A King is Born on the Road

A King is Born on the Road

왕은 길 위에서 태어난다

114 Chapters Ongoing Status


Iris Lepos.

She was the queen of a fallen country.

Hayer, her husband’s younger brother and her first love, came to her, who remained alone on the throne where even the king had fled.

“Can you find the North Gate?”

The Lepos were born with a map of the world in their head and could find their way in the middle of the desert.

Iris, the heir to the throne, nodded.

And the moment she crossed the North Gate through a severe snowstorm.

She realized. That she’s back six years ago.

“If something changes beyond the North Gate, don’t love me then. Never.”

And knowing that she had the opportunity to save the man who died for her.

“Promise me that you will help me avoid marriage that I don’t want.”

Miraculously given a second chance.

To change her fate, this time she went to Hayer first.

Will she be able to live as a king instead of a shadow queen?

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