"Ryan, what do you mean by talking about a partnership agreement?"Yihua asked uneasily.

"It means that they have taken a fancy to your creative value and want to discuss with you how much money to buy your works. By the way, they will sign a contract to agree on your working hours in the Shihunk Empire, and then assign some work tasks. Ryan winked at her mischievously:"Congratulations!" The most important thing when you are negotiating is to strive for the time limit of the contract. If you can sign for a few hundred more years, then sign for a few hundred more years. It is best to sign for more than 500 years, so that I can live longer with you."

"It sounds like if you sign a deed of betrayal, you will die if you don't sign it. How scary!"Yihua felt extremely depressed, as if she was going to be sold into slavery.

"Think about the consequences of losing their use value. Some artists who have lost their creative inspiration have been quietly killed after their contracts expired and they had no new works!"Ryan described the ending of life in horror:"Because people here will not die, and the living space is limited. Those elixirs require a lot of flowers and fruits to refine, so equal exchange seems fair."

"Well, I must strive for more contract years!"Yihua thought to herself: She died once, but now she has earned an extra day of living. It is fair to exchange work for life. If there comes a day when she can't do anything anymore, just die! There will be death the next day. The skytrain came to pick up Yihua. The bus was filled with more than 30 people, all artists and scientists who had rushed to Phantom City to sign a contract. Most of them were preoccupied and unwilling to communicate with others, because renewing the contract would mean life or death. If the contract was not renewed successfully, He will be dragged to death on the spot.

"It looks like you are new here! There was still hope in his eyes. The white-haired old man sitting opposite politely stretched out his hand to shake her hand. After sitting down again, he sighed:"Science and technology are changing with each passing day. After my inventions and creations were no longer of use to them, they haven't had any wine or wine for thirty years.". Getting old, hahaha!"

"He is the inventor of flying houses in the air and one of the oldest scientists. The swordsman in Linghuan City wants weapons of destruction, but Minglao is unwilling to build them, so he will not sell him the juice to extend his life. I'm afraid this time It's a bad thing!"Another old man generously introduced the old scientist who shook hands with Yihua.

"Pei Dou, you don’t have long to live. I asked you to prepare addictive nerve gas, but you refused! You deserve to die with me!"Ming Lao laughed at the old man.

"I've had enough! It’s time to die after living for almost a thousand years. It’s too useless to die like this!"Pei Dou has no regrets in his heart, but he was killed by those villains who were unscrupulous and wasted all his superb medical skills.

"Hehe, the Lord of Hell said that he would let you die at the third watch, so why would he keep you until the fifth watch? Just accept your fate!"Ming Lao's words made everyone sitting there sigh, and they all agreed:"Accept your fate!"

The sky train arrived like a giant white building towering into the clouds, and everyone got off the train at the train stand in the clouds. Ming Lao pointed to the row of soldiers wearing brown tight leather jackets with weapons hanging on their waists and said,"Did you see that? They are executioners who kill without blinking an eye! The killer who specifically executes the killing order!"

Six brown soldiers came to take them to the review room. Yihua saw that one of the soldiers looked familiar. After taking a few more glances, she recognized that he was actually her father's former assistant - Du Xin, and couldn't help but"Ah!"Sounded.

Du Xin turned around and stared at her fiercely, meaning why are you not dead yet! Look how I kill you!

Yihua was so frightened that she hid behind Ming Lao, Ming Lao whispered. :"Old acquaintance? Don't be afraid, he can't kill you without an order, but you should be more careful in the future!

As soon as Yihua's heart calmed down a little, she was forcefully taken aside by Du Xin,"It's your turn!" Come with me!"

Du Xin took Yihua to a remote corner, pinched her neck and threatened:"Oh, you didn't come to the Shenlong Mecha display ten years ago, and you didn't die. I actually bumped into you here. God has eyes to see where you will run away this time!"

"It was you who betrayed my father ten years ago and killed everyone at the exhibition, but you still have the nerve to live until now! Well……"Yihua was pinched until her face was red, she had difficulty breathing, and her brain was deprived of oxygen. She recalled that Du Xin used to pursue her to get closer to his father. After becoming his father's assistant, he colluded with Bai Shiling and planned a shocking massacre.

"stop! She is my property. The penalty for murdering someone else’s creator is confiscation of personal property and the death penalty!"A man in black robe with long blond hair that was so soft that it shone golden shouted to Du Xin.

Du Xin reluctantly let go of Yihua and sneered:"I didn't know she was Mr. Yun's person, how offended she is!"

Looking at Du Xin's retreating figure, Yihua was so frightened that she huddled in the corner and trembled. Tears of resentment fell unsatisfactorily, and she thought to herself: Damn it! The peaceful life she just had is going to be ruined by him again!

"Get up and don't keep the experts on the jury waiting. As long as you sign the contract, he won't dare to touch you. Yunxi bent down to help her up, and handed her a silk scarf and a stack of tissues,"Wipe your tears and put on the scarf so that no one can see the marks of strangulation.""

