Chapter 10

First, the dazzling egg, then it was buying the city.

Many people could not understand Lin Chen’s actions.

Sky Moon City had now become Lin Chen’s private city.

This was originally a player’s city. Now that the River, Lake, and Sea Guild had retreated, the entire city was almost the same as an empty city. However, Lin Chen was very satisfied. He said to Liu Mengyao, “Next, we’ll go to the Illusion Tower in the city and bring both pets to level 100. Then, we’ll go offline today. What do you think?”

Illusion Tower!

This was Sky Moon City’s specialty…

The Illusion Tower Instance Dungeon was an unmistakeable leveling Dungeon. It was especially suitable for bringing pets. This was because there were monsters from Level 1 to Level 100 in the Illusion Tower. Hence, Jiang Haihe had spent one billion to get this city and make it his guild’s main city.

Now, everything belonged to Lin Chen.

“I’ll set the authority first… I’ll give you the position of vice city lord!”

Lin Chen smiled and said, “This way, you can enter the city whenever you want.”

There was nobody in the city.

However, there were guards.

These guards were all NPCs and belonged to the mercenary category. It was fine to just give them a salary every month.

Those without authority would be stopped outside the door by the guards.

If one wanted to force his way through, he had to be strong enough to easily defeat at least a dozen Level 80 Elite monsters.

In addition, buildings like the Illusion Tower and the City Lord’s Mansion could not be entered without permission.

This was because there were protective arrays in both places.

All the buildings in the city belonged to Lin Chen.

If some NPC merchants or player merchants wanted to enter, they had to pay taxes to the City Lord.

There weren’t many people in Sky Moon City now.

NPC merchants also had to earn money. There was not a single player here, so who could they find to do business with?

It could be said that Lin Chen had bought a dead city.

But Lin Chen didn’t care.

What if the apocalypse arrived and the monsters in the game began to invade?

His city would not have to worry about people coming in.

For the next two hours, Lin Chen and Liu Mengyao stayed in the Illusion Tower to level up their pets. This was also to prepare for the next dungeon. The new expansion pack had been released at two p.m., but Lin Chen knew very well that no one would clear the new dungeon until at least three days later.

Hence, Lin Chen still had time.

When a pet reached Level 100, it could awaken another skill.

Once again, a Divine Beast Pill was fed directly. The Vermillion Bird’s fifth skill was out.

[Inferno Hell: The Vermillion Bird will bring the Inferno of Hell to the human world. Within a 300-yard radius with itself as the center, a Flame Burst will appear at irregular intervals. If it hits the opponent, it will cause Magic Attack x3 damage and stun them for three seconds. Cooldown time: 10 minutes. Upgradeable!]

Another powerful damage output skill!

No, it should be said that this was a skill for crowd control.

fOnce the Inferno Hell appeared, no one would dare to approach the area where the Vermillion Bird was. This skill was especially suitable for team battles. It had a large area of effect and was also very lethal. The only flaw was the irregular nature of the flames, which also brought about many uncertainties.

But Lin Chen was already very satisfied.

After that, he did not plan to continue upgrading anything. After all, he needed materials. He would wait until tomorrow’s big price reduction.

Besides, Lin Chen knew Liu Mengyao’s game time. In reality, she was about to eat her meal and she had to go offline, so the two of them left the Illusion Tower. Liu Mengyao said to Lin Chen, “Rest early. Take me to the Southern Heavenly Gate tomorrow! By the way, you…”

Liu Mengyao suddenly hesitated.

“What?” Lin Chen asked.

“Nothing…” Liu Mengyao smiled.

“You’re still trying to keep us in suspense?”

Lin Chen said half-jokingly.

“It’s really nothing. I’m off. Bye!” Liu Mengyao waved her hand.

Then, she went offline.

Lin Chen felt that it was a little strange, but he did not think too much about it. He did not go offline. Instead, he stayed behind to study the blueprint of the array that he had opened. According to the materials required, he needed five high-grade magic stones and some talismans.

He could handle these talismans by himself, but he did not have any high-grade magic stones. However, Zhang Chunlin definitely had them. Lin Chen sent him a message directly, and Zhang Chunlin quickly mailed them over.

“I’ll give these materials to you as a gift… By the way, I also got a set of equipment for myself, but I’m not as rich as you. I got a set of top-grade equipment. It’s still a level away from divine-grade equipment. Haha, although it’s only a set of top-grade equipment, in the past, this would still be worth tens of millions!” Zhang Chunlin sent a voice message.

“Not bad!”

Lin Chen smiled and said, “Then why don’t you join me in the new dungeon tomorrow?”

Zhang Chunlin quickly responded, “Alright! But let me make it clear first. I’m a businessman. I’m definitely not as good as you in terms of skill.”

“It’s fine. Just listen to the instructions. It’s settled then.”

Lin Chen closed the chat box.

He did not intentionally try to rope in Zhang Chunlin to play with him. Since Zhang Chunlin had the resolve to get himself a set of good equipment, Lin Chen would naturally pull him into the party to play.

However, for the new dungeon, he would probably need some more teammates.

“I can only search slowly!”

