Chapter 7: Chapter 7 Was She Cheated By A Man Again?_1

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Seeing that she couldn’t hide it anymore, Mrs. Ava Nguyen had no choice but to tell Amelia what had happened in the morning.

In the end, she specially explained, “Mia didn’t do this on purpose and just wanted to download the study materials. I didn’t know why Evelyn, who looked obedient before, was so angry all of a sudden!”

Amelia gripped the star wrist in her hand tightly and looked meaningfully at Mia, who was hiding behind their mother.

“If you can delay the application for marriage by downloading the information, then you won’t be able to get into Capital University next year!”

Mia was speechless.

“Amelia, why do you say that?” Mrs. Ava Nguyen frowned. “Mia is your biological sister. Back then, she was lost…”

Amelia didn’t want to hear her mom say the same thing over and over again. She immediately picked up her military cap and walked out.

Mrs. Ava Nguyen hurriedly chased after her.” Amelia, you just got home. Where are you going now?”

“Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau and get Evelyn back. And you…” Amelia turned around and looked at Mia with red eyes, who looked like she had been wronged. “When Evelyn comes back, you have to apologize to her properly!”

When Amelia’s figure disappeared at the door, Mia suddenly covered her face and burst into tears.

“Mom, why is Amelia unkind to me? I’m her biological sister. Why is she so good to Evelyn? Should I not have come back? Should I have died in that accident?”

Mrs. Ava Nguyen’s heart ached when she saw Mia like this. She immediately hugged Mia and said, “Mia, don’t cry. There must be a misunderstanding. When Amelia comes back, I’ll get her to apologize to you!”

Mia cried pitifully in Mrs. Ava Nguyen’s arms, but she thought smugly in her heart. It would be best if Evelyn had already registered her marriage with her marriage partner by the time Amelia arrived!

It would be best if her marriage partner was a good-for-nothing!

In this way, all the grievances she had pretended to feel today and all the “tears” she had shed today would not have been in vain!

After that, Evelyn would be able to leave the Nguyen Family!

The luxurious reception room for the royal family was still filled with the strong smell of pheromones.

Evelyn rubbed her eyes. When she woke up, she found herself lying alone on the reddish-brown sofa with a thin blanket covering her body.

The fox-eared youth from before was nowhere to be seen.

If not for the lingering fragrance of the cedar in the air, she would have thought that she was dreaming!

What was going on?

Could it be that he had passed the susceptible period and regretted it and wanted to divorce her?

So… was she cheated by a man again?

Indeed, all men were no good!

Evelyn gritted her teeth in hatred and felt that this year was very bad!

Right now… she still had to report to Capital University first and then buy a new star wrist. As for the Star Coins…

She had to think of a way to earn money and return the money she owed the Nguyen family as soon as possible.

Evelyn stood up and found that the reception room was equipped with a well-equipped bathroom. She took a shower, put on the freshman uniform of Capital University, pushed the door open, and left.

When Evelyn took the elevator downstairs, she bumped into the short-haired woman who had received her before.

When the staff saw Evelyn, she was slightly stunned.

Evelyn felt a little awkward when she thought about how long she had spent in the reception room with the fox-eared youth.

However, it was also the staff’s fault.

She actually didn’t tell her in advance that her marriage partner was in a susceptible period!

Evelyn looked at the short-haired woman meaningfully. “I will file a complaint against you!”

The short-haired woman was speechless.

She was about to say something when Evelyn pushed open the door and walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Evelyn went to the mall first and bought the cheapest basic style star wrist.

After she paid, she logged into her information and saw a lot of messages pouring in.

The Nguyen family had sent her a lot of messages. Even Mr. Ruben Nguyen had sent her a message.

“Ruben Nguyen: Come home, I’ll give you an explanation. Don’t let the family’s matters get out.”

Mr. Ruben Nguyen was a very strict man. He usually did not smile at anyone in his family. Even in front of the emperor, he kept an indifferent face.

Evelyn replied to his message because she respected him.

“Evelyn: Mr. Ruben Nguyen, please check your star wrist mailbox. There is a video I sent you.”

“Evelyn: I’m very grateful to the Nguyen family for raising me for the past ten years, but Mia couldn’t tolerate me. It’s not good for me to continue staying there, so as not to make things difficult for you.”

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