A Hundredfold Training System Instantly Upgrades 999

A Hundredfold Training System Instantly Upgrades 999

3015 Chapters Ongoing Status


Take a step, experience 10,100 times, basic stance advanced to yellow stance!

Swing a punch, experience 10,100 times, basic boxing method advanced to yellow boxing method!

Take a powerful pellet, experience 100100 times, cultivation level from quenching body third level to quenching body sixth level!

Take a look at the sword intent on the sword mark stone, experience 100100 times, successfully comprehend the first level sword intent!


Jiang Chen crossed the other world and accidentally got the 100 times cultivation system, he is getting stronger all the time!

The basic martial arts skills can be upgraded to the heavenly level by walking around and waving a fist!

The first thing you can do is to take a pill and your cultivation will grow faster than a rocket!

It’s hard to understand the law of sword intent? Is it difficult to become an alchemist? I have a hundred times the cultivation system, it’s just a matter of minutes!

Jiang Chen has a hundred times the cultivation system in his hand, from now on, he will beat all disobedience!

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