Yunxi could only look at her dreamingly and complain:"I thought I was the one who would die for you, but you ended up stealing the spotlight. If only I could lie on the hospital bed for you, then you would You can take care of me."

Yihua was smiling in her sleep, as if she heard Yunxi complaining, and responded:"It's so comfortable for me to lie down. Taking care of people is hard, so it's better to lie down."

Yunxi saw the corner of Yihua's mouth He raised his head slightly and said in surprise:"Yihua, I knew you could hear me. You must get better soon. We will continue to the next level of the game, and there will be many fun scenes."

Yihua's fingers slightly Ben Ben responded, Yunxi grabbed her hand and said ecstatically:"Did you agree?"

"Yes, there are many layers of games!"Yihua nodded in her dream.

The game scene changed instantly. The two came to the balcony of a small apartment. Yihua was sitting in a wheelchair, with no feeling in her legs, and a large ugly burn scar on her left face.

Yunxi Standing behind her, he said distressedly:"I didn't expect that when you get to the next level of the game, your injuries will be healed, but you will be left disabled."

"It's already good, at least it doesn't hurt anymore. Yihua looked at the dark and damp town outside the balcony and asked,"Where is this?""

"No matter how many there are, as long as we stay together, it will be the same wherever we are. The space outside is not good, let’s go inside."Yunxi pushed Yihua into the apartment.

The two opened the refrigerator and cupboards and found only two loaves of bread and two bottles of water. They then went to the room to check the drawers and all the places where money could be hidden, and only found 100 yuan.

"Fortunately, the house is not bare. You stay at home and don't go out. I'll go see if there is any way to make money. I’ll buy you something delicious tonight."Yunxi took the initiative to take on the important task of supporting the family.

"OK, come on!"Yihua said regretfully:"Alchemy cannot be used in this space, otherwise we can turn it into pots and pans and sell them for money."

"It doesn't matter if you don't have alchemy. Nothing can trouble me, just wait for my good news."Yunxi went out confidently.

As soon as Yunxi left, Yunxi's parents and younger brother in the game scene came to the small apartment and knocked on the door. As soon as Yihua opened the door, the three of them rushed in and looked at the simple apartment with disdain. old small apartment

"Are you the woman who seduced my brother? The younger brother said doubtfully:"You are ugly and have a disabled body, you shouldn't do that!"

The mother was dissatisfied and said:"Based on my son's appearance, knowledge and family background, why did he fall in love with you and be such a drag!" Tell me, how much money will it take for you to leave him?"

"How much are you willing to pay? Are you willing to give me enough money to spend in my lifetime?"Yihua looked at the three of them curiously. She knew that it was difficult to make money in this space. All housing, food, water, and medicine were controlled by large chaebols. People could only rely on hard work in exchange for just enough money to survive.

"Ten lifetimes is enough, I’ll give you 20 million!"My father said generously.

"good! What do you want me to do!"Yihua agreed without thinking. She must survive in this environment. People are starving to death. There is no point in persisting.

"Take the money, leave this city immediately, and never come back!"The mother showed a victorious smile

"good! Please deposit money into my digital bank."Yihua looked down at the 8-digit increase in the digital currency on the electronic watch and smiled:"I'll call the car and leave right now. Thanks!"

She knew these plots when she was making the scene, and she also expected that Yunxi's part-time job would be very hard, but as long as she took the money and left, the two of them would not have to face the dilemma of hunger and cold, and they would have the opportunity to meet again in the future..

While waiting for the driver to pick her up, Yihua opened the refrigerator, quietly overlapped the two breads inside, squeezed a pit in the middle, poured water into the pit, then tore off a small piece of vegetable leaf and placed it on the water. The movements were done in one go, without being noticed by the three people outside the kitchen.

The car had arrived, she looked back at the refrigerator, drove the wheelchair out of the kitchen, left the apartment under the supervision of the three people, was carried by the driver into the car, and headed out of the city.

At night, Yunxi couldn't find a job after a busy day. He didn't know that his parents used their connections to prevent everyone in the city from giving him a job opportunity.

But he still kept his promise and spent 30 yuan to buy two boxes of fast food and returned to his apartment. As soon as we entered the apartment, it was dark and deserted.

"Yihua! ? Where are you?" Yunxi searched back and forth in the small hall, room, kitchen and bathroom for a long time. When he realized that Yihua had left, he sat down worriedly, confused: Where will she go? Where can she go without money? Could it be that she has money? ? Or was he kidnapped? Will he go out to do errands and come back soon? Wait.

So Yunxi sat on the sofa and waited until late at night, until he was hungry and thirsty. When he went to get water from the refrigerator, He found the bread filled with water. He put the bread on the table and looked at it, studying what it meant.

"A boat on the lake? Boat? Are we in the same boat? Yunxi pushed the vegetable leaf with his fingers, and Manfu asked:"Tired of traveling and traveling?" Going with the flow? What does Yihua want to express?"

Yun Xi saw his fingers pushing the leaves, and suddenly thought:"Yes, just go with the flow!" Yihua wanted me to follow the plot and not resist."

