Chapter 8: Chapter 8 Capital University_1

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As a Duke, Ruben wouldn’t reply to Evelyn’s message immediately.

In fact, he sent a message that was already a sign that he valued this matter very much.

As for after watching the video… Evelyn didn’t care if he would punish Mia.

Evelyn didn’t intend to reply to the messages sent by the other members of the Nguyen family, including her elder sister, Amelia.

Evelyn first rushed to the Capital University’s freshmen registration office. After registering, she checked the Star Coins in her account. Now, these… were only enough for food expenses.

Fortunately, the daily necessities needed in the school dormitory were all distributed by the school. Moreover, nutrient fluids were distributed every day for free. It was enough for her to survive.

Today was the last day of registration for new students, and the campus was very lively.

Most of the people were wearing the same light blue school uniform as Evelyn. This was the school uniform for freshmen.

“Isn’t this Evelyn?”

A girl with light blond hair and cat ears was wearing the same light blue school uniform. She was surrounded by a group of people as she walked over.

She looked around and clicked her tongue. “You actually come to register yourself today. No one from the Nguyen family sends you off?!”

Evelyn looked at her and said calmly, “Charlotte Nelson, the Military School is very tough. If you are still so delicate, I guess you will run home crying before this semester is over.”

Charlotte was so angry that her cat ears were trembling. She frowned and complained to the people around her, “I told you not to send me off, but you insisted on coming. How annoying!”

Charlotte’s relatives couldn’t help but give her a new round of earnest advice.

Charlotte was so annoyed that her hair stood on end.

However, Evelyn had already left this group of people.

Every school in Capital University had its architectural style.

For example, the Humanity School had ancient buildings that made people feel as if they had returned to the ancient era of Ancient Earth.

The buildings of the Medicine School were all white and round. From afar, they looked like huge medical injections, which matched the theme of the school very well.

The Military School occupied the largest area. Rows of gray buildings towered into the clouds, and transparent glass roads floated in the air. The corners of the metal walls reflected cold light.

Evelyn briefly understood the specific locations of the various schools and then followed the directions to find her dormitory.

The dormitory was a standard double room, but Evelyn was the only one staying there.

She swiped her star wrist and entered. The living items inside were very complete. After looking around, Evelyn lay on the bed.

She looked at the star wrist on her wrist and opened the personal information page.

What did her marriage partner mean?

If he regretted getting married, just quickly divorce her!

Evelyn looked at the name on the spouse column and directly sent the message over.

“Evelyn: Do you regret it and want a divorce? No problem, be quick, didn’t dawdle!”

Although she was a little unhappy, when she thought of his appearance during the susceptible period, Evelyn thought that she was not at a disadvantage.

After all, she had never thought of getting married. It was all Mia’s fault!

After sending this message, he did not reply. Evelyn simply ignored it for now.

What she needed the most right now was star coins!

Evelyn tapped open the virtual screen on her star wrist and logged into a mecha forum. She skillfully entered a string of accounts and then posted a thread.

Luna: Auction three mecha design blueprints. The codes were shown in the pictures. The starting price of each mecha design was 100,000 Star dollars. The auction would last for three days.

After posting this, Evelyn logged out of her account.

She just had to wait for the money to be collected three days later.

Even the Nguyen family did not know that Evelyn was the famous diamond-level mecha master in the mecha world, Luna.

When Evelyn was 12 years old, she went to a tourist planet for a vacation with the Nguyen family. At the edge of an ancient ruin, Evelyn saw an old man with white hair and beard.

When the old man saw Evelyn, his eyes lit up!

“Little girl, I can see that your talents. You are truly a genius in mecha!”

At that time, Evelyn smiled and was very obedient. She knew that it was better to stay away from such crazy people.

However, she looked at the old man’s tattered clothes and felt a little sorry for him.

Evelyn remembered that before she was adopted, she did not have enough to eat or wear.

Hence, Evelyn gave the old man the only box of candies in her backpack that could replenish people’s strength.

After the old man finished eating, his entire person was radiant and extremely excited. He insisted on making Evelyn his disciple!

Evelyn didn’t think much of it at first, but when she saw the old man magically turn a pile of scrap metal into a lively little robot dog, she suddenly became interested!

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