"Thanks!"The stubborn Yihua did not recognize him as Yunxi, because he was blond at this time, and his appearance was completely different from when he was the owner of the soup noodle restaurant. Although his facial features were still beautiful, they were a bit more evil. Although Yunxi also His surname was Yun, but she didn't connect Mr. Yun with the strange alien noodle soup restaurant owner at all.

In order not to show weakness in front of strangers, she stopped crying and took the paper towel to dry her tears before tying the scarf and taking a deep breath to calm her mood. Finally, he turned away and walked towards the judging room pretending to be nonchalant, but ignored the anxiety and heartache in Yunxi's eyes. There were four very young and fashionably dressed judges sitting in the judging room, two men and two women. One of them A woman wearing a small round hat with colorful feathers asked:"How did you create such a large-scale light and shadow illusion in 16 days?""

"Rely on imagination. By wearing a neural sensor, I can display the scenery in my mind in the light and shadow studio."Yihua answered truthfully.

The four judges seemed a little unconvinced and discussed among themselves:"I can't even do it!"I don't believe she can just imagine!""Let her try it on the spot!"""good!"

Another beauty dressed in ancient Chinese style picked up a stack of information and read:"You used to be an illustrator and a painter in the metaverse in Earth Star. Your painting skills are exquisite and excellent, and you have created a comic series called Rainbow Candy House. We have seen all your works and thought they had economic value, so we brought you here from Earth Star. The large-scale light and shadow illusion you created using our country's technology is the most beautiful and realistic illusion we have ever seen. Especially the colorful butterflies are so vivid. We want to see you making colorful butterflies live to evaluate the authenticity of your work"

"OK"Yihua was a little embarrassed. Those colorful butterflies were not created by her. Although she had created small moving animals, she had never made colorful butterflies. She could only try to make them based on impressions.

After everything was ready, Yihua closed the door Open your eyes and draw the image of a colorful butterfly in your mind, and add a halo and aura trail to the previous drawing, imagine it is a butterfly with only magical abilities, then open your eyes and watch it dance in front of you.

This scene The judges were dumbfounded. It usually takes them at least two days to make a moving butterfly. They have to draw every detail first and design a movement program for it. Yihua only spent a lot of time. At one minute.

The atmosphere condensed for almost two minutes. A man dressed a bit like a French court gentleman adjusted his glasses and broke the deadlock and said:"Okay, you passed the review! Another handsome guy dressed like a famous Korean star said slowly:"You can sign the contract. Since your skills in making illusions are unparalleled, you can ask for your salary at will." It's up to you how long you want to live in the Hungarian Empire!"

"How long can it take?"Yihua couldn't believe her ears.

"Yes, live there until you don’t want to! The handsome Korean boy spread his hands helplessly and said,"You are so much better than all our painters. The empire can only support you as a treasure!""

"So what work do I need to do in exchange for this kind of treatment?"Yihua has never believed in pie-in-the-sky pie. Such a high salary must be accompanied by extremely high-intensity work tasks.

"Well, it means creating realistic light and shadow scenes in the virtual world as required, making scenes in movies, TV series, and games, actors' costumes and makeup, making light and shadow props, etc."The little round hat explained patiently.

Yihua's heart dropped, thinking: Fortunately, I was not asked to make weapons of destruction, otherwise I would have resisted and would have died. There are advantages in doing art work, otherwise It would be bad to be like Ming Lao. I must not die!

"What is the remuneration for work and how is it calculated?"Yihua needs to know this information in detail, which may be related to how much honey juice she can get and how long she can live.

"Calculate the funds raised based on the value of the work. Generally, the colorful butterfly just now is worth 1,000 cloud coins, and your light and shadow illusion is worth 100 million. 100 million can be exchanged for oneA high-speed car or 10 acres of land, a cup of wine for two people a year, 1 billion can buy a spaceship to travel to various planets, and 100 trillion can buy a habitable planet newly developed by the empire. You can roughly convert it. The salary is very generous. You can also use it to purchase cloud house accessories, expand and renovate your cloud house."

"It's quite generous. Isn't the juice provided as long as the contract is signed? Do I need to buy another one?"Yihua wonders that there is still a quota for the delivery of Qiong juice.

"Yes, generally newcomers will have a free quota for one year. During this year, they must save enough money to buy a year's worth of elixir, otherwise they will grow old. Therefore, in order to live in the empire for a long time, they must continue to earn money. Keep creating. replied the bespectacled gentleman.

"Oh, then I will sign an indefinite contract, spend as much as I earn, and earn as long as I live."Yihua is determined to live for a long time, no matter how difficult it is.

"Oh that's fine! A smart decision, as long as you use the money you earn to buy honey juice, you will live longer, and if you live longer, you will earn more money, and you will be able to live forever in the long run. It is not impossible to live indefinitely. The ancient Chinese beauty winked at Yihua mischievously and said,"I've lived for almost two hundred years, can't you tell?""

"You are a super invincible beautiful girl, you will never be able to tell!"Yihua flattered in a friendly way.

"Mmm, your mouth is so sweet. Grandma, I will give you a few more golden words. Save the money you earn and don’t spend it randomly. The most important thing is to buy wine. Especially keep your pockets tightly closed to avoid being cheated."The Chinese-style beauty warned.

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