Lin Chen was not in a hurry. He first tried to study the array formation.

He came to a courtyard in the backyard of the City Lord’s Mansion. This would be his resting place. The City Lord’s Mansion already had a spirit array, but Lin Chen did not mind. He set this spirit array in his courtyard.

It was an additional layer of insurance.

At the same time, it was also to gain experience.

It took him half an hour to complete the array. Then, Lin Chen returned to his room to feel it. Actually, he did not need to feel it much. He could see the results just by looking at his attribute panel… When in the array, all of Lin Chen’s attributes had increased by 30%!

“Good lord, it’s only a Level 1 array formation, but it already adds so many attributes. What if it’s a Level 10 array formation?”

Lin Chen didn’t dare to think about it…

After all, there didn’t seem to be a Level 10 array in the entire New World game.

The most common high-level arrays were the city protection arrays of the main cities. Lin Chen had learned that the attributes of the NPCs inside were double, but that was only a Level 8 array.

It was precisely because of this that no red-named player dared to barge into the main city of NPCs.

Those who could break in would probably become famous after one battle.

After all, the guards in NPC cities were all powerful Divine Guards. Their strength had already reached Level 120. Coupled with the enhancement of the array, they were simply amazing.

After setting up the array, Lin Chen returned to the City Lord Residence and opened the City Lord interface on the City Lord Throne. Then, he chose to recruit some craftsmen to build the city and renovate all the buildings inside.

Here, Lin Chen had spent another 100 million gold coins.

The money had to be spent.

After all, his city was in shambles. It was uncomfortable to look at.

At this moment, Lin Chen discovered that there was a special recruitment option in the City Lord interface.

He opened it and saw that he could actually recruit many NPCs of different races. Moreover, these NPCs could sign soul contracts.

[Soul Contract: Once you sign it, you can never betray it!]

“Should I recruit some?”

Lin Chen did not think about it for long before he chose to go in and take a look.

Although he did not know if these NPCs would betray him when the game descended into reality, this did not stop Lin Chen from hoping for the best to see if there were any NPCs he could recruit.

In the end, what made Lin Chen speechless was that the level and strength of the NPCs inside were shocking.

[Seven, Cat Lady Race, Strength Rating: SSS, Level 100, Class: Assassin. Recruitment Price: 30 million!]

[Xiao Mei, Rabbit Lady Race, Strength Rating: S, Level 100, Class: Priest. Recruitment Price: 10 million!]

[Heavenly Divine General Xiao, Tengu Clan, Strength Evaluation: SSS, Level 100, Class: Berserker. Recruitment Price: 30 million!]

[Xiao Li, Fox Immortal Race, Strength Rating: SS, Level 100, Class: Mage. Recruitment Price: 20 million!]

[Glory Knights. Leader, Black Dragon General. Strength rating: SSS. Level 100. Class: Knight. Recruitment price: 500 million (includes all 49 Knights of the Glory Knights)]


There were many good NPCs!

This was too much.

Generally speaking, refreshing the recruitment hall once a day was already good enough to get an S-rank NPC. What was going on?

Soon, Lin Chen realized that many players had quit the game or destroyed their accounts and sold their main cities, causing these NPCs to be unemployed… Looking at the strength and price list of these NPCs, Lin Chen was really tempted.

‘What do I do?’

‘Should I gamble on them?’

If he won the bet, his strength would increase greatly!

Even if he lost, it would only add up to 600 million gold coins. According to the current market price…

Less than a hundred thousand!

“I’m doing it!”

Lin Chen gritted his teeth and sent another message to Zhang Chunlin.

He directly asked for one billion gold coins!

Now, the price of gold coins had fallen again. One billion gold coins could be bought for 120,000. Then, Lin Chen began to recruit. First, he recruited the entire Glory Knights. Then, he recruited the cat-eared girl, the rabbit-eared girl, Divine General Xiao, and the fox-eared girl.

Then, Lin Chen also recruited a Glory Warrior Team and a Glory Mage Team. These two teams were not as expensive as the Knight Team, and their strength evaluation was slightly worse. This just happened to use all of Lin Chen’s gold coins!

With a flash of light, all the recruited NPCs came to the hall through the teleportation array.

“Heavenly Divine General Xiao greets the City Lord!”

“Dragon General greets the City Lord!”

“Hehe, Xiao Li greets the City Lord…”

“Greetings, City Lord.”

“Ah, City Lord, you’re so handsome. I’m Xiao Mei.”


Good God.

As soon as they met, the rabbit-eared girl’s entire body was pressed against Lin Chen’s.

Although this was a game, New World was so real!

Lin Chen could even feel something that made him swallow his saliva…


Lin Chen stood up and said, “From now on, you will be the four guards of Heavenly Moon City. Heavenly Divine General Xiao will guard the east side, Seven will guard the west side, Xiao Li will guard the north side, and Xiao Mei will guard the south side. In addition, the three Glory Groups will be renamed to Sky Moon Groups. You will take turns guarding the city gates. All of you can leave!”

“Can I guard the City Lord’s Mansion instead?” Xiao Mei looked at Lin Chen, her fair and cute rabbit ears twitching…

This was too tempting!

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