone soup and cook it. This way the meat slices will be fragrant, soft and melt in your mouth.

Put the Q-bomb noodles in After the bone soup is cooked, put the meat slices and tomato scrambled eggs into the soup bowl, then add the fried scallion oil, and a bowl of fragrant noodle soup is completed.

Yihua took a sip of the soup with tears in her eyes. She was nearly 8 She hadn't eaten fresh ingredients in years, and this bowl of noodle soup reminded her of the taste of her mother when she was a child.

She was moved to taste it one bite at a time, fearing that she would never be able to eat such delicious noodle soup again. She poured out the last drop in the bowl. After finishing the soup, she suddenly remembered that she could also make this kind of noodle soup. Her mother taught her how to make it. When her father was busy with research, she would make it herself and eat it.

"How do you make this kind of noodle soup? This method is unique to my family! Yihua looked at the man in confusion.

The man showed a sunny smile and said,"Because I am an alien, and my name is Yunxi!" Yihua was amused by this answer and said with a smile:"It's so funny, what kind of answer is this." Can aliens know what kind of tomato, scrambled egg and meat noodle soup I like to eat?

Seeing that she didn't remember him, Yunxi said with regret,"I have answered you sincerely!""

"Well, thank you, Alien Yunxi! After eating, it’s time for me to leave. Seeing that the poisonous rain outside had stopped, Yihua wanted to go home.

Yunxi quickly took out a state-of-the-art anti-corrosion protective umbrella and said to Yihua:"You are the first human being to know that I am an alien. For Seal it, this umbrella is for you!"

"Thanks!"Yihua looked at Yunxi curiously, took the protective umbrella, and thought to herself: This alien is pretty good. He invited him to eat soup noodles and gave him an umbrella.

"There are also two VIP coupons, so remember to come again! Yunxi said reluctantly

"good!"Yihua waved her hand, opened the protective umbrella and left.

At this time, a young man wearing glasses walked out of the room and sighed:"You begged me to travel through time and space to save her 8 years ago, then abandon her for 8 years, and now come back. , just to treat her to soup noodles. Yun

Xi cleared her throat awkwardly and said,"She's still alive, isn't she already fine?" It doesn't matter whether you remember me or not. Let's go eat soup noodles. I just made two more bowls of side dishes."

"Ha, don’t you think it’s a bit unethical that all human beings are eating synthetic foods, but we are here eating fish and meat?"The man with glasses pushed up the frame of his glasses, and people who were injured by the poisonous rain just appeared on the glasses. They were all wailing because their skin was burned.

"You are the most capable in the Universe Alliance. Stop eating and go save them!"Sadness flashed in Yunxi's eyes, and she thought: If Yihua hadn't opened a noodle soup restaurant here, Yihua would have had no shelter from the rain, and she would have ended up like them.

"I can't save that much by myself, and if the Yuan Universe doesn't stop for a day, this polluted environment cannot be changed."The man with glasses said helplessly.

"Don't you know how to travel through time and space? Back when the Metaverse first emerged, wouldn’t it be enough to blow up its servers?"Yunxi suggested

"It would be nice if things were really that simple. Do you still remember the incident where a giant mecha went out of control and killed people before the rise of the metaverse? It was the huge conspiracy behind that loss of control, which led to the change of ownership of the giant cauldron and the development of the metaverse. I haven't found out who is behind all this and what caused it, so nothing I do is of any use. It's like you rescued a homeless man, gave him food and clothing, gave him a place to live and a job, but he still sold the food, clothes and house for money to buy drugs. You can save him for a while, but you can't save him forever unless he can get rid of his drug addiction."The man with glasses was helpless.

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