At this time, the phone on the watch rang. Yunxi saw that the mark was her mother. As soon as the call was connected, she heard her ask loudly:"Why don't you go home yet? That woman has already left with 20 million. She is just greedy for money. Girl, she doesn’t love you at all"

"Oh, I know, please send someone to take me home."Yunxi finally let go of her hanging heart, thinking: Yihua has 20 million, so she will be able to survive comfortably. It is too difficult to make money in this space, and you can only get money by following the plot. Yihua is so smart, let alone An idiom reminded me.

Soon the driver came to pick him up. After two hours of traveling through the dilapidated main city, Yunxi returned to his magnificent manor on the outskirts of the city.

"Now that the woman is gone, many daughters of wealthy families will be guests at the banquet at the manor tomorrow night. You can choose the one you like."The younger brother stopped to welcome him with a playful smile.

"I don’t need it, you can just choose."Yunxi was about to go upstairs to the room angrily.

"Don't go! Then I'll pick first. Don't blame my husband's eldest grandson for stealing your property. The younger brother said sarcastically:"Then those women won't suffer poverty with you!" It will be difficult to choose a rich girl. Just like that ugly woman who insisted on being together took the money without even thinking about it! Remember, no money, no women!"

"You are wrong. If food, medical care, housing, energy, and land are no longer in the hands of a few people, but are owned by everyone, do you think anyone will choose a partner based on money?" Yunxi sneered at this silly brother.

The younger brother was so stunned that he stayed where he was and thought for a long time before he realized that his elder brother was right. When people no longer need to spend money to buy daily necessities, everyone will be rich and there will be no Some people also look at money, rather than love and good conduct.

After returning home, Yunxi did not approach women, secretly protected Yihua and kept in touch with her, while focusing on running the family business and becoming rich in the shortest time. But the enemy country purchased a large piece of unowned land, established an army and established a communist country. All people in the country share all the country's resources, and can enjoy free housing, medical care, education and energy without purchasing. People are no longer forced to live and work in peace and contentment. Pressure, creativity exploded, science and technology developed rapidly, and it became the most prosperous and powerful country.

Yunxi, who became the leader of the country, was no longer bound by his family. After finding Yihua as he wished, the two held a grand wedding and received the blessing of the whole country.

Yihua, wearing traditional wedding clothes, sat in a wheelchair and walked with Yunxi among flowers and blessings.

"There is no need to tell the world like this and waste money and people!"Yihua felt that this play was a bit overdone.

"It's okay, our country is rich and it's good to make the people happy. Yun Xi said happily:"Besides, this is the strongest resistance to the family.""

"Do we think we won?" Yihua asked

"No, we haven't finished the ceremony yet!"Yunxi picked up Yihua and kissed her gently in front of the whole country. The scene shifted in time to the stage of building a home together.

"We passed! Yunxi cheered.

Yihua was still blushing from the kiss just now, but found that her feet could move. She touched her left cheek again and found it was as smooth as ever. She quickly jumped off the ground and spun around happily, saying,"I'm back to health!" Great, I can run and jump again! Yunxi was stunned for a moment, then excitedly hugged Yihua into his arms and said,"It's really great!""

Yihua was a little embarrassed to be hugged. She quickly pushed him away and said,"This scene is very strange. There are adult playgrounds everywhere, full of various dance halls, casinos, and nightclubs. Drugs and guns are rampant. Some people Some people become rich overnight, while others lose all their money and their families in an instant. Yunxi raised his hand to check the data on his watch and said,"I have 2 million casino chips and a suite with a monthly rent of 10,000.""

Yihua also checked the watch data and said:"Me too, I am nowRent, you can save 10,000 per month"

"The requirement of this level of the game is to build a home together, which means we must first buy a piece of land. We must first exchange the casino chips into money to buy the land. Remember not to be tempted when you enter the casino later and try to increase your chips through gambling."Yunxi immediately realized the pitfalls of the drama.

"Yes, nine times out of ten you will lose, don’t be greedy!"Yihua immediately began to mentally prepare herself to prevent herself from being tempted later.

The two of them were warmly welcomed as soon as they entered the casino. Two rows of handsome men and beauties clapped their hands to welcome them, and they were greeted with two glasses of delicious juice and pastries.

"Ah, this……"Yihua was a little flattered and accepted the juice and cakes with great enthusiasm.

"Please treat this place as your own home and feel free to enjoy all the drinks, pastries, fruits and delicacies."The attendant bowed diligently and said,"If you are tired, you can go to the VIP suite on the 12th floor to rest."

"Got it, let’s take a walk first. Yunxi took the juice and said to the attendant:"Please step back first!""

The two of them walked around the casino with juice, and saw that the gamblers in the venue were all attentively participating in the gambling. The losers were wailing in despair, and the winners were dancing with joy. Finally, they found the chip exchange office.

"Don't we bet they will exchange it for cash?"Yihua was a little worried.

"Yes, casinos generally don't force gambling unless you win too much."Yunxi took the lead to go to the counter to exchange cash, but was rejected. He said that he had to gamble at least ten times in the casino and stay one night before he could exchange it